Speculation Grows that Obama Will Announce His VP on Wednesday

ImageBoth Jeff Greenfield of CBS News and Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic have confirmed that the Obama campaign is sending staff for campaign event in Richmond, VA next Thursday, but the twist is that Obama’s schedule has been announced for every day next week, except Wednesday.

Obama will be in Nevada on Sunday, and then he will head to Florida on Monday and Tuesday. However, nothing is known about Wednesday, leading to speculation that he will make the announcement about his running mate that day. A Wednesday announcement would make sense, as it would allow his running mate to hit the campaign trail for a few days before heading to Denver for the convention.

I don’t think the Obama team would put the announcement on the schedule, so it is doubtful that Thursday in Virginia is anything more than a campaign event, but Governor Tim Kaine does live and work in the city, so it is possible that he may be the choice. My gut tells me that the Obama campaign would not do something as obvious as to schedule a day of campaigning in his running mate’s home state. Plus, why would Kaine need to campaign there?

My guess is that Kaine isn’t the pick. As this story indicates Bayh, Richardson, and Biden all scheduled to speak on the same night as Obama’s running mate at the convention. I think the choice will be one of those three. Unless Obama is planning on doing it at the convention, he needs to make the announcement next week, and Wednesday seems like the most logical day to do it on.

Ambinder story on Obama VA event

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