Open Mic Catches Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan Trashing Sarah Palin

ImageConservatives Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan were caught blasting John McCain for selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate by an open MSNBC microphone.

Here is the video/audio:

Mike Murphy: It’s not going to work…Still McCain can give a version of the Lieberman speech and do himself some good.

Peggy Noonan: It’s over.

Chuck Todd: Don’t you think this pick is insulting to Kay Bailey Hutchison?

Noonan: I saw Kay this morning.

Todd: Yeah, she has never looked comfortable.

Murphy: They are all bummed out about this.

Todd: I mean is she really the most qualified woman they could have picked?

Noonan: No, I think they went for this, excuse me, political bullshit about narratives. Every time Republicans do that… they blow it.”

Murphy: “You know what’s really the worst thing about it? The greatest of McCain is no cynicism, and it is cynical.”

Not even Republicans are buying Sarah Palin as a legitimate running mate. She was a bullshit pick designed to shock and get media attention. I do believe that Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchison would have been a much better choice. Republicans should be bummed, because this is a pick that probably will cost them the election. Palin has gotten media attention since Friday, but it hasn’t been the kind that the campaign wanted. She can come out and do her generic speech, but it isn’t going to help McCain a damn bit.

40 Replies to “Open Mic Catches Mike Murphy and Peggy Noonan Trashing Sarah Palin”

  1. McCain Could not have picked a better VP running mate. Its Making All You Liberal Dems Squirm. This Is Very Intertaining To Watch. Go FOX NEWS !!!!!!

  2. How dare the 2 of you make such disparaging remarks about another person..especially you Noonan,,as a woman.
    CLEAN UP YOUR OWN DOORSTEPS,,neither one of you are angels.

  3. I really hate to tell you this but we liberal Democrats love this. McChicken could not have picked a worse running mate. Palin has no experience (and no, being a governor does not count if it did then why not Mitt Romney). Palin has no issues to talk about. She will be the death nail in McChicken’s coffin. Good luck in your ass beaten in November woot! oh yi it’s enteraining not inertaining and FOX news is garbage.

  4. Those “republicans” don’t represent my views… Remember, Palin is outside the beltway, and those idiots whom we just saw jawing on pmsnbc have made a living in the beltway. Early in the clip you heard them naming names of possible running mates they expected… Well, those other names were expected by the Obama campaign as well. SURPRISE!

    Palin is actually a breath of fresh air, and I don’t care what any beltway bandit feels entitled to say about it.

    Also, Dems are saying that Palin hasn’t the experience to be on the ticket… Well, she’s got more experience than Obama… Does this mean that Obama shouldn’t even be considered for vice president? I think that’s what Democrats are really saying.

  5. Attention women who think Palin is nothing, Palin has stirred something deep in us gals who work full time, have families, and love this Country too. You are dismissing her way too quick.

  6. Putting all of our individual concerns aside and who reflects us pesonally best — religion, race, rural, urban, beltway or not — my focus for our country is on a global level at this point. We could talk about how tough and great America is and every day we are losing more credibility as global citizens because of this incessant self promotion.

    I’m thinking who would represent us best when meeting with international leaders and there is a disagreement of views, a team that mocks the other side, threaten another war, or a team that can state one’s position, be persuasive before internatinoal leaders, without making fun of them. I thought Palin delivered to her constiutents well but then I saw a possible glimpse of a team not able to conduct themselves in a respectful way to the other side. The alarming part of this is it was a prepared speech. What might happen under extreme pressure then.

    After 8 years of “Wanted Dead or Alive” foreign policy, are we still going to take the cowboy approach to international affairs. As I see it, and I’m sure many may disagree, but without our international standing, I’m afraid we will continue to see the discredit of America.

  7. Nice speach last night – she is a much better speaker than McCain. Also, her speech was light-years better than Guiliani’s. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell me anything about herself that I couldn’t find out on my own. Rather than the Obama trash-fest of last night, I’m waiting for them to tell me exactly how this Rrepublican candidacy is going to be better for me than the last 7 years. From last night, all I took away was the same old politics of fear (9.11, Islamic terrorists, etc.)so-called “family values,” and the always entertaining “they will raise your taxes and we won’t.” Where is the change? How are they going to fix what’s broken? I’m not convinced to vote Republican just because they put a woman on the ticket. Also, I grew up in a small town – “small town values” often translate into “small-minded” values, which I can do without on the national level.

