Obama Camp and Democrats: Palin Choice is Political Panic

ImageThe Obama campaign wasted little time pouncing on John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin as inexperienced, in bed with Big Oil, and committed to overturning Roe v. Wade. Democrats called the choice political panic.

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said, “Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency. Governor Palin shares John McCain’s commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade, the agenda of Big Oil and continuing George Bush’s failed economic policies — that’s not the change we need, it’s just more of the same.”

Rep. Rahm Emanuel called the choice political panic, “Is this really who the Republican Party wants to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency? Given Sarah Palin’s lack of experience on every front and on nearly every issue, this Vice Presidential pick doesn’t show judgement: it shows political panic.”

Rep. Jim Clyburn compared Palin to Dan Quayle, “I do believe that McCain has to do something to reshuffle the cards, shake up the establishment, do something unexpected and Governor Palin has all the kinds of things that McCain might see as a way to shake things up. I think (her selection) would be something similar to Dan Quayle. Dan Quayle proved to be sort of an embarrassment as a campaigner. Being thrust on a national stage like that could be very tough. Now Mondale tried to shake things up by going with Geraldine Ferraro she proved to be a disaster as a running mate. And as a campaigner, she was absolutely awful. And so I just think that it is very risky for McCain to do this, but it may be all he has left.”

This selection does have a degree of desperation to it, and listening to Palin speak it is clear that she is very, very, green. I don’t think this is going to work. If this is a ploy to lure Clinton voters, it is going to fail. I think it was a bad idea to make this pick on his 72nd birthday. Palin’s relative youth and inexperience highlight, just how damn old McCain is. The more I think about it, this pick was driven more by a desire to get McCain some media attention., and a cheap play for Hillary voters. I don’t think the Democrats have anything to worry about with Sarah Palin.

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39 Replies to “Obama Camp and Democrats: Palin Choice is Political Panic”

  1. Sarah Palin has twelve years experience starting out as a councilperson and then learning executive experience as a mayor of a small town and then almost two years as governor of Alaska which includes commander of the National Guard and as governor, single-handedly taking on corruption and big business in her state. Obama has 140 days experience as junior senator from Illinois but no executive experience at all and no experience with the military as any kind of commander. Obama has a low rating as junior senator frm Illinois while Palin has an almost unheard of approval rating around 80% statewide in Alaska. Obama has ties to old terrorists, hatemongers, questionable financial dealings and Chicago-type dirty politics; Palin takes on anyone including members of her own party to fight gov’t waste and corruption. Plus there’s no question she loves America and the citizens of America. Gosh, is there really such a hard choice to be made between Palin and Obama? Plus her husband is lots prettier than Michelle Obama.

    Also to the idiots who think she wouldn’t make a strong Commander-in-Chief if something happened to McCain: think for a minute, on one hand you have someone who’s had experience as Commander of the National Guard for an entire state while this country is at war and will have her first-born child in active duty in the country we are at war with; on the other hand you have someone with zero military experience of any kind who thinks our National Anthem is too bloodthirsty and who thinks he is the Messiah and can “talk” to foreign nations if we’re threatened because he doesn’t want foreign nations to think he takes the side of this country and our flag. Who do you think will stand up for America and safeguard us in time of war? remember, every vote for McCain offsets a vote cast by some racist &/or idiot. Racist because anyone who votes for an unqualified candidate JUST because of his skin color is as racist as someone who refuses to vote for a qualified candidate because of his skin color. Idiot if anyone believes Obama will make things any better for anyone in America except the few who want gov’t handouts paid for by working Americans.

  2. You say she is green, how green is Obama, shes running for VP our Obama is running for the big P, give me a break, I would vote for her head on head.

  3. Her son is being deployed to Iraq, her husband is Union—libs, check your undies for any accidents.Oh and did I mention a black woman came on and said that Sarah is more experienced than Barack? And just in closing, Sarah isn’t the one running for president. You go girl!

  4. Come on guys, I would rather have an inexperienced VP and not a President. Obama is “Green” as you call it, and he is supposed to president. This is great news for women everywhere, Palin is smart, she works on both sides of the isle, and her husband works on a oil platform doing grunt work. The way you describe him is like he owns the company. People should read more before they make statments.

