What to Watch For at the Clinton-Obama Unity Rally

ImageAccording to a memo released by the Obama campaign this morning, today’s event in Unity, NH is designed to bring together a very unique coalition in American politics, young people, women, African-Americans, and Latinos. The message this rally wants to send is uniting to break barriers.

“He and Senator Clinton may have started with separate goals in this campaign, but they have made history together. Together, they attracted millions of Americans who cast their ballot for the very first time. Together, they inspired a record number of women, and African-Americans, and Latinos, and young people to participate in their democracy. Together, in this campaign, in 2008, they shattered barriers that have stood firm since the founding of this nation,” the memo said.

You should also expect lots of praise for Clinton’s groundbreaking presidential campaign, “Because of this campaign, and because of the campaign waged by Hillary Clinton, our daughters will forever know that what they look like and who they are is no barrier to who they can be in the United States of America.”

While there has been some grumbling among top Clinton supporters about the Obama campaign’s help in paying off her campaign debt, all recent state and national polls indicate a strong movement among women voters from Clinton to Obama. Originally many thought that top Clinton supporters would fall into line, but Obama would struggle with courting her base of support. In fact, the opposite has happened. Most rank and file Clinton supporters have shifted, but her top donors are tending to resist.

The history that Obama is poised to make goes beyond the color of his skin. Never in the history of the nation has a candidate won the presidency a majority of support from men, specifically white men. In this way the 2008 could remake the entire political landscape, and change the way elections are won, but in order for this to happen, Obama needs a unified coalition, and Hillary Clinton is the key to this unity.

Obama Campaign Memo

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