Obama Defends Not Visiting US Troops in Germany

ImageIn an interview with Fox News, Barack Obama defended his decision not to visit the troops at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany.

Bill Hemmer asked Obama if it was a mistake for him not to go visit the troops. Obama answered, “Well no, not at all. It was scheduled, we intended to go and we got wind that there was some concern that this might be perceived as political; because we were using campaign resources. And at that point, the last thing I wanted to do is to in anyway distract the terrific work that’s being done in terms of treating our troops, by getting it fouled up by a bunch of politics. So, since I had a chance to visit folks from Walter Reid, we had a chance to visit folks in Iraq.”

Just to be clear, it was the Pentagon who told him that his visit might be viewed as political. I wonder if they have ever told John McCain this. Obama stayed away because he wanted to avoid the appearance of his trip looking like a campaign tour. He was trying to appear presidential. However, it is very suspicious that the Pentagon would tell a United States Senator who is travelling abroad on what is supposed to be a fact finding mission that visiting the troops would look political.

This might come as a surprise to the military brass, but every politician who visits the troops does so for political reasons. The Pentagon’s problem with Obama is his opposition to the war in Iraq, and they didn’t want to give him a stage for his views. The reality is that the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are doing a job. Some of them prefer not to get in the politics of why they are there. Some support the mission, while others are opposed. All of them agree that they want to come home.

Obama was in a damned if you do, and damned if you don’t situation. If he visited the troops, his critics would have said that he was using his trip for political purposes, but if he didn’t visit the troops, Republicans would label him unpatriotic. There was no right answer for this dilemma.

I think that Obama made the right call, because this is a tax payer funded trip, and it would have looked like campaigning if he would have visited the troops. Obama’s critics are looking for anything to keep the hopeless campaign of John McCain alive. In the big picture, that is what all of this is really about.

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  1. “Just to be clear, it was the Pentagon who told him that his visit might be viewed as political.” No, it was the Pentagon who told him he couldn’t bring the press. Obama was expected to go there, but he decided not to because he could only bring a few aides. The Pentagon offered to put his entourage up at a terminal for his short visit, but he turned it down. Face it, without the press and apologists like you, Obama gets a pass on the fact that he hates our troops.

  2. Obama: “Well no, not at all. It was scheduled, we intended to go and we got wind that there was some concern that this might be perceived as political; because we were using campaign resources.”

    Writer of this article: “I think that Obama made the right call, because this is a tax payer funded trip…”

  3. I just happen to think that John McCain is the biggest piece of shit in the Senate, and is a danger to this country. Don’t be a coward “Anonymous” if you are going to come after me, use your real name coward.

  4. First he is a Muslim. Then he is a Christian. Then he refuses to take the oath of office on the Bible. He is half white and half black but claims to be black. Michele Obama, a black American princess, has never been proud of America until Hussein started to campaign. Then he expects to win the white vote. He wants Hilary’s support but doesn’t want her as vice president. He claims to have solutions to help American’s economy but supports every program he can to raise taxes. He wants the American vote to become president and goes to foreign countries to get the American vote. He claims he is a patriot but refuses to pledge the allegiance, refuses to put his hand over heart, and refuses to visit the troops because it might be conceived as political. (Like isn’t running for President political?) He consistently makes inflammatory statements, bungles his speeches, cavorts with characters of suspicious reputation and intentions towards America, has consistently failed to vote on vital Senate issues, and has the “audacity of ego” to think his dumb, stupid explanations make it all O.K. with everyone because he imagines he is so popular. What is wrong with this picture?

  5. Not all non Obama people are bigots, but all Obama supporters are naïve!

    Not all people who are disenchanted with Obama are racists or bigots. Not all people who disagree with Obama’s ideas are conservatives, anti Muslim, or rednecks. There is good reason why people of education, sophistication, and intelligence disapprove of Obama. It is the moral duty of every thinking intelligent person to use the gray matter between the ears to pay attention, collect information, and use it to make decisions in his highest and best interest or that of society. It is neither Obama’s race nor the controversy over his religion that evokes negative reactions to Obama. It is the flagrant arrogance, hypocrisy, and screaming lack of ability of Obama pretending he is qualified for the toughest job in the world. It is Obama flagrantly attempting to flim flam the whole world. People don’t like being conned. It is the fact Barack Hussein isn’t qualified for the job but has by means of deception convinced the unsophisticated and naïve people he is Jesus Christ Superstar. His message of change is ludicrous. He is suggesting that a vote for him is the only way America will experience change! Yet, he is considering inviting a Republican to run with him as vice president? It is an axiom that change is automatic with every new president whether it be another four years of Republicans,Democrats, or an independent party. His claim of uniting the country has never been preved to be more false. How united is America now? Read the papers, listen to the radio, look at the internet. America is dividing and in conflict more today than it has been prior to Obama’s appearance on the scene. The very bottom line of the cause of this major rift is this silver tongued devil Barack Hussein Obama. Obama has split and divided the Democratic Party and the country so far apart, the hope of it every again uniting is gone. I see the birth of a new third party that will rise to crush both Democrats and Republicans before this political spectacle is completed. The American people of all races and creeds are beginning to regurgitate the lies perpetrated upon them by all the politicians. The country has to start fresh all over again. It is Obama’s shameless willingness to take undeserved credit of the great deeds of others and his embarrassing agreement to the idea he is another Kennedy, Lincoln, and Christ all rolled up into one silver plated package. It is the frustration of people who see through Obama’s plastic glitter and don’t understand why the media is glorifying him and lying about the reality that is causing some people to make racist statements. Decent people are so confused at the insane spectacle between what they see and what the media is telling them, just don’t know what else to do.

