Obama Camp Presses Arnold/McCain Divide on Offshore Drilling

ImageThe Obama campaign put out a memo about John McCain’s appearance with California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger pressing him to ask John McCain about his support of offshore drilling, which he opposes.

“We hope Governor Schwarzenegger takes the opportunity to talk to John McCain about why his support for offshore oil drilling and tepid commitment to renewable energy are out of step with California, and would place at risk the coast and coastal economy while squandering an opportunity to create millions of new green collar jobs,” the memo said.

The campaign also pointed out that McCain was against the 2005 energy bill that Schwarzenegger supported, “In addition to supporting lifting the moratorium on offshore drilling, McCain voted against the 2005 energy bill and has repeatedly opposed critical investments in renewable sources of energy. However, Schwarzenegger, supports the moratorium, praised the 2005 energy bill, and has been strong supporter of tax incentives that encourage the growth of renewable energy sources.”

McCain is holding his event near the site of the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill, which is credited with launching the modern U.S. environmental movement, but McCain has voted dozens of times against alternative energy, and energy efficiency. Here is a list of McCain’s votes against tax credits for alternative energy, [HR 6, Vote 425, 12/13/07, Failed 59-40: R 9-39 D 48-1 I 2-0; HR 1836, Vote 125, 5/21/01, Failed 43-56: R 0-49 D 43-7; S 1429, Vote 246, 7/30/99, Failed 23-77: R 18-36 D 4-41 I 1-0; Forbes, 12/13/07].

Here is a list of McCain votes against alternative fuel mandates, [HR 6, Vote 139, Passed 70-26: R 38-14, D 32-12, I 0-0, 6/15/05; HR 6, Vote 138, 6/15/05, Passed 69-28: R 39-14, D 30-14, I 0-0; S 150, Vote 73, 4/29/04, Failed 40-59: R 2-49, D 37-10, I 1-0; S 150, Vote 74, 4/29/04, Failed 55-43: R 39-12, D 16-30, I 0-1; S 14, Vote 207, 6/5/03, Failed 26-69: R 12-37, D 14-31, I 0-1; S 14, Vote 203, 6/3/03, Failed 35-60: R 19-31, D 16-28, I 0-1; S 14, Vote 204,6/3/03, Failed 34-62: R 21-30, D 13-31, I 0-1; S 517, Vote 88, 4/25/02, Passed 60-39: R 28-20, D 31-19, I 1-0, 4/25/2002; S 517, Vote 78, 4/23/02, Passed 69-30: R 31-17, D 37-13, I 1-0].

It is ridiculous for McCain to claim that he is in favor of energy efficiency when he has a lengthy record, listed above, of opposition on the issue. He and Arnold both used to be moderate Republicans, but McCain has morphed into a neo-con. McCain can talk about energy efficiency all he wants, but his record shows that he doesn’t believe in it, and provides another reason why voters should not believe in him.

Obama campaign memo

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