Ralph Nader Talks about U.S. Corporate Fascism

ImageRalph Nader continued his tour of the West Coast recently in Oakland, CA. Nader declared that the United States is running under a corporate fascist economic system. “We’re living in a country whose democracy is beyond the breaking point. The extent of corporate control has developed into corporate fascism,” Nader said.

He said only small businesses still practice capitalism, “We don’t have a capitalist economic system – it’s corporate fascism. Every major tenet of capitalism is violated by corporate power. Only small businesses still practice capitalism. We used to be able to challenge corporate influence in Washington, but they have so much power now that we can’t. The corporations are laughing at us. They’re daring us to try to take away their power.”

See this is why we need people like Ralph Nader and Mike Gravel in the race. It astounds me when my fellow Democrats talk about the need for voters to have ballot access and fair elections, then turn around and criticize Ralph Nader as if he is doing something wrong by running for president.

The ultimate check and balance in our governmental system is the freedom of the minority to question the views of the majority. Clinton, McCain, and Obama are all taking corporate dollars. The only difference from previous elections is that they are bundling them as individual donations.

If any of the major party candidates were serious about saving our democracy, the first thing that they would do is promise to work towards the public funding of our elections. Only when elections are publicly funded, is playing field level and we can talk about issues again. If Nader can raise awareness about this problem, then I say more power to him.

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