What Does Hillary Want?

ImageHillary Clinton used her final speech in the 2008 Democratic primary to congratulate Barack Obama for running, but she raised more questions than she answered about her future and what she wants to do next. Clinton asked, “A lot of people are asking, ‘What does Hillary want?” She answered, “I want what I have always fought for, to end the war, turn the economy around, health care for every American…”

Clinton did congratulate Obama, but stopped short of acknowledging that he had clinched the nomination. She complimented Obama on the “extraordinary race they have run. He’s inspired so many Americans. Our party and our democracy are stronger and more vibrant as a result.” In terms of her future, Clinton would only say that she is going to take the next few days and look at, “how to move forward with the best interests of our country and our party guiding my way.”

Clinton also used the speech to run through her list of wins in swing states, and to promise that she will continue to work for her supporters. This was a speech that sure sounded like a goodbye to the primary campaign, but also an argument as to why she belongs on the ticket. The rumblings are getting a little too strong to ignore in the political world that Clinton wants to be Obama’s running mate.

On the off chance that Clinton doesn’t want to be on the ticket what does she want? I think if it isn’t a slot on the ticket, she wants to be the king maker. There is a ton of ego involved in any state or national campaign, and I think the Clintons want to prove that they are still the most powerful force in the Democratic Party. A candidate who earned 18 million votes has accumulated loads of political power, but the question is what does she what does she want to do with it?

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