Bush Misleads the American People about Offshore Drilling

ImagePresident Bush ignored all other forms of alternative energy in his radio address today, and instead chose to give the false impression that we can lower gas prices by producing more domestic oil.

“The fundamental source of high gas prices is the fact that supply is not keeping pace with demand. To reduce pressure on prices, we need to increase the supply of oil, especially oil produced here at home. So in June, I called on Congress to lift the legislative ban that prevents offshore exploration of parts of the Outer Continental Shelf, or OCS. But the leaders of the Democratic Congress have refused to allow a vote,” Bush said.

The president used some deceptive language when speaking about the amount of oil offshore, “First, lifting the ban would allow our Nation to take advantage of a large and reliable source of domestic oil. Experts believe that these restricted areas could eventually produce about 18 billion barrels of oil. That’s almost 10 years worth of America’s current oil production.” He is referring to production not supply. The 18 billion barrels of oil, if not put on the world market, would last America for 14 months.

Bush also refused to tell the American people how long it will take for offshore oil to lower their gas prices, “Bringing these resources online will take time, and that means that the need for congressional action is urgent. I’ve lifted the executive restrictions on offshore exploration. “Yes, it will take time, at least a decade, but the president doesn’t want you to know that.

Bush blamed Congress for high gas prices, “This means that the only thing now standing between the American people and these vast oil resources is the United States Congress. The sooner Congress lifts the ban, the sooner we can get this oil from beneath the ocean floor to your gas tank.” Yes, it will take time, at least a decade, but the president doesn’t want you to know that.

This radio address is why I don’t think the compromise energy bill has a chance of being signed into law. President Bush has no interest in alternative energy. Even though the bill does provide for some limited offshore drilling, it also provides billions for alternative energy, and hybrid vehicles, while repealing a $30 billion tax break for the oil companies. Since Bush wants to spread the lie that we can drill our way out of this crisis, so Congress may have to override a veto in order to pass the bill.

Full Text of Bush Radio Address

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  1. That’s what the moonbats were saying 10 years ago. At least maybe, in the mean time, we’ll not drop the alternative ball like we did 30 years ago.

  2. It amazes me that anybody still listens to a word this man has to say. The legacy of Dubbya is he has shown himself to be a pathilogical liar, war monger, sell your momma for the New Order kinda guy. It goes without saying he comes from a family owing much of its wealth to BIG oil, so the last quarter’s record 50 billion profits is not unexpected. Of course he wants to start the process of off shore drilling thats just that much more money for him and his oil family. I’ll bet some of his Saudi buddies make a bunch of money too, just Georgie’s way of sharing the love. While we are at it, gotta keep the borders wide open to our south, let the American citizen be overran by his quest for the global world. And to hell with the Constitution and the belief that the government has any responsibilty or accountably to the American people. This administration is nothing short of “elected” gangsters. With every picture I see of Bush, Cheney and the rest of the boys, they look like the people on the gansta’ films of the 40s and 50s. Ironic also that those films were pretty much about greed, lying,secrets,scandals that this administration resembles so closely. Mr Bush your presidentacy has taken the budget of 120 billion dollar surplus to a 490 billion dollar deficet (and growing) in not quite 8 years. By my figurin’ you suck at managing America’s wealth, while yours and your friends flourish, mister I really believe you have sold your soul and this country out.

  3. How about these instances of rhetoric STOP. Why does it have to be swing for this person or that person? I can almost guarantee the person that wrote this article was a democrat. It’s ridiculous. Such political bias is sickening to me. You ARE an American, are you not? Then quit being so friggin’ ignorant and condemning everything that gets done. At least SOMETHING is happening. What about Clinton not allowing the drilling 10 years ago? Want me to go write an article on that? I won’t, because it’s unnecessary.