  8. These two should be sent back to the beltway embarrassed by their ignorance. Republicans had to go outside of the typical Washington mentality. Obama will end up like Gore, a man who helps America by contributing to needed projects. How can you put a guy in office that went to church every Sunday with a crazy prejudice preacher? We need people who love America, put their hand on their chest during the pledge, keep focused on keeping us safe from terrorists, can go up against the war naysayers to keep dictatorship/disrespect to women out of power and most of all admit some change is needed but I would still want to live in America than anywhere else as a woman. We have put our caucasian children in a predicament that the acceptance rate of black/other nationalities are accepted to Ivy leagues and desired colleges with much lower GPA’s and SAT’s, if that isn’t change what is….America gives many chances for non-caucasians to excel and I’m glad to see women and others move up the ladders. The leaders of our country have done well to help all nationalitites have a chance at a good education and life. We must remember to help everyone, and it may be time for the reverse discrimmination to stop. Hooray for Obama for his issues, but a stand-up ovation for McCain for choosing a down-to-earth woman to assist him in his mission to keep us safe and continue to be the country everyone wants to come to for college!

  9. I’ve got nothing against her family but as an independent she has not stated anything of substance and seems a little shell-shocked at being the VP. the speech was more of the same “hooray for our side” junk we get from either party.

    Ron Paul, Ralph Nader or Obama in that order so far. Only a McCain Palin ticket could have me wishing for Perot or Forbes to come back.

  10. Totally agree. Watching the RNC, I have not seen a more sarcastic and condescending group of people. I understand attacking an opponent, but they attacked every democrat, yet ask to unite, and end partisan politics. You cannot mock half of the country and then ask them to get behind you if you take office.

    Extend this to international affairs and it’s a disaster. Sarcastic, condescending and mocking tones are exactly what we can not have in office.

    It also shows a focus on making Obama lose rather than McCain win.

    The worst thing is that I’m not sure enough of the country understands how the attitude of these nominees makes America look weak and- dare I say- ELITIST!

  11. Palin said nothing about the economy and what they plan to fix about it. McCain has voted against equal rights for women but picks a woman for his running mate. Is it me but is that not a little hypocritical? I think so!

  12. McCain didn’t want a strong, experienced, independent woman like Hillary Clinton. He wanted a token cheerleader who would not challenge him, and that is what Palin is. Except for her bio, the rest of the speech was written by the McCain campaign in advance. I was interested in seeing what she brought to the campaign as far as ideas are concerned, and the answer was nothing. Nothing is also what she will do for him in November. If you are a Republican, you loved this, but everyone else was probably less impressed.

  13. Listen to your words, DEM. If a governor does not count then why did you vote for Bill Clinton the first time.

  14. First off, I think we should have a national news show called, “Oops, open mike,” where we hear the refreshingly candid and unvarnished opinions of the so-called “experts,” and not drivel couched and canned for the audience. Second, sources close to the McCain campaign are telling reporters that just days before the VP announcement, conservative evangelical leaders threatened to stage an open revolt on the convention floor if he announced Lieberman, Ridge, Romney or one of his other thoroughly vetted choices. They demanded that he choose Palin, so essentially this was not a crafty gamble by McCain; it was a shotgun wedding, with the conservative evangelical base holding the shotgun.

  15. After spending 21 years in the Army and Working for the Government another 21 years, I am finally retired. Why does everyone blame or praise the economy on any President. George Bush cannot pass a bill by himself. The House and Senate must first pass a bill, then the President signs the bill or vetos it. The President cannot control anything on the economy unless the Congress acts. Bill Clinton did not do anything to make the economy great. Congress and the American People did. George Bush did not do anything to make the economy bad. Obama said drilling will not help the gas prices until 10 years from now. that could be true. However if Bill Clinton had allowed more drilling 16 years ago, we might not be in the situation we are now.
    When did McCain vote against equal rights for women. Need References of when he did, not just comments.

  16. Further, Palin’s speech was not “Palin’s” speech. It was the pre-written VP speech, originally cast for a male, giving further credence to the information above, which campaign sources said was quickly retooled for a woman’s delivery. Essentially, Sarah Palin was delivering her speech via teleprompter using her old skills as a tv sports broadcaster. It was not her delivering “her” views so much as it was a trained-monkey performance.

