Hillary Clinton Plans to Run in 2012

ImageSo, what does www.hrc2012.com say to you?

The LA Times blog reported early Saturday morning that the Markham Group, a company which has worked very closely with Senator Hillary Clinton in her past elections, has purchased a website with the url “hrc2012.” This move begs the question why Clinton would need yet another website, especially one so date specific. Two years ago, when Clinton ran for Senate reelection, she launched HillaryClinton.com; she also unveiled HillPac.com for her political action committee donations. In fact, even when she ran for president this time around, she made do with her HillaryClinton.com website.

So I ask again, what does www.hrc2012.com say?

Certainly, there is the possibility that Clinton wants a 2012-specific website for her next Senate reelection campaign. I can buy this rationale. HillaryClinton.com will then become a general information website, with hrc2012 being the hot spot for her Senate drive–all the latest info and developments all the time!

However, knowing Clinton like most of us do, it’s hard to swallow that Clinton is doing nothing more than preparing for a Senate reelection attempt. In 2006, Clinton stomped her Republican opponent, John Spencer (former mayer of Yonkers) by 36% points, easily winning with 67% of the votes to Spencer’s 31%. Clinton’s popularity as NY Senator has not diminished since then; in fact, with her very successful, nearly triumphant run for president, her stock in NY and the Senate has only risen. To start building for a Senate race that is basically hers already four years in advance seems academic and needless.

This of course compels us to once again revisit what is the meaning of www.hrc2012.com?

Speaking of “four years in advance,” Clinton bought the site via the Markham Group on June 8th, 2008. Does that date sound familiar at all? It should, as it is exactly one day after her heart-wrenching “I give up” speech where she had to swallow her defeat and say–at least publicly–that she will work to elect Barack Obama president in November.

Imagine that, just one day after her final and begrudging concession. One day. No more, no less.

What does this time table say about www.hrc2012.com?

Adding more fuel to the speculative fires is the fact that Clinton has sent out direct communications to her big-money supporters–those who donated up to $2,300 to her anticipated, but ultimately nonexistent, 2008 general election campaign–asking them to sign off on a permission sheet to transfer all of that funding to her 2012…wait for it…Senate campaign. And if you recall, Clinton barely touched a small portion of her 2006 Senate reelection campaign funds, later transferring the bulk of that funding source to her 2008 presidential election coffer.

Www.hrc2012.com. Can you hear the whispers? Can you read the bold print between the soft lines?

51 Replies to “Hillary Clinton Plans to Run in 2012”

  1. Hillary you are making women and men proud around this country. You are showing them that you can change things. We strongly believe in you and we will all support you in 2012. People will see that you should have won in 2008 and not wasted 4 years. However, this is a great idea to run again. Don’t even rule out 2016! Thanks for setting a path for women everywhere, you deserve the first women presidency.

  2. Everyone loves you! You are smart and someone who really knows what to do. You are so deserving to the U.S. presidency that you must run again. I support you and argue with others defending you, saying, “She will run again.” And shouting the well-known, “Hill-ar-ry” Please show the women of this country that a woman really can become president of the United States of America.

  3. Ok let’s talk about the issues, issue 1 SHE HAS DONE NOTHING in her Senate seat. She has not supported one bill that was not a guaranteed pass; she has not supported one cause unless it would get her more attention. She has not put forth one bill of her very own, nor has she second any bills, she only put her name to them after the bills have the full support of the DNC. Issue two she feels that she is entitled to every thing; she was the first lady so automatically she is entitled to the presidencies, we the people saw that and told to her to go jump in a lake. Issue 3 she uses her pull not to elevate others but only her self, look how she treats new elected Democrats in both the Senate and the House, she takes one under her wing and grooms them, no that may take the spotlight away from her.
    So what it boils down to is Hillary suck and should go away, far, far away.

  4. go hillary , 2012 you will be president , pudits dont be stupid , she will run for president again with or without your support , barack hussein obama II will be past until then , go PUMAS , europe love hillary

  5. she will definently win in 2012 she is great I hope she would never be obamas vp that would be like a slap in the face to her! I LOVE HILARY 2012!

