Texas Superdelegate Endorses Obama

ImageToday Texas Superdelegate, and DNC member, John Patrick endorsed Barack Obama.

As Vice President of the Texas AFL-CIO, Patrick explained why he personally supports Obama, “Senator Barack Obama has spent a lifetime standing up for American workers, and he will be a crucial voice for us in the White House. Senator Obama chose a career as an organizer on the streets of Chicago, fighting for working families who lost their jobs, specifically those families in neighborhoods devastated by steel plant closings.”

Patrick also supports Obama because of his position on free trade, “He has consistently opposed unfair trade deals that fail to offer protection to American workers – like NAFTA. Senator Obama has a real plan to put money back in the pockets of working families by restoring the manufacturing base in America.” Patrick’s endorsement means that Obama is now only 283 delegates short of clinching the nomination.

His endorsement also once again proves that there is no one single reason to support Obama. Like Patrick one of the many reasons that I support Obama is because I see firsthand everyday what free trade has done to my community. I also remember how Bill Clinton sent jobs away, and sided with Republicans against working people. This is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton would do the same.

John Patrick’s Endorsement:


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