  5. Gee, it would be really great to give her time to prove herself, but she has no time. If this announcement would have been made earlier then the campaign could have gotten her some experience on the trail, but since she is a gimmick, she has 67 days to get seasoning, that isn’t much time for anyone, especially a person with zero national campaign experience. She has never run in a primary before, she has nothing, which is why if McCain knew she was the choice, he should have named her sooner.

    The truth is that she wasn’t VietJohn’s top choice. I think he really wanted Lieberman or Ridge, but since the party would not accept a pro-choice running mate, and his campaign was desperate to make a splash, they selected the token VP.

  6. Some comments I read show the lack of intelligence of the individuals commenting and the lack of patience of the writer to give an unknown the benefit of doubt to prove their mettle. She may be a dumb blond but I will give her the chance to prove that she can withstand the heat of the “Kitchen”. Also, learn to spell
    before you make a comment.

  7. So is my dog.

    The VP could become President in the space of a heartbeat. It would be nice if the VP had better qualifications than not having had an abortion.

  8. if Mrs.Palin can just not let the loudmouth gasbags rattle her with thier longwinded speeches and keep the answers direct and short they won’t be able to rattle her much, she seems well grounded and knows what is in store for anyone man or woman getting in the medias spotlight,this is a time when McCain has gone all out to get a woman in the whitehouse and not a Clinton, it seems that people are afraid of a conservative woman who has plowed the field and is ready to get some republican democracy back in order, we are not a country that needs liberalism right now, we need federalist leaders that can say one thing and then do exactly what they just said, I am tired of all the speeches and trickery to undermine our leaders and potential leaders, we have a man who just spent 280>million dollars on a campaign against a woman who blew through 235>million on a failed campaign where is the logic in listening to either of them now????

  9. No, the only embarrasement will be to Gov. Whats-Her-Name and the Republican Party. Unless Sen. Biden will be embarrassed that he has to on the same stage with that joke of a cadidate.

  10. This is great news for women unless they are pro-choice, or anti-war, or concerned about the economy, or want equal pay. Palin is not Hillary Clinton so stop trying to sell her as such. If Obama is green then what is Palin, she has less experience than he does.

  11. “Idiot if anyone believes Obama will make things any better for anyone in America except the few who want gov’t handouts paid for by working Americans.”

    Riiiiight… because things in America are just so peachy happy after eight years of Bush, during which time, McCain voted with him 90% of the time.

    And Janie, do you really want to talk about government handouts? Do you really want to walk down this road? Talk about being ignorant and idiotic. Let’s look at the level and degree of “government handouts” under Bush. How much money has been handed over to Halliburton? Does a dried food packet for a soldier in the field really cost $15,000? Have you either conveniently ignored, or just never bothered to learn that on numerous occasions, Halliburton has been found to have overcharged the federal government by millions!

    How about government handouts like like $120,000 per year per hired mercenary of Blackwater who kill Iraqi civilians and then don’t stand trial because they’re not US military and they don’t “officially” represent the US? Meanwhile, an enlisted infantryman makes like $28,000.

    Come on Janie, tell me more about your great argument of government handouts because I’m just dying to hear it.

    “Also to the idiots who think she wouldn’t make a strong Commander-in-Chief if something happened to McCain: think for a minute, on one hand you have someone who’s had experience as Commander of the National Guard…”

    And so far, Bush has quite the connection between being “commander in chief” and the “national guard.” Tell me how that’s turned out with us stuck in Iraq at the rate of 4.5 billion dollars a month. Hey, I know, maybe Palin can get dressed up in a fighter pilot’s uniform also and maybe we can hang a…um…what’s that phrase again…oh yeah, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED sign behind her during her convention speech, because we know that kind of staging gives somebody instant stree cred in being commander in chief.

    “and then learning executive experience as a mayor of a small town”

    Her “small town” had like 8000 people in it. My 7X7 block neighborhood has more people in it than her hometown. I can run a homeowners association and claim to have managed more people from an executive position than Palin. Actually, Janie, since you’re so high on Palin, then let me just toss my hat into the ring for VP. I’ve been the president of my HOA for three years, I’m my local union’s chief negotiator and I’ve been an academic senator for my faculty for three years. Shoot, I’m ready to be a heartbeat away from the presidency!

