Joe Biden Looks Happy About Something

ImageA quick update on the Obama VP situation:

Over at MSNBC’s “First Read,” they are reporting that Senator Joe Biden, the front runner for Obama’s VP in many people’s minds, had a very interesting three-minute interaction with some reporters who were camped out on his front lawn this afternoon.

Apparently, Biden left the house carrying his golf clubs to the car. A few reporters shouted some questions at him regarding the vice presidency and the Democratic Convention. One question floated was “where will you be this Saturday?”

Obama’s camp has stated they will announce their VP choice as early as tomorrow morning, and by Friday at the latest. Campaign events with the VP nominee have been scheduled for Saturday.

So, in response to the reporter’s probing question about the weekend, Biden replied, “Here, right here,” as he pointed to his driveway. Ever the gamer, as he pulled his car out of the gate, Biden rolled down his window, gathered the press about him, and swiftly uttered, “you guys have better things to do.”

He punctuated that exchange with “I’m not the guy.” Interestingly, Biden a had a big smile on his face while he said this. It is also being reported that the Obama campaign is so tight lipped about this selection process that none of the finalists know if they are the running mate.

We can look at Biden’s words in two ways. Either Biden is shooting straight and he really isn’t the guy because Obama’s come through with the “Dear Joe” phone call, or Biden is playing games, bluffing the media and the public, if you will, to keep the announcement fresh and somewhat surprising.

My guess is that if Biden knew that he wasn’t the pick, he would not be out in front of the cameras, smiling away. I don’t think anyone should read too much into this before they watch the video. Biden probably doesn’t know if he is or isn’t, but he has got to be feeling good about his chances right now.

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  1. I think it’s safe to say that I’m hoping the latter is the case, and Biden is just messing with everyone’s heads. A VP debate involving Biden would be epic on Braveheart scales…

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