Obama Leads McCain by 2 in Virginia

ImageA new poll of the state of Virginia was released recently by Survey USA, and it reveals a tight race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Obama holds a slight two point lead, 49%-47%. Thus far, the state is starkly split along gender lines. McCain leads with men 58%-40% and Obama with women, 58%-36%.

The Top 5 John McCain Flip-Flops

ImageHere is a list of the top five John McCain flip-flops of the 2008 election so far. McCain has shown that his strongest trait as a candidate is his ability to change his position and contradict himself at any time. What is most amazing is McCain's flip-flopping knows no limits.

Feel the Love

ImageHillary Clinton and Barack Obama came together for a rally in Unity, NH this afternoon where the theme was global monetary policy. (Just kidding, of course the theme was Democratic unity). Clinton delivered an outstanding performance in front of the crowd of 6,000 which made me wonder, where was this Hillary Clinton during most of the primary campaign?

Six Red State Targets for Obama

ImageAccording to a Powerpoint presentation that Barack Obama's campaign manager David Plouffe gave on Wednesday, it seems that the campaign is targeting six red states to flip into Barack Obama's column. Each state is listed below along with a reason why it could support Obama in November.