    We need to focus on positive growth. Instead of condemning actions we need to make our voices heard on what NEEDS to happen. I didn’t notice any alternative routes in this article.. Go figure. It’s easy to complain, but could YOU make decisions to lead a nation? I highly doubt it. Even if you could, could you do so without pandering? Again, I highly doubt it. The allegiance to political party is a distant second to being an American in my book. We’re getting to the point of having TWO governments. Democrats vote down everything Republicans want to do and vice versa. It’s amazing to me that ADULTS can’t come to agree on what’s best. It’s about power swing and time in office. Get over yourselves. You are responsible to YOUR constituency. Or, at least you’re supposed to be.

    I pretty much completely disagree with this article. Democrats voted down domestic drilling to an excess of 10 dollars per gallon. Why? I can only imagine their justification for keeping us dependent on foreign oil. I’m sure there is SOME reason, but I’ve never heard why.. It’s not like we’re using other energy sources. Petroleum products power some 60% of the nations energy. Even if it took 10 years to get the oil out of the ground (i think it’s more like 5-7 to be honest), what other energy sources could be produced in that time period? It would take LONGER to develop an entirely new energy infrastructure and that really isn’t debatable. There is NOTHING that can go into producing energy RIGHT NOW. So, why not allow us to drill in the meantime to possibly ease the pain at the pump? There’s also the possibility of us keeping our oil HERE instead of putting it on the global market. You could see prices at the pump drop starkly if that happened. All options. Instead of ignorant criticisms how about options? Do you have any, Mr. Author?

    Having said all that. I’m not opposed to alternative energy sources. I drastically lean toward renewable energy over consumable. I’d deem the new HHO/Hydrogen fuel cells as consumable. We only have so much hydrogen on this planet..and almost all of it is in the water we drink. Pollute the air or parch the globe…neither sound appealing to me. Wind/Solar/ and other hybrid renewable sources are the keys to our future. We need to drill in the meantime, but we should be trying to get off our dependency on foreign oil.

    Good day.

  4. This mans whole life is a deception..Then we have a more desecptive Obama looking to replace him..if we elect Obama–I guess we deserve it…
    Bush was cashiered out of the Texas national guard for being a drunk..The guard does not allow drunks to fly thier aircraft..
    Bush has lied to us from the start..What was his talk about when he had the Saudis to his ranch after 9-11 ??? Then the next day he allowed all of the Bin Ladins in this country to leave..even though no one else was allowed to even fly…
    Bush needs to be impeached, and then tried for treason..
    Wouldn’t it be nice if Saddam was around to keep the iranis is check???
    He would be–except for Bushs lies…

  5. I find the headline “Bush Misleads The American People About Offshore Drilling” very interesting.

    This is just a guess, (I don’t know the individual who wrote the story) but I would say that he is very rich and has someone else fill his gas tank.

    Us poor people who fill our own tank, and pay for our own fuel have noticed that the price of fuel has gone down since President Bush started pushing congress to open up off shore drilling.

    We should produce our own oil. We have several huge source’s within our own country.

    This should not be a political thing. It is something that is bringing our country down. Remember, when the Democrates took control of congress they promised to lower the price of gasoline. Instead it has more then doubled. I have yet to hear Polosi or Reid address the situation.

    However we should not waste it. We must become more efficient in our use of that oil. That means getting those huge gas hogs off the road.

    We have 4 hummers in our area. They go down the road with just one person in them. None of the owners live in an area where a 4 wheel drive is needed. All four of them have Obama stickers on their bumpers.

    We have to pull together as American’s to solve this problem.

  6. The price is set by investors. Offshore drilling won’t have any effect on the price. The market responds to changes in supply and demand. Offshore drilling will change neither. Not in the short term, and not in the long term.

    The supply would stay the same. It’s based on demand. Today we need 40% domestic to 60% foreign petroleum to meet current demands. If we okayed drilling offshore and in ANWR and everywhere else, then in ten years that ratio might change to 42% domestic to 58% foreign. No difference.

    Petroleum is an almost perfectly inelastic commodity. It’s traded globally. The world markets will soak up any additional American output like it was nothing. There is absolutely no difference between foreign and domestic oil to the commodity market.

    Not to mention that our refineries are running at capacity and we don’t have the rigs or platforms to handle all the drilling we could be doing now.

