McCain Calls For Trying Bin Laden, But Won’t Look For Him

ImageJohn McCain was on CNN’s The Situation Room, and he had a really good idea. If Bin Laden is captured alive, he should be given a tribunal trial like Nuremburg was for the Nazis. The only problem is that McCain supports Bush’s ignore him and hope he goes away policy when it comes to looking for Bin Laden.

Blitzer asked McCain, “If you capture Bin Laden alive, what do you do with him?” McCain answered, “Of course you put him on trial. I mean, there are ample precedents of — for that. And it might be a good thing to reveal to the world the enormity of this guy’s crimes and his intentions, which are still there and he’s working night and day to destroy everything we stand for and believe in.”

Blitzer followed up with a question about the kind of trial that should be used, and McCain said, “We have various options, but the Nuremburg trials are certainly an example of the kind of tribunal that we could move forward with. I don’t think we would have any difficulty devising an internationally-supported mechanism that would mete out justice and there’s no problem there.”

McCain is proposing an international tribunal trial for Bin Laden, which is a really good idea. If we are really serious about killing extremist movements like al-Qaeda, the best way to do it is not make Bin Laden a martyr, but to have him stand trial for his crimes. He should have to face public trial, so that he can be exposed to the entire world as the murderer that he truly is. I am not only referring to the victims of 9/11, but all of the innocent people around the world that his attacks have killed.

Let’s face it, I don’t like John McCain. I won’t be voting for John McCain. I would vote for any of the other candidates before I’d vote for McCain, but it is nice to see him on board with an idea that has the support of most people in the U.S. and around the world. Once again, we actually need to catch Bin Laden first, which is something that Bush and McCain have no interest in doing. It is great to see that McCain knows what to do with Bin Laden after he is caught, so now we only need to get the Arizona senator to stop focusing on Iraq, and start paying attention to Afghanistan, the Taliban, and Bin Laden, but let’s be realistic. Obama is probably our best hope at catching Bin Laden.

Transcript of McCain on The Situation Room

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