Obama’s North Carolina Win

ImageIt isn’t much of a surprise that Barack Obama won North Carolina, the real shocker might be just how dominate his victory might be in the state.

The race was called very quickly by MSNBC which reveals a wave of Obama support across the state. It is looking like his margin of victory could be firmly into double digits.

Obama needed a big win in a state that he was expected to win just so that he could put the perception to bed that Hillary Clinton was gaining on him. If Obama carries the state by double digits, it won’t be much of a surprise as he had a 25 point lead there at one time. Obama easily won voters under 30, and Clinton won older voters.

The only demographics Clinton probably won were with white female older voters. Obama won 91% of African American voters. Clinton won 68% of the non college graduate voters.

Obama still continued to struggle with white voters as a whole, but his coalition of African Americans and young white voters carried the day. According to Chuck Todd of MSNBC Obama could pick up as many as 15 extra delegates in the state.

Now our attention turns to Indiana, where Obama is once again poised to deliver a knockout blow to the Hillary Clinton campaign. The early numbers have not looked good for Obama in the Hoosier state, so I don’t think anyone will be surprised if we end up with a split decision.

Clinton had already written off North Carolina, and is putting all of her hopes in Indiana, but a big win for Obama erases Clinton’s Pennsylvania win and gets him much closer to the nomination.

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