  17. I decided this election year to watch as much of both parties conventions as I could stomach. From what I can tell, there is a lot of wasted money being spent on nothing more than to verify who is running for President and Vice-President. Guess you need all of this hoopla to make it official, however, I am looking more forward to the debates. Maybe then we can hear some real substance, ideas, and issues that really need to be brought up. I love my country, and I would really appreciate hearing what the candidates plans are to get us out of the present funk we are in. I realize that some people may not think our country is in too bad of shape, but I for one think we are.

  18. If you any of you were listening last night, they said the initial speech was written for a man but they scrapped it and wrote her speech with her, so she did know what she was saying!

  19. Palin is a much better speaker then McCain – also she at least comes off more genuine. I also agree that she told us nothing about change or how the “new chosen republicans” are going to repair what has been done for the last eight years… Rather then snide bashing and negative snipes she should have talked more about her vision….the only thing I managed to visualize was a snarling pitt bull with red painted lips….and in regards to Guiliani – he just came off as bitter and evil… and as a man who needs to tear down another in order to feel more powerful then he really is… Its a shame really… just a slinging mud-fest in Minnesota…

  20. I really hate to tell you this but we liberal Democrats love This.

    You liberal democrats had better love this, because you have nothing in your party to love.

  21. Any woman who votes for McCain and Palin does not really care about women. McCain has voted against women’s issues, I think, 110 times. Palin wants to make ALL abortions illegal. I’m not sure I could ever have had an abortion, but women need the choice. You won’t stop it. You’ll just have a lot of women dying in back alleys again like I remember from the sixties and seventies. Just because Palin is a woman doesn’t mean she has womens best interest at heart.
    I read this someplace a long time ago and thought it was profound:
    I would never force you to have an abortion. Why would you force me to have a baby.

  22. Just goes to show that at MSNBC people that they call conservative are still so far to the left they make Clinton look like a conservative, but just like all liberals they are so out of touch with this country it is very sad…

  23. Anyone following this campaign from an Independent or Democrat’s point of view can see the hypocracy at play here. 1) John Kerry wasn’t really a war hero in spite of his purple heart and other honors – Republicans actually wore band-aids and used giant flip flops to mock him, accusing him of changing his stance on many issues. However, McCain is a hero because he has a purple heart and other honors PLUS he was a POW, which he reminds us of when asked what he had for breakfast. He has changed his stance on many, many issues including his dislike for Bush and his failed policies which he now embraces with drooling reverence. But all this is excused/forgiven because he’s Republican. 2) John Kerry is out of touch with mainstream America because his wife is wealthy and they have 5 homes. Don’t EVER buy Heinz anything because of the Kerry taint. However, McCain’s wife is wealthy and they have at least 7 homes. His wife is under investigation for improprieties such as stealing drugs from a foundation she chaired, and TAKING them. But all this is excused/forgiven because they’re Republican. Biden is a bad VP choice because he and Obama lack experience. Palin is a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, BRILLIENT choice. Yeah, no experience but hey! Did you see her in that stars and stripes bikini holding a GUN? WOW! All is ALWAYS forgiven if you’re Republican… However, Republicans don’t see it. All they can ever say is “What about Clinton?” If you can’t find anything bad about your opponent, MAKE SOMETHING UP!

  24. >>if Bill Clinton had allowed more drilling 16 years ago, we might not be in the situation we are now.

    And if Ronald Reagan didn’t trash alternative fuel research and development back in 1980 at the behest of the American auto industry, we’d have tons of alternative and renewable fuel sources now. Just look at how much more advanced the Japanese hybrid cars are. That too was because of Reagan.

    What I love most about this type of “pinhole” argument is that they are so myopic. It’s the same lame argument being used by Republicans about the “surge.”

    If you looked through the keyhole that is the surge, it may look positive. How about the bigger issue of Iraq?

    Stop trying to shove your asses through a keyhole. Get up and open the whole damn door!

  25. Excuse me. Are we all on crazy pills in this country???! Do you neo-cons have any gripe on truth and decency, yet??!!

    Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy are not Liberal Dems, you jackassess!!!!!

