The Buzz is growing for Joe Biden as Obama’s Running Mate

ImageIn the last week, the buzz has been growing that Sen. Joe Biden (D-DE) is soaring up the shortlist of potential running mates for Barack Obama. Since Obama campaign manager David Plouffe has already suggested that geography, or a running mate’s ability to deliver their home state, will not be a major consideration in selecting a running mate. The rumors have grown that the Obama campaign is giving a serious look at Biden.

Plouffe signaled that political heft will be a consideration for the ticket, and if the campaign is looking for a political heavyweight, Biden could be their man. Recent pieces on both the LA Times and Salon websites have suggested that Joe Biden would provide the perfect balance for Barack Obama.

Biden has firmly stuck to his denials about wanting the VP slot, but on his last appearance on Meet The Press he did say, “If the presidential nominee thought that I could help him win, I’m [not] going to say to the first African-American candidate about to make history in the world, no, I will not help you … Of course I’ll say yes.” One of the things that is said to make Biden an attractive option is that as a Roman-Catholic he would help Obama with a group of voters which the Illinois Senator has struggled mightily to court.

He is also a foreign policy expert who would certainly help ease some of the doubts that might feel about Obama’s ability to handle foreign affairs. Few people understand policy better than Biden, and he could be seen as the perfect nuts and bolts compliment to Obama’s big ideas and vision.

An added bonus is that Biden is tough as nails and would flourish in the running mate attack dog role, and he would certainly destroy any Republican in the Vice Presidential debate. The interesting thing is that almost every Democrat that I talk to thinks that Biden would be a good solid choice for VP. Biden would bring knowledge, experience, and a bit of blue collar toughness to the Obama campaign and he might be the best option to balance Obama’s youth and relative inexperience.

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  1. Joe Biden is perfect for the slot. He’s everything you say he is. What I like most is that his integrity matches Obama. Biden did not endorse during the primary because he wanted to see how it evolved. As the campaign unfolded, it became more and more important to support his Party than to choose between friends HRC and BHO.

    I’m very impressed with his ‘stage presence’ on MTP. Lindsey Graham came off looking like a whinny school child. What a great surrogate for Obama. If anything ever happened to Obama, God forbid, I have no doubt that Joe Biden could/would make a fine President.

  2. Bob Novak pointed this out recently and that’s the kindest way of putting it.

    On the other hand, Biden looks like a President, and Delaware is close enough to Virginia that maybe a Biden pick would help win Virginia.

    Too bad Wesley Clark is out of the running.

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