    “who thinks he is the Messiah and can “talk””

    Um, where was your bloodthirsty vitriol about “jackass messiahs” when Bush claimed for five years that God wanted him to be president and that he pretty much had the “bat phone” connection direct to God’s Blackberry? And since we’re on Bush, let’s not talk about being able to “talk.” I’ll take an orator over a 60 year old man with fourth grade vocabulary and a third grade intellect. And even according to his own former press secretary, possessed the curiosity of dust mite. To choose to be ignorant…now that’s idiotic.

    But you keep drinking the Kool Aid, Janie. Whatever helps you through your day.

  12. This is one debate I will certainly watch. Mr Big Bad Biden just thinks he’s big and bad. I have no doubt Mrs Palin will be able to go toe to toe and win.

  13. Hmmmmmmm, Governor Palin is “inexperienced” to become VP??? WHAT experience does SENATOR Obama have to become “PRESIDENT”?????????
    Governor Palin has MORE experience than Senator Obama and she is running for ONLY the VP slot!!!
    God HELP America!!!

  14. Hey look! “Give ’em Hell Harry” (Truman) was an ex men’s store owner inexperienced in foreign policy VP catapulted into Commander in Chief who had the cojones to nuke the Nips ending the war and saved 1/2 of Korea from the Northern Gooks and Chinese “volunteers”. And yeah I know PC-incorrect. Get over it!

  15. I am insulted by McCain’s choice. Does he really believe that 18 million people voted for Hillery Clinton just because she is a woman. Does he really believe 18 million people are that stupid?? His selection makes the assumption that women will vote for him simply because of her and the good ol’ boys will vote for him because of her looks. Please! That man scares me more than Bin Laden

  16. Philhu has made my point about how better qualified Palin is to cut out corruption and graft as she did in Alaska as opposed to Obama who is in bed with the old terrorists and graft artists in Chicago. No one including Bush himself has ever claimed he was highly intelligent, and although Bush has made a lot of mistakes, even Bush has never confused our 50 states with Obama’s 57.
    I will admit that with a prepared speech Obama is a great orator. Ever seen old newsreels of Hitler speaking to the crowds in Germany? Hitler was a brilliant public speaker but it didn’t mean a word he said was true or that he even meant what he said.
    Philhu, you can toss your hat in the ring but I really doubt if anyone will pick it up. Palin may have been mayor of a small town of 9,000 before she was elected governor but, again, she has the almost unheard of approval rating of around 80% in the entire state including Republicans, Democrats, and Independants. Funny how you can rant about Bush, McCain, and Palin but never respond to anything said about Obama. Funny how many Obama supporters have no response to anything said about Obama so they try to divert the subject by name-calling the writer and being sarcastic personally instead discussing the political figure. Hey, has anyone thought about where the money is coming from to pay for the rebates and new gov’t programs Obama has promised everyone if they just vote for him? If small businesses are taxed out of business, the owners and employees are left no option except to apply for unemployment comp, until another job is found, and with unfavorable taxes on big businesses, big businesses just move out of the country and more jobs are lost and more people apply for unemployment comp. When companies are no longer doing business here, they also are not paying taxes. Without a sufficient tax base there is no money to pay for existing gov’t programs such as unemployment comp or gov’t workers because gov’t agencies are non-product/revenue producing entities, existing only to administer gov’t programs and paid by local, state, and federal taxes. If the tax base dwindled enough there would not be sufficient money to even pay workers in gov’t agencies such as police and fire depts, much less new gov’t programs. Think about how much taxes would need to be increased to pay for all the pie in the sky Obama is promising.