  26. nothing but Obama jackasses, McChicken sucks ass, and Palin can suck my dick, no really I would let her, and her daughter too.

  27. It was not up to McCain to pick Palin. He was under pressure. He had to please his Republican party and the Conservatives. Therefore, he picked Palin as his VP. He pleased his party and he panddered those who are to stupid to see it. Saddly, he felt with the help of Palin he would attract female voters. Those female voterS will be blinded by the fact,that Palin will not fight for them. She disagrees with everything women been fighting for. McCain did exactly what he had to do, and it is working. For those women out there, who don’t like what I had to say. The truth hurts. If Palin/McCain win the election, They’re not going to fight for the middle class, or for those people who makes less than $5,000,000. McCain/Palin said nothing about the economy or what their plans are. Why? because they want to divert our attention from the economy, so that we can focus on the female running mate, because thats what matters. We have a female VP. Oh, by the way Palin’s speech was written by Bush’s speech writter.

  28. I am sorry but did you notice who made these comments about Palin? …they were not liberal Dems but conservative Republicans.

  29. I believe now would be a good time to take some history, gov’t and economy classes and how it all works and who was in power in the House and Senate for the past years.

    And don’t forget what brought down the economy and contributted greatly to the high gas prices……
    The Iraq war as a major cause of the instability in the mid east.

  30. Most definitely time for reverse discrimination to change. There is something definitely wrong when a straight A, 4.0 GPA, Mastered prepared Caucasian cannot get accepted to any of 7 PHD schools because they need to fill a quota. Sorry “your name is not Fernandez”. No scholarships if you are not a minority. Having spent 1000.00 on applications,and being the quintessential academic scholar, this is sick. Let everyone stand on their own merit. Our society has gone way overboard. And if No-Bama gets in, well, man…you ain’t seen nothin yet.. Marxism, Socialism here we come…and out I go..expat all the way.

  31. I don’t believe that broadcast ‘accident’ was an accident. Remember when Palin told the press she didn’t need their approval and she wasn’t working for them? Well, this is what you get when you mess with the media. She does deserve it.. but the rest of us can learn from her over-blown, undeserved ego.

  32. Well it’s been nearly a month since you made this post and I wonder if you still think Gov. Palin has what it takes?

  33. Exactly what did you learn during your 21 years in the Army? It obviously didn’t have anything to do with LEADERSHIP & ACCOUNTIBILITY.

    You’re right the President cannot pass a bill by himself, but he can provide the leadership, which is necessary to move both parties to accepting an agenda that he puts forth.

    When you ask the American people to elect you to the highest office this nation has. You’d better be willing to accept everything that comes with the office. As Harry S. Truman once said, “The buck stops here.” Everything that transpires while you’re the President, whether good or bad is your responsibility.

  34. which is exactly why she’s dismissing Falin Palin. I guess you left out the gal with all of the above and a BRAIN because then she would be the one voting for Obama/Biden-knowin if not the country will be run by a circus act of lies. You self proclaimed hockey moms who love Palin need to wake up-we don’t need an unexperienced ninny running this country-we need a leader. Palin-Thanks, but no thanks. OBAMA/BIDEN 2008!!

  35. I don’t know how everybody feels but if I never have to hear that whiny voice of Palin again with her phony “hockey mom and Joe six-pack” crap it will be fine with me! The woman strikes me as being a sociopath. Here are some of the traits of a sociopath. Sound familiar?

    Glibness and Superficial Charm

    Manipulative and Conning

    They never recognize the rights of others and see their self-serving behaviors as permissible. They appear to be charming, yet are covertly hostile and domineering, seeing their victim as merely an instrument to be used. They may dominate and humiliate their victims.

    Grandiose Sense of Self
    Feels entitled to certain things as “their right.”

    Pathological Lying
    Has no problem lying coolly and easily and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful on a consistent basis. Can create, and get caught up in, a complex belief about their own powers and abilities. Extremely convincing and even able to pass lie detector tests.

    I, for one, wouldn’t want to see this misfit end up in the president’s chair! The last 8 years have been bad enough. Give us a president with a brain! Go Obama/Biden

  36. Who’s laughing now? Noonan and Murphy were right all along! They smelled this BS move right from jump street, and so did the rest of America! ROTFLMAO!

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