Obama VP Update: Biden, Bayh, Richardson and Kaine

ImageWith time literally ticking off the clock until the Democratic National Convention in Denver slated to begin in about 10 days, more and more speculation has been swirling about who Obama’s VP pick will be. A few days ago, Kathleen Sebelius, Obama’s handpicked overseer to the convention, announced that Wednesday night of convention week will feature the theme of national security and foreign affairs. There will be tribute paid to veterans. The catchy slogan, “Securing America’s Future,” just happens to be the mantra for WesPac, General Wesley Clark’s political organization.

Lots of rumors and speculations are that Clark could be tapped. However, more announcements have been made as to the list of speakers on Wednesday night.

Confirmed for Wednesday: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh and Bill Richardson.

This validation is interesting, and only serves to stir the pot even more. All three men have been heavily rumored to be high on Obama’s list. If they are slated to speak, then any of the three could be the VP pick. The Obama camp only stated the three men would address the convention; it did not specify in what role or capacity. So, it is certainly up in the air. The mystery abounds.

Also left enigmatic, are names that have not been confirmed for Wednesday. Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, who has been highly touted as a possible pick, still has not been alloted a speaking time as of this writing. This too leads to speculation that Kaine has been tapped, and will be rolled out in grand fashion to address the crowd as the VP candidate.

Supporters of Wesley Clark swear that “Securing America’s Future” pretty much cements Clark as the VP nominee. And those who are more imaginative toss around the possibility of either Colin Powell or Chuck Hagel as a crossover nomination.

Sebelius, who herself was highly touted, seems to officially be out of the running as she has been slated for a Tuesday night speaking spot. At this point, if I had to put down money, I would say it is down to four men: Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, Bill Richardson or Tim Kaine.

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