  6. Both parties know Obama will fail. Hillary will be rolled out with a stay the course campaign message. Palin will counter with its time to change message … they failed, etc. GOP convinced here to resign as governor to start preparing to run. Watch, you will see Clinton get more limelight in hopes that both here and Obama together (not just Obama) will portray a favorable front. It will not be long before Palin begins to challenge their message. That is why the GOP needed her now. The next 3 years will not be about Obama, who will become irrelevant, but rather Hillary and Palin and the next election.

  7. First black president now. First female president for 2012. Hillary, YOU WILL BE THE ONE!!! You GO GIRL!!!

  8. She said he wasn’t prepared, that he’d never actually accomplished anything in any job he’d ever held except finagle for his next job. She was right.

    She said he wouldn’t stand up & make the tough decisions, that he’d dither fecklessly rather than risk being held accountable for a mistake on a hard call just as he’d voted ‘present’ in the IL statehouse on difficult issues. She was right.

    She said that, far from being a racial healer, he’d cynically & dishonestly used his ethnicity as wedge by falsely smearing her husband as a racist in order to manipulate African-Americans & deceitfully consolidate their flagging support for him. The Cambridge Police discovered she was right.

    She said he was a sexist who demeaned her candidacy & flaunted his juvenile disrespect for the notion of gender equality with oblique references to her “periods” & such. Sarah Palin found out Hillary was right too.

    She said he wouldn’t be ready for that 3AM phone call. When he wasn’t ready even at 3PM in the afternoon on a golf course in Hawaii after a jihadist tried to blow a plane out of the sky, the whole world saw that she was right.

    You were right Hillary.

    The overtly biased media was wrong; your party leaders were wrong.

    But the voters weren’t wrong, because you won the primaries. You just lost the caucuses under highly suspicious circumstances created by the misfeasance of a few, and rest assured, the history about all that dark chapter in party history will eventually be written accurately.

  9. I have seen Hillary Clinton first time when she visited India for some security planing. She is really nice and humble lady.

  10. AMAZING! Great work! Cool! Very good…

    You were right Hillary.

    The overtly biased media was wrong; your party leaders were wrong.

    But the voters weren’t wrong, because you won the primaries. You just lost the caucuses under highly suspicious circumstances created by the misfeasance of a few, and rest assured, the history about all that dark chapter in party history will eventually be written accurately.

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  13. I really hope Hillary Clinton can win. Obama hasn’t been a good president and she should be the democratic nominee for 2012. Obama should be the vice president. Then it would be a great government. :) GO GREEN!

  14. That is exactly what will happen. Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin. Either way, there will probaly be a female in the White House in 2012. GO HILLARY!

  15. Go Hillary 2012 and 2016!!!

    We need Hillary leading this country. She is the only choice for president!

  16. Obama is no failure. I find him much better than Bush. The health plan is also a good idea. Same as here in the Netherlands. bowtrol

  17. It’s amazing how just by monitoring domain registrations that we can predict the future. It’s become the high-tech 21st century crystal ball. I can’t see her running for office in New York again

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  18. What in the world do you mean that Obama has not been a good president?
    We all wanted health care, he got it for us. He is keeping people off the street who thru no fault of their own ,lost their jobs. He’s kept unemployment going and he is getting us out tof Iraq. What kind of dummy are you?? The Republcians got us in this MESS, not Obama. He inherited a horrid mess and is doing well trying to get us back on our feet. So you wnat the Pubs back to put the finishing touches on destroying middle class American?? Better find that link that is missing…..cause you are missing one for sure

  19. the best thing that can happen to the U.S. is to flush Obama …
    if it’s brown … flush it down! The worst president in modern history! Obama is a real turd!

  20. Thats BS. Obama has done nothing for jobless americans besides give them more unemployment and then spuratically take it away. You want to help jobless poeple? GIVE THEM JOBS.

  21. Dude we all know that when Bill was in office, this country was awesome. And although there may have been another woman Under the desk, Hillary was calling the shots. GUARANTEED.

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  23. I’d like to see Hillary Clinton have an intelligent debate with Sarah Palin but unfortunately Palin would very little to say. She is one of the least intelligent politicians in recent memory and god help us all if the American public are dumb enough to elect her as president in 2012.

  24. I think that would be good if she ran in 2012, I know she has better experience than Palin, and also would be better than Obama is doing now.

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