Sen. Jim Webb Says He’s Not Interested in Being Obama’s Running Mate

ImageSen. Jim Webb (D-VA) was on Meet The Press this morning and said not only was he not interested in the Vice President slot, but he would discourage the Democratic nominee from even asking him. Host Tim Russert broached the question asking Webb about the press release his publisher sent out for his new book.

The press release said, “Now, in `A Time to Fight’: the celebrated junior senator from Virginia, who is already being mentioned as a possible vice presidential candidate…” Webb replied, “I, I didn’t write that, and I didn’t read it. So I know there’s, there’s all–you know, you have even asked me about that. But I’m not interested in doing that.”

Russert asked Webb what he would do if the Democratic nominee asked him to be a part or the ticket. Webb said, “I would, I would highly discourage them is probably the best way to say it.” Webb did back off of this position and little, and wouldn’t go as far as completely ruling it out, “You know, I–at this–at this point, no one’s asking, no one’s talking, and I’m not that interested, so.”

Webb said exactly what anyone who is in his position is supposed to say right now. Publicly campaigning for a slot on any ticket makes a politician look foolish if he/she doesn’t get chosen. Let’s put it this way though, the timing of the release of his book wasn’t a coincidence.

Political books do sell better in presidential election years, but why would a senator release a book at the end of the primary season unless he was looking to get publicity for some specific reason?

There are also reports swirling that some members of the Democratic Party are putting a ton of pressure on Obama to select a Clinton surrogate as his running mate. Names like Wes Clark, Sen. Evan Byah (D-IN), and Gov. Ted Strickland of Ohio are being floated around.

I think Webb would be an ok choice, but not the best one. Obama needs someone with more experience than he has on his ticket, and that’s not Webb. Obama is going to be getting pressure on all sides, but he needs to select a running mate who, not only would make a politically smart ticket, but someone who also reflects his positions and values.

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3 Replies to “Sen. Jim Webb Says He’s Not Interested in Being Obama’s Running Mate”

  1. I can’t believe people are suggesting Evan Bayh or Wes Clark. Bayh is a milquetoast — one of the most boring Senators among the Democrats, and Wes Clark proved himself to be a terrible candidate, a pretty boy definitely not ready for prime time.

  2. I don’t think that either one of those two would be good choices. Strickland from Ohio is the only Clinton supporter that I think deserves consideration.

  3. I think we’ll see Webb backtrack on this position once it’s actually offered to him. Webb fits Obama’s true needs, since Webb can counterbalance Obama’s greatest deficiency — his lack of experience in foreign policy and military security.

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