Sam Nunn and Evan Bayh on Obama Running Mate Speculation

ImageBoth Evan Bayh and Sam Nunn were at Barack Obama’s Summit on Confronting New Threats event on the campus of Purdue University today, and both were asked about speculation that either one of them could be Barack Obama’s running mate.

Nunn said that he thought the chances are pretty slim that he would be asked, “It’s always nice to have your name mentioned. It’s an honor, but I have no expectations of being offered any office. Certainly, I would talk to Sen. Obama if he wanted to talk about it. But I think the chances of an offer are pretty slim. And I would have to do a lot of thinking and talk to my family and do a lot of reflecting about what was really the best role for me….I’m not pining to go back into public office.”

For his part, Bayh ducked the question, “I’m love serving the people of Indiana. And I think any questions about the vice presidential thing are understandable and it’s good for my ego, but I should probably let Sen. Obama and his campaign address those sorts of questions.”

My gut tells me that neither of these two will be the choice. Nunn doesn’t seem all that interested in returning to public life, and Evan Bayh was once a rising star in the Democratic Party, but he has flat lined, because he is as exciting as watching paint dry. Either of these two would be a safe choice, but it uncertain if one of them could push Obama over the top.

I think the Obama camp is probably leaning towards a Richardson, Dodd, or Biden if they want foreign policy experience and a John Edwards if they want star power or Kathleen Sebelius if they are looking for a female running mate. Bayh would help in his home state of Indiana, but no where else.

His list of accomplishments is a little thin for a running mate, and it seems like the Obama team is focusing on people who could add an area of issue expertise to the ticket. Bayh has the resume as far as holding office, but he has been fairly invisible in the Senate. I think that Obama is going to look to make a splash with his running mate, and if this is the case, that rules out Nunn and Bayh.

Quotes came from The Swamp