Good Riddance to Tony Snow

ImageNews has been circulating all day about the death of former White House Press Secretary Tony Snow. The former Bush aid and FOX News contributor died at 2am Saturday morning at Georgetown University Hospital. He was 53.

But this is no eulogy.

Snow took over as press secretary in May of 2006 replacing Scott McClellan. However, unlike McClellan, and perhaps because of McClellan, at least the way he was treated by the White House, Snow demanded to be in the loop and present at meetings where decisions were being made. Snow asked for this as a condition to taking the job. This goes to show how much dissembling the White House was involved with, even with their own press secretaries.

President Bush, when reached for comment while on vacation (yet again) at Camp David, said, “America has lost a devoted public servant and a man of character.”

Bush delivered a brief eulogy for his friend. But this is no eulogy.

A man of character? I know it’s a standard line now for Bush to praise all of his fallen (most of them jailed or about to be jailed) aids, but to deem Snow–whom most people had nicknamed “Tony Snow job”–a man of character is outright laughable. Even the AP, which broke the story, said of Snow: “With a quick-from-the-lip repartee, broadcaster’s good looks and a relentlessly bright outlook–if not always a command of the facts–he became a popular figure [with] his White House bosses.” Snow may have been affable and camera friendly, but he was not always in possession of the facts…most likely purposely.

Also, consider the other side of the equation–why the administration went looking for Tony Snow in the first place.

McClellan clearly, visibly appeared uncomfortable dissembling for Bush and company at the podium. Every time McClellan had to “dodge” or “evade” or plain out lie in response to a reporter’s question, he looked like a little piece of his soul was dying.

The administration needed someone who was charming, charismatic, possessed TV-ready good looks and a quick wit to stave off and redirect reporters chasing down unfavorable stories on the White House. Snow was perfect for the job. He fit the physical job description to perfection, and having worked for FOX news for seven years prior, he was perfect for White House Disinformation Minister.

Some reading this may think it inappropriate to “kick the man” when he’s just passed on. I say it’s wholly appropriate considering what he did. This man did not serve the country; he served Bush and Bush alone.

Let’s do a quick comparison. How much TV material today was generated and/or dedicated to Snow? Not much. Most of what I saw on news networks dealt with Christie Brinkley’s divorce or the new DNA evidence in the JonBennet Ramsey case.

Compare that to the coverage and the length of coverage when Tim Russert passed unexpectedly nearly a month ago.

Maybe I’m a bit of a small person for nailing Snow on the day he died. But the truth is, I’d like to say rest in peace Tony Snow, but really, all I can think of is good riddance.

No, this is certainly no eulogy.

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  1. I am a bit more empathetic than my good friend Phil. To me, there is line between politics and real life, so no matter how much one disagrees with someone’s politics, the fact is that a wife lost her husband today, and some children lost their father. We can debate Snow’s legacy later, but I think that a man’s death is more important than his politics, but that is only my opinion.

  2. some people will do anything for money, and this was Tony Snow. I feel for him and his family, but not for his politics and morals. To stand in front of the whole country and LIE outright, now that’s gotta take a pretty cold fish, or a pretty corrupt one, and this observation has nothing to do with Snow’s death, but has everything to do with people who worship the dollar and not fame, but notoriety. The truth hurts, but that’s exactly what Snow did his best to NOT deliver. Maybe now however, he can RIP.

  3. Geez, should we feel ‘sorry’ that Tony Snow has finally dropped off the twig!?

    NAY NAY good folks.

    Let us not forget, this is one of the Bush guys–you know, like Cheney?


    I can only hope that the DEVIL HAS A GOOD TIME TONIGHT!

  4. Well, I was certainly no fan of Tony Snow, far from it, we were on completely different ends of the political spectrum. Still, I think this post is a little extreme. I agree with an earlier comment: there is a line between politics and real life. People are suffering as a result of his death, and I feel for them. If he was such a problem, why haven’t I read much by you about him when he was still alive? FYI–I can’t remember ever seeing Scott McClellan lose a piece of his soul. He seemed perfectly happy in his position. I’m not of the school of thought that McClellan was any sort of saint trapped in a bad situation. I think he’s an opportunist, and in recently going against Bush publicly, found a way to remove himself from a sinking, horrible, presidency.

    To the responder called “Phil Hu is a Moron”: your comment is disturbing and unnecessary. For Pete’s sake, if you disagree with someone, do so in a respectable manner, preferably without wishing someone ill.

    To PETRA: I agree, health care for everyone should be at the top of the list for every politician. I just hope we all recognize the elitist hierarchy everywhere it lives. True, it is more frustrating when it is a politician that opposes universal health care, like Bush and his cronies. But, many “progressive” politicians have taken advantage of it for years, only recently, and some reluctantly, supporting health care reform, now that it is “fashionable.”