    Again, Governor Palin has almost two years experience as governor and Commander of the National Guard of an entire state while our country is at war and we are sending guardsmen to fight, as well as having her first-born child in the army in the country we are at war with. Obama has 140 days experience as the junior senator from Illinois, no military background at all, doesn’t even want other countries to think he’s “taking sides” or favoring America in an international dispute, and has said he even thinks our national anthem is too bloodthirsty. Who do you think would make the better Commander-in-Chief and put America first and do the best possible job of safeguarding America? The really strange thing is that Obama’s team are crying that Palin is only a breath away from the Presidency and doesn’t have enough experience. Palin, just as governor, has 4.36 times the experience that Obama has and Obama’s running for Presidency. Do the math, 20 months as governor versus 140 days (4.6 months) as junior senator. Oh, Philhu, if you like the Messiah so much you drink the Jim Jones kool aid.

  17. You know why people link criticism of Obama back to Bush? Because everything negative being said about Obama is characterized by Bush, but only 100 times worse. I notice you conveniently avoid the “messiah” issue. And it’s supremely funny how while you rant about me ranting, you never really respond to anything said about Bush…except your swift quip about “oh, he’s never confused the number of states.” Lady, if you wanna hang on to one hiccup Obama made after having been on the campaign trail nonstop for god knows how long, then you’ll need about eight years to list all of Bush’s mistakes. I love how 1 Obama hiccup outnumbers ALL of Bush’s idiocies! Like I said, keep drinking the Kool Aid.

    You wanna talk gaffes? How about McCain saying Bahgdad is totally safe now WHILE WEARING A FREAKIN’ BULLET PROOF VEST? Or him advocating for nuclear energy proclaiming it’s totally safe, but then sends a worker with a geiger counter into the Firme 2 plant before he would go in? Keep drinking. Pop open another packet. Mix. Repeat.

    “Ever seen old newsreels of Hitler speaking to the crowds in Germany? Hitler was a brilliant public speaker but it didn’t mean a word he said was true or that he even meant what he said.” Well here you go. This truly shows how out of it you are. Hitler gave great speeches, no doubt. But he talked about a better, stronger Germany. He talked about restoring luster and pride to Germans. He talked about a Master Race of Aryans. He talked about extermination of Jews and infirmed. What part of his speech did he exactly not mean? What part of that was untrue?

    If you keep repeating “140 days” enough times, you might actually believe it. Oh wait, you already believe it. I’m not sure how you calculate this, but he was elected in 2004. That’s four years ago. There are 365 days in a year. honey. If this is the extent of your math, I don’t think any of us should/can take anything you say about businesses and tax bases seriously. But let me humor you… where will the money for Obama’s programs come from? How about $4.5 billion a month spent in Iraq.
    Let’s see…what can 4.5 billion dollars a month do…oh that’s right, nothing, because 4 billion of it gets funneled to friends and cronies.

    Obama, even with your completely disfigured figure of 140 days will know exactly how to stop that.

    And way to go picking up on campaign smear of “old terrorists” and Chicago Resko and believing it’s true. Look up the Resko issue. It’s been researched by the media and nothing ever came of it. I wonder, since you want to nail Obama so much for his associations, how come you don’t say the same for Bush? How about the fact that he flew bin Laden’s family out of the US days after 9/11? Oh that’s right…he’s God’s hand-picked boy.

    But let me address McCain directly so you don’t have another convenient out next time around. Ever hear of the Keating Five? At least Obama’s “association” didn’t screw good, hard working people out of life savings and cost the government millions in bail outs. What do you have to say now?

    Keep drinking…keep drinking… thanks for the laughs though!

  18. My dearest wackadoodle Janie,

    First of all, it is pretty difficult to have a sane argument with people like you who just spout lies one after another. Your lies about Obama have already been debunked so many times it is clear that you have already drunk the kool-aid and are waiting for the final effects. If you want to talk about ethic and personal lapses, maybe we can talk about McCain dumping his invalid first wife for a rich beauty queen, helping Charles Keating perpetrate one of the greatest frauds in American banking history and referring to his beauty queen wife in the unkindest of C-word terms.

    I voted for Obama for Senator in November 2004, you idiot, so your 140 days is so far off it makes me wonder if you went to public school in Texas when Bush was governor and failed to learn how to count. At a minimum, he has been a Senator one year longer than Palin has been governor of the 47th least populous state in the Union. Oh, and Illinois is the 5th most populous state in the Union. Barack represents more people in Chicago than Palin does in her entire, besotted state.