  7. First off I am so poor I can’t even afford a car much less the gas to fill it, and you make the insane claim that you have Hummers in your area with Obama stickers. Thus insinuating that Obama supporters are driving up the price of gas. You must live in a pretty nice neighborhood to have all those Hummers near by. My neighborhood is full of used cars, and people who are struggling to pay for food, much less gas.

    Secondly, The price of oil fell since Bush lifted the executive ban is load of bull. You might be able to pull this at your little conservative message boards, but not here buddy.

    The price of oil fell because demand fell. Perhaps you haven’t heard the news but people are switching to smaller cars and driving less. Bush lifting a symbolic ban did not cause a single drop of oil.

    It would be great to produce our enough of our own oil to meet our demand, but we don’t. There isn’t enough oil available to us to cover our domestic demand, period. That is the economic truth, so why you just take your Fox News talking points elsewhere, or think of a point that is based in reality not fantasy.

  8. Sorry but if anyone is sitting around waiting for gas prices to go down significantly don’t hold your breath… never going to happen…EVER…The prices may average a little more across the states but these gouging prices are here to stay and rise while oil company’s post record profits…So you can do your part and buy a smaller car and/ or a bicycle and hope that we get some leadership to start on a viable energy infrastructure to be in place in 10 or 15 years or We will really be in trouble…It’s sad that greed overtakes what is the right thing to do and that is to leave the World a decent place for future Generations… Instead We are pillaging and polluting It, sucking out every last non renewable resource dry at any cost to milk every last penny… Rather than doing the right thing and finding clean Renewable ways to supply our energy needs… Hasn’t everyone noticed that you can’t see the skyline in many cities world wide because of the pollution that never leaves these cities and do you not think that this is the inevitable future ahead for all, pollution does not have borders… America could lead the way and one day be respected again if They would start perfecting already existing technology and then It could also produce/sell it worldwide as a new green export. Someone has to start but it will probably be Canada because we may have to wait here in the U S A for a Generation of greedy “Old Schoolers”, “the haves”, to die off of old age before they let go their tight grasp before there are more regular people, the” have nots”(and that includes have not clean air or water by then too) that get it and force change albeit maybe too late…


  10. Why is it that those in oil exploration refer to much more oil being located and possible to be drilled for than those opposed to this drilling are willing to admit would be added to our supply if the restrictions on drilling were lifted.
    One field in US territory has been determined to contain more crude that all of Saudia Arabia’s had from the start. This comes from an exploration group that works in both locations.

    Could it be that increasing available oil supplies and lowering the cost of gas is not what they are interested in? I am sure that keeping this oil from the U.S. consumer advances their position at the expense of the U.S. consumer.

    What I am not completely sure about is why they really want. Not conservation, not alternative energy but something else that looks like killing the U.S. economy for the sake of their POWER PLAY.

  11. I agree these prices are not going to go away. The key is to reduce demand. Everytime new numbers are released that show US demand dropping the price of oil drops. There is a positive relationship between the two variables. However, desperate Republicans are trying to sell the false dream that we can drill our way out of this. That there is enough domestic supply to lower the price of gas now. Of course, what would you expect from the Republican Party Presented by Mobil.

  12. Although the article may be biased, it serves and important role. That in that we as Americans are being used as a political bargaining chip. The reality is that there isn’t enough oil (covered by the current bans) to make much of a difference.

    This is all just political masturbation, and it seems to be working. If the republicans can lobby this case hard enough, they’ll win the economy vote, stating that the price at the pump will go down, when in reality it won’t, and we will be yet again duped. Not to mention that less foreign oil means more stability… NOT. Most people don’t even know that most of our imported oil comes from Canada and Mexico.

    The only current short-term solution would be to reach into the strategic oil reserve. That may not even have any great impact which tells us a lot about the difference that 18 billion barrels of oil will make.

    Companies have and are drilling in the gulf now and look what it’s doing for the prices now. The fact is gas is expensive, and some yahoo political agendas masked as good-for-the-country legislation isn’t going to do anything but worsen the situation. I’d put money on it but I gave it all to Exxon.

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