  6. Wow…muslim, bible, halfrican, princess Michelle, not proud of America, Hussein, hillary clinton, problems with the white vote, will raise taxes, goes to foreign countries, unpatriotic, no pledge of allegiance, hates the troops…

    You know, I think the only vapid, Orwellian, lame ass Republican cliche you missed was “defeatocrats” and “go fuck yourself.”

    Stop drinking the Republican Party Kool-Aid! Time to think outside the FOX…

  7. Museum of Innocence:

    If you believe what you say about Obama, then surely you would be the first to confess that George W. Bush was also totally unqualified, and perhaps the most arrogant, biggest con artist alive. What do you say, do you have the courage to abide by your own definitions and speak the truth? Walk the walk.

    And let’s be honest…Obama is not responsible for the great American divide. This started happening when Bill Clinton took down Bush Sr. There were whole segments of the con and neo-con community in disbelief that their “chosen one” became a one-termer. It started then; Gingrich picked up on it and ran with it.

    And how convenient it is for you to drop the “division” on Obama’s shoulders. You’re right that the man was hardly on the scene…so if that’s the case, how can he have such power and influence to divide people? You conveniently forget the man sitting in the White House and his monkey henchmen Karl Rove, David Addington and Dick Cheney.

    You also conveniently forget that 9/11 brought the country together. Geez…who was president then? And who was it that squandered that American unity after barely two years by selecting to go into a voluntary war in Iraq so he can play “war president?”

    And you also conveniently forget that Bush squandered away the good will of the majority of the world towards America after 9/11…in about one year’s time.

    And speaking of a person who believes he’s Christ, I’ve never once heard Obama come close to proclaiming that. Bush has though. According to Bush, God wanted him to be president, and God wanted him to invade Iraq.

    But beyond all this, do you know what is the most laughable about the “reasoning” in your post? You decry Obama and his supporters as naive because they want change. Then, you say “the country has to start over again.” Um…WTF?

  8. I have been raised Catholic with a taste of Baptist in me. People are truly amazing, education is definitely powerful. I urge any person who makes the statement about others not of Christanity to do their home work on the Holy Wars. Remember Joan of Ark, In the name of our Father we can burn crosses on peoples lawns, yes still today this tradition still goes on. Call each other names and then pray that God gives us a blessing.

  9. Did you ever notice that all the Obama haters can ever say is that he is a Muslim? They never attack his policies and they NEVER provide a justification for supporting McCain. Lots of Nader and Barr supporters visit this site too on occassion, but they have reasons for not supporting Obama based on policies. No one is saying that you have to like Obama, but there is a difference between political discussion, and the spreading of smears and lies, which seems like the only thing that the GOP knows how to do.

  10. US Candidates don’t go to Germany and conduct speeches unless they are trying to “appear Presidential”. It is appropriate for “a US Senator” to visit a US Army hospital “at any time”. I hear allot of excuses after the fact with this guy. If Obama wants the job of “US Commander and Chief” he did not “appear Presidential” by cancelling the visit to “our wounded soldiers” or trying to “make it a photo op” in the first place.

  11. Hmmm, now that word bigot bothers me. You might want to look up the definition of the word. I say this because of your statement that begins with
    “People of education,sophistication and intelligence” I wonder, as opposed to the afore mentioned folk what my opinion is worth? I’m just a hard working, law abiding citizen. How about my vote? it woudl seem to me that Change is a good thing. After all look how difficult it is at the present time for many Americans.I believe that when we change we often mature at the same time in some ways.
    Many unsophisticated,uneducated persons can and often are you know.

  12. There is nothing wrong with the picture but the question is whats wrong wiyh you.STOP thinking its all about Polictical spin and think out of the box. Oil companies support McCain , now thats outside the box. $4.50 per gallon

  13. Wow, you really believe this? Try this: Turn off Fox News and watch the Jim Lehrer News Hour on PBS tonight. Just one night…it will do you some good.

    But, my gut tells me that you are way too far gone to hear anything but fear, terrorism, and how Obama is a Muslim.

    God help you help yourself.

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