    The 57 referred to by Obama was the number of states, Washington DC and territories that held contests in the Democratic primary. In case you did not know, Guam, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and other territories also get to vote in the primaries, although I do not believe they have the same rights in the General Election.

    So go have another sip of the red stuff. You and your ignorant self earned it.

  19. As a registered republican, I have become disenchanted with John McCain. One has to question his judgement in regards to his selection of Gov. Palin as VP. McCain has undergone two bouts of cancer and is the oldest non-incumbent nominee in history to run for president. Under the circumstances, one would think, McCain would chose the most experienced person he could find (a proven entity), not an unproven person. There are many great republicans that would able to fill this position. This decision has sadly confirmed to me that John McCain is lacking judgment and because of this is too old to take on the job of president of the United States at this critical time.

  20. There is political panic, but it is on the Democratic side. I think this demonstrates who the candidate for change is….Brilliant choice Mr. McCain, break up that good old boy network in Washington.

  21. You moronic GOP fools, are refuting your own argument about experience, by bringing up that she was on city council. If city council is VP experience, then there are literally tens of thousands of Republicans more experienced than Palin. What you seem to forget is that Obama served eight years in the State Senate, and then his 4 years in the US Senate. Palin’s experience in state wide government is a year and a half total. Compared to her anybody has more experience.

    If you want to argue her merits, you should be using the fact that she is a fresh face and voice, because with this pick, McPOW has trashed the experience argument for you.

  22. As a registered Republican, I was and am appalled at the Palin selection as VP candidate. I fear, while not suspecting nor suggesting any carnal desires, that McCain is smitten by pulchritude and has shown very questionable judgment here.

    Given her inconsistent satements, the alleged tie in with Stevens concerning the “Bridge to Nowhere” and the ongoing Alaska investigation about her firing someone who purportedly did not do her bidding to help her sister in a custody battle, she very clearly was not vetted before the selection was made.

    This is much more like the 1972 Thomas Eagleton imbroglio than Quayle in 1988. Folks, this kind of decision making is downright scary.

  23. joe biden is a hack and a blowhard. i will be happy to see him have his a$$ handed to him on a national stage by this unknown but extremely well spoken and ethical vp candidate. biden has never had a job – hes been a senator since he was 29 – and he has tried to be more than that 3 times and has failed (miserably i might add) each and every time. hell he even tried to lie and plagerize speeches (and got caught) and still he couldnt get elected to anything mor than the senate. he certainly has more experience – experience that is going to assure the same old crap for the same old people for the same old 4 years the same old this and the same old that. how is there going be any change from obama and biden – they are the people keeping it the same as it ever was for the past 12 years (for obama) and almost 40 years (for biden)

    CHANGE?! – please!

  24. What exactly do you think McCain has spent on his campaign so far? To win an election in a country of 300+ million people in 50 states over thousands and thousands of miles it takes a lot of money. It’s not a Democratic party novelty to spend that kind of money – check out the Republicans as well!

    McCain spent $32 million in July alone and raised $26 million in July. He is also accepting $84 million in federal funds for his campaign.

    Obama, true to his word, is not accepting any federal funds for his campaign. He did raise $52 million from regular voters in July. Check it out…these figures are from regular news articles.

  25. McCain proved he has bad judgement when he picked Palin. She proved she has bad judgement when she accepted. I really feel kind of sorry for her to be used this way.

  26. From Politico:

    “Barack Obama’s campaign is blasting John McCain for putting “the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

    The scathing description of Sarah Palin, from Obama spokesman Bill Burton, comes as Democrats scramble to gather a response to a selection that nobody in the political world expected.”

    And McCain is the one panicing?

  27. Ok here it goes McCain’s VP choice will bite him in the ass. She is currently under investigation by the federal government for trying to fire her brother in-law. So already, she moving focus away from the campaign. She will not garner the Hillary supporters or I should say they would go to her in the beginning until they listen to her and find out she does not have their values. As for McCain saying he looked for two months, he spoke to her for two hours before the announcement. He is not happy with this choice he wanted Lieberman but his campaign made this choice for him. So to GOP loving morons good luck on your ass beating in November. Jackasses

  28. Wrongo. She’s gonna help the McCain campaign enormously. Dont give me this gender-identity politics nonsense, when the whole damn reason Obama is where he is is thanks to racial-identity politics. 99% of blacks are voting for Obama – dont tel me that isnt because he’s black, you fool. If he werent black, he’d just be another tax and spend democrat, with the most liberal voting record in the senate.

