Meet The Press: Clinton is 100,000 Votes Behind

ImageThe constant and farfetched attempt by the Hillary Clinton campaign to lend the appearance of a still competitive Democratic primary continued on Sunday morning. Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe said on Meet the Press that she is only 100,000 popular votes behind Barack Obama.

“If you take everyone who pushed a button for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, 16.6 million for Hillary Clinton, 16.7 million for Barack Obama. That is a difference of 100,000 votes out of 35 million,” McAuillfe said.

McAuliffe said that the votes in Michigan and Florida count because they were state certified elections. He said that it was Obama’s fault that he wasn’t on the ballot in the Michigan because he made a political decision to pull his name off the ballot so as not to offend the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

He said,”Let’s be clear. He was on the ballot, he took his name off to appease Iowa and New Hampshire. It was a political decision, I’m fine with that. But they voted, two and a half million people. And the Rules and Bylaws Committee will meet on the 31st to determine their status. But just remember. Who voted? A difference of 100,000 out of 35 million.”

He also said that Clinton is up by 40 points in West Virginia and Kentucky. He argued that Bill Clinton carried these states in 1992 and 1996, and that Hillary Clinton will win these primaries, but Barack Obama can’t win these states.

McAuliffe kept pushing the fact that 6-7 million Democrats still have not voted yet.
McAuliffe also said that Clinton won’t get out of the race until one of the candidates has clinched the nomination with 2,209 delegates. Their number includes Michigan and Florida which they no won’t be counted, thus they can conclude that no one has won the nomination.

This interview today was not meant for primary voters. Terry McAuliffe was making an appeal to superdelegates, but the reality is no amount of fuzzy math, can halt the momentum of Obama. The numbers that really matter to most Democrats are 14 and 2. Obama convinced many in the party with his 14 point win in North Carolina and 2 point loss in Indiana.

I honestly believe that Clinton is staying in, not to win the nomination, but to raise money and pay off her debts. They are hoping for an act to God that will lead to the Obama campaign’s collapse, but even they know that they can’t win, so as the media ignores their candidate more each day, they desperately cling to blind faith, and hope that they can hang around long enough to pay off the bills.

Transcript and video will be available here.

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