Diebold,Cyber Crime, Georgia, and the GOP

ImageStephen Spoonamore, he is the founder and a former CEO of Cybrit LLC a cyber-security firm that services Fortune 100 Companies, former adviser to McCain, and a leading cyber-security expert.

Spoonamore says that he has new evidence pertaining to the tampering of Diebold electronic voting machines in two Georgia counties, during the 2002 gubernatorial and senatorial elections. Spoonamore received a Diebold path from a source close to the office of Cathy Cox who at the time was Georgia’s Secretary of State.
The source whishes to remain anonymous sighting fears of retaliation (as told to RAW STORY).

The reasons for suspicions were first the Diebold CEO Bob Urosevich flew personal from Texas to install a patch that was to correct a problem pertaining to a clock error. However, the patch was just applied to electronic voting machines in just two of the 159 counties in the state of Georgia. The other reason was that the patch had failed to fix the clock problem that it was designed to address.

Many critics of electronic voting machines in Georgia raised questions about the lack of a paper trail and the discrepancy between the electronic voting machining results and the polling, which had at the time the incumbent Democratic Senator leading the Republican challenger by 5 points. Also in the gubernatorial race, the polls had the incumbent Democratic leading by 11 points by in the election losing 51% to 46%, with Diebold machines being used in all the counties in Georgia, and the machines in two counties that are Democratic strongholds.

Spoonamore said that the patch contained nothing to fix a clock error, but instead contained code for two parallel programs; Spoonamore could elaborate more signing that he does not have access to the electronic voting machines, and with out seeing how the code acted in those machines it is all speculation.

Spoonamore had over the evidence and a copy of his report to the Cyber-Security Division of the Department of Justice, the Department of Justice has not yet committed or acted (since Friday) on the Spoonamore findings.

So some of you may ask what a patch is. A patch is a change to the executable program, or machine code to either fix a problem or add a new feature. Both modifies the program that the path is applied too, and both can cause new problems to pop up.

All of you reading this have applied patches on your machines, those critical updates that the computer vendor put out to fix security issues. You would never expect to see Bill Gates dropping your house to install a patch would you; so then why would the Diebold CEO? In addition, in case you think there is no hanky panky going on with the GOP and Diebold the former Ohio Secretary of State Republican Ken Blackwell owned stock in Diebold along with many other Republican elected officials.

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