  29. The Obama won because he is black argument has to be the stupidest thing that I have ever heard. Obama would have won by more if he was white. Your statement above implies that Obama won because he is a novelty candidate. Using this line of thought it is no wonder that you think Palin will help, Sen. Dole,ooops, I mean McCain. People aren’t as dumb as you. They know a cheap gimmick when they see one. It is astonishing that Republicans will go to such depths of self delusion before they will admit that McCain blew it.

  30. The McCain & Palin ticket is great for the USA. It signals another real change in US politics. A Republican women on the national ticket is a new world for the Dems to deal with and they aren’t doing a good job with it at all.

    The Dems won’t have that exclusive banner to wave anymore. And they are reacting just like the condescending, arrogant, out of touch fools they are by attacking McCain & Palin like have been.

    And all those fools that claim this was done just for the woman’s vote are themselves the ultimate insult to women everywhere.

    As far as experience, what is that really about? Obama (who wants to be president I might add) has No Executive Experience At All. So being a state Governor and more seems ok to me for VP.

    If you aren’t born with silver spoon in your mouth, if you rase family and have huband who works a job like most of us do and you don’t wear pants all the time, you are not a good enough woman? BULL!!! Maybe we will have some good old common sense back in national government now.

    Obama is proof positive you don’t have to have years sitting in congressional committees or anything governmental at all really. He started running for president (not vice president) after only 142 days into his first government position of any kind ever.

    Palin fought her way past the old political guard to become Gov. of Alaska and kicked a bunch of corrupt politicians out along the way. While she is pro-oil and gas exploration, she has also locked horns many times with the Oil companies in AK and won as well.

    Palin has a 78% state approval rating in her home state. What was Bill Clinton’s when he ran for president? Not near that good. And yes Dems, Bill was a governor too.

  31. Both sides of WHAT aisle, exactly? This is a campaign for presidency not a competition for homecoming queen.

    Wake up, America. If you’ve lost your job or are having troubles meeting a mortgage payment, or if you’re afraid to visit the Statue of Liberty because you think that terrorists might attack, then you should be NOT be voting for a beauty queen and her hot-tempered, sullen pimp who chose his VP without even doing his research (insert “attacks Iran” for “chose his VP” and you’ll get a sense of what a McCain presidency will look like).

    Barack and Joe work together and are respected AROUND THE WORLD — not just by American media glitz. They know the economy and they don’t get offended by criticism. Plus, they are NOT stuck in the mindset that brought this country into a mess in the first place.

  32. I completely agree — plus, McCain bankrupted his own campaign, so as someone who has graduate degree but is staying home with my children right now, I can’t trust someone like that to run the economy. This crisis isn’t just about the working class. It’s about anyone who doesn’t have 5 million dollars in assets.

    I can’t trust someone like McCain to keep the economy healthy. And I can’t trust some lady who governed Alaska (or any part of it) — a state whose people and resources have always been heavily subsidized (and in some places COMPLETELY) by the federal government. The media may be trying to revive the whole “culture wars” idea, but this election ain’t about culture – it’s about how average Americans are living every day in panic and fear that the American dream will never be theirs. Trust me – even if you’re not one of them, you’re guaranteed a possible place under McCain-Palin.

    Don’t fooled by the hype. Obama KNOWS the average Joe (note that this is NOT the same as being a “hockey mom”) and will LOWER our taxes. As Bill Clinton said in ’92: “It’s about the economy, stupid!” Nobody argues with him now.

  33. I think the subject says it all.

    Let’s start thinking about people’s REAL needs rather than looks, race or gender in this election. America, we are in a recession, and it’s only looking worse – the headlines about the banks are being trumped by the RNC but this crisis is spreading, and Obama and Biden are the ONLY qualified ticket.

    Start reading the business section and then listen to McCain and Palin. Talk about out of touch with America…

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