  5. philhu WROTE:
    Let’s do a quick comparison. How much TV material today was generated and/or dedicated to Snow? Not much. Most of what I saw on news networks dealt with Christie Brinkley’s divorce or the new DNA evidence in the JonBennet Ramsey case.

    Compare that to the coverage and the length of coverage when Tim Russert passed unexpectedly nearly a month ago.


    ALL that proves is the the mainstream media is littered with biased, classless & tactless liberals JUST like you, so the f*ck what? That doesn’t denigrate Tony Snow or his career in the least, got it prick?

  6. JC,

    You know, disagree with or even chastise me for jumping on Snow the day he passed away. Say, as “Phil Hu is a moron” did, that I am small minded and cold hearted for saying unflattering things on the day the man died. I’m fine with that. I even pondered and mentioned the move myself in the post. Then I’d respect what you say.

    But you run straight for the easy, stale, cliched, vapid, right-wing mindlessness that is “all media holds a liberal bias.” Right, this is the same media that keeps getting bought out and combined by big-time corporations like Rupert Murdoch’s conglomerates. Real liberal bias there…

    And I especially like how you can’t offer me proof that the news actually covered Snow’s death or memorialized him in some significant way, only that it must be a liberal conspiracy.

    If you want to reply, at least say something intelligent.

    You’re laughable. So, go prick yourself.

  7. Phil–I posted earlier. While I certainly don’t agree with my fellow poster above–I do take certain issue with your use of Tim Russert as a media barometer for a person’s “worth,” I suppose. Most of this is because, frankly, while I respected Russert, I think the media actually spent far too much time eulogizing him. He was a newscaster, and for what felt like weeks, he became the news. Now, if you’re going to spend a lot of airtime on someone, you could certainly do worse than Russert, he was an interesting, smart, witty, and decent human being–a rarity on the news today. Still, in that time we could have learned about so many other people, people just as important, people that die on the job due to diminished safety standards and decreased union representation, for instance, or victims of hate crimes that happen each day, but that get ZERO media attention. Deaths that would be a headline in any news outlet that was truly of and about the American people are often ignored by our media corporations. As far as the Tony Snow vs. Tim Russert media comparison in particular? Well, I do see it as a comparison of apples and oranges–most people have heard of Tim Russert, but I doubt most Americans knew much at all about Tony Snow. The news is a business, they’re only going to talk about whatever gets ratings, which is why I’m forced to see Britney Spears on CNN.

  8. Bobbie,

    Thank you for your two postings; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them both. There isn’t much of anything for me to respond to or disagree with in your latest. The only aspect I see some difference is when you say I use Russert’s media coverage as a barometer for his “worth.” I don’t think “worth” is quite the right characterization. I see it more as “respect.” And this is in the case of Russert only, as he was a man worthy of respect. And the media certainly paid him respect. Did they perhaps go a little overboard? Yes, I think they did.

    Now, I will also admit that over the course of the last week, I’ve caught little glimpses of coverage and memorialization for Snow. Keith Obermann, for crying out loud, even eulogized Snow. And he did so in a very nice and respectful way. I’ve seen others (conservative and liberal) talk fondly of Snow and say he was a genial and genuine person. I take all of that at face value. However, my criticisms of Snow weren’t about Snow the person, only Snow the public figure and the choices he made to staunchly defend that which was indefensible.

    Also, just because the news overly covers someone doesn’t automatically equate respect. Your example of Britney Spears is perfect. There is a vast difference b/t the way the dealt with and honored Russert versus the way they gave Spears another venue to publicly display her own lack of self control and respect.

    Anyway, thanks for posting and for reading. I hope to see you around these parts more often!

  9. I’ll definitely keep reading and commenting–I’m a regular here at politicusua.

    you said:
    “…my criticisms of Snow weren’t about Snow the person, only Snow the public figure and the choices he made to staunchly defend that which was indefensible.”

    Just so I’m clear–while I did say I found the post “extreme,” I do feel bad that the mad died, and would rather not have people suffer, but I DO NOT MOURN HIS POLITICS. He did defend the indefensible, you’re absolutely right.

    What a sad, depressing, and scary eight years it has been.

  10. Grow up People- You sound like a bunch of second graders.

    Tony Snow was a loving husband and a wonderful father.

    You may not agree with his views and that is okay, it is your right to hold an opposing views but such hate?

    Grow up- second grade was a long time ago!

  11. Speaking of mortgages(earlier post) I do believe that Obama and chris Dodd made out just fine in the mortgage dept.

    mmmmmmmmm makes me wonder

  12. Fox news is just a bunch of propaganda spreading bunch of people ruled by big business. Don’t believe in their news. They distort it so much that half of it isn’t even true. They should rename Fox news to FAUX news. (Look that word up if you don’t know what it means)

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