Biden: Palin’s Silence on the Issues Was Deafening

ImageDemocratic Vice Presidential candidate Joe Biden was on Meet the Press this morning talking about a variety of issues, but most interesting were his thoughts on debating Sarah Palin, and her silence on the issues.

Biden said that he thought Palin would be judged the same way that voters judge other candidates, “She’s going to be judged, I assume, the same way I’m going to be judged. What does she know, what does she think, what’s her record, what’s she going to do? And as I look down the road, that’s how I’ve always debated whoever I’ve debated, including the really tough women I work with, smart women, in the Senate. So I, I, I really don’t view this any differently.”

He also said that he has no idea where she stands on the issues, “I may be surprised here down the road. But, but, you know, I’m just looking forward to debating her. I mean, why–look, she had a great speech. But what was–her silence on the issues was deafening. She didn’t mention a word about healthcare, a word about the environment, a word about the middle class. They never parted her lips. I mean, so I don’t know where she is on those things.”

Democrats have found the weakness in the Sarah Palin selection, and it is on the issues. I think the McCain campaign is making a big mistake here by not letting her face the media. Palin will be sitting down with ABC and Charlie Gibson for an interview this week, but the campaign really needs to get her on the Sunday talk shows to discuss the issues. If she is so weak on issues, that she can’t answer serious questions, then she should not be on the ticket.

They can’t hide her from serious questions for the entire campaign. They should have had her doing national media on the first weekend that she was added to the ticket. The fact that she wasn’t makes me think that there is a serious problem here.

They can’t expect to keep her tucked away safely on the stump until the VP debate. If they do this, Biden will tear her apart in front of the entire nation. If Palin can’t discuss the issues, then she will look out matched against a true expert like BIden. If McCain gets burnt on his Palin gamble, it will likely happen at the VP debate.

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  1. It is a big mistake to let her cool, with a great speech she did, putting her in the closet is a mistake, she will old news by the time she talks to reports. and by the time she talks the voting population will have already made up their minds, good and bad, so any mistakes, missteps and miscues on her part will be seen as a failure on the McChicken’s selection for VP and not a novice’s first time screw up, an oops moment on her part. This will bite McChicken in the ass. Plus it gives time for the Democrats to hit her on policy by the time she counters it way too late. Dumb dumb dumb the dumb beats of a falling Republican party.

  2. Palin had a great speech? Are you kidding me? She didn’t touch on a single issue facing the U.S. nor did she touch on anything of her ability to handle any issue. The only thing I thought after her speech was that she was a spiteful woman slamming others who have good intentions for the multitude of Americans and compares herself to a pitbull with an added touch of lipstick. Pitbulls are notorious for being untrustworthy and what makes you think someone of her inexperience and ilk would be the slightest bit trustworthy? John McCain is an embarrassment to the U.S. now. The ONLY thing he wants is to be the President. This has nothing to do with what he will or won’t do for the U.S. This is ALL about his own ego and for him to choose a candidate solely based on schmoozing the right-wing conservatives and insulting women by choosing a woman solely to console those Hillary supporters who didn’t get their way is traitorous. The man is evil – just LOOK at him. That grin of his makes me shudder and his mean-spirited attacks on intelligent people questioning his contradictions should speak volumes. God help America should this man become President. In four years, every Repbulican will hold their heads down in shame for the destruction they will bring to the multitudes of Americans. Sarah Palin a good choice? Americans have become totally delusional that they can even contemplate such an idea. I hope Biden chews her up and spits on her. The race for the Presidency of the U.S. has become a complete travesty and the WORLD will see it and exploit it.

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