Wyoming Superdelegate Nancy Drummond Endorses Obama

ImageCiting Barack Obama’s advocacy for unions and veterans’ issues, Wyoming Democratic Party Vice Chair Nancy Drummond endorsed Obama today. “His position on education, his work with senior citizens and his advocacy for union members and veterans make me proud to support Senator Obama,” Drummond said.

She explained why veterans’ issues are so important to her, “My husband was a Marine during Vietnam — he was one of many vets that has VA Benefits. The men and women in the military and their families are giving the ultimate sacrifice now and I support Senator Obama’s plan to honor their service by improving their healthcare, taking care of issues related to combat duty and caring for our homeless vets.”

She also said that as an official of the Democratic Party in her state, her endorsement is following the will of the voters, “At both our caucuses and our State Convention, the majority said they want Senator Obama to be our Candidate to run for President. So with that being said, while I certainly respect and admire Senator Clinton’s tenacity, I have proudly decided to endorse Senator Barack Obama.”

Her endorsement raises an interesting point, for all of McCain’s tough talk about the military he has rarely backed it up by advocating the kind of support system that vets need when they come home. McCain argues that more aid for vets is too expensive, but what I think this position illustrates is that McCain is only concerned about those who serve in the military, while they are serving. As a veteran himself, this is a strange position to take. I look for Obama to hit McCain hard on vets’ issues throughout the fall.

You can read the full Drummond endorsement right here.

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