Obama Laughs off Palin’s National Security Experience

ImageDuring his interview on ABC’s This Week program this morning, Obama laughed off the idea that Sarah Palin has more national security experience than he does. He also took the Republicans to task for mocking his time as a community organizer.

They play a segment from McCain’s interview with Charlie Gibson, “Alaska is right next to Russia. She understands that. She’s the commander of the Alaska National Guard. He has no experience on these issues. She has been in charge, and she has had national security as one of her primary responsibilities.”

“I actually knew that Russia was next to Alaska as well. I saw it on a map,” Obama laughed and said. George Stephanopoulos asked Obama if he thought this was a qualification, and he said, “I don’t think it is.” On the topic of her national security experience Obama said, “I know that John McCain was offended or at least his campaign was when she was asked, or somebody from his campaign, what decisions did she make when she headed up the National Guard, and they didn’t have a response.”

“I think that as somebody who served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and passed legislation on critical issues like nuclear proliferation, as somebody who has been working on these issues for long time, and some who selected Joe Biden as vice president who is the Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, I am going to be happy to have a substantive debate with John McCain about foreign policy. This whole resume contest that has been going back and forth is not what the American people are looking for,” Obama said.

He also said he was puzzled by the Republicans mocking of his time as a community organizer, “It’s a real puzzling thing. Understand what I did as a community organizer. When I got out of college as a young person 24, 25 years old, I moved to Chicago and worked with churches who were dealing with steel plants that had closed in their neighborhoods to set up job training programs for the unemployed, and after school programs for youth, and to try deal with asbestos in homes of poor people, community service work, which John McCain has been talking about putting country first and extolling the virtues of national service that’s what I did between the ages of 24 and 27 before I went to law school. I would think that is what we want all young people to do. I would that is an area where Democrats and Republicans agree, so it’s curious to me that they would mock that, when I at least think that’s what young people should be doing.”

Obama said that for folks that are trying to grab the change banner, they have a very traditional view of public service. To them public service is either politics, or serving in the military. This was a very relaxed and happy Barack Obama. Let me interject a little fact here, governors don’t make foreign policy or national security decisions.

Obama has more experience with national security, because he works at the federal level. This is high school civics stuff. The fact that he laughed off the argument that Palin has more experience with national security than he does, proves how ineffective and ridiculous that argument is, which is why the McCain camp has backed off of it.

To me, the Republicans’ mocking of Obama’s public service during the convention, was more evidence that they don’t care or understand the problems of everyday people. Palin was a nice publicity stunt, but she isn’t going to save the Republican Party. The fact that many Republicans are counting on her to do exactly this demonstrates their desperation.

You can watch the full interview here.

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  1. Obama, Biden and McCain was brief by the feds on national intelligence. Palin could not be brief because she does not have national security clearance.

  2. Yeah, that dumb Palin has no national security experience. The National Guard has nothing to do with National Security. Obama articulates this so eloquently.

    Obama will take money from all those greedy, rich, blue-blooded aristocrats and give their money back to the people who deserve it, like me. Obama ’08!

  3. LOLZ. Obama is awesome, Palin could not be brief because she isn’t a man and doesn’t wear briefs! Haha, bitches!

  4. Palin is hidden because much like Dick Cheney she is in a secure undisclosed location. Republicans tend to do this with all of their political liabilities. The fact that they won’t let her face the media says tons about her “experience.”

  5. If Obama was so opposed to the war , why did he bash Hillary for months for voting for it and then choose Biden to run with him?
    Biden voted for the war TOO .Maybe somebody should inform Obama that Hillary’s vote was the same as Bidens. Maybe he isnt aware .

  6. The Bogus Community Organizer Credential
    Posted on September 5th, 2008 by brucetyson.

    One of the more amusing developments arising out of the Republican Convention is the public mocking of Obama’s credential as a “Community Organizer.” Both Rudy and Sarah laid it out for all to see: as a Community Organizer, Obama Hussein did nothing but aggitate people towards dissatisfaction with their lives, their circumstances, and their government. As Malkin debunks the “Community Organizer” moniker via ACORN, the corrupt, criminal, and immoral nature of the “Community Organizer” has come into focus. Before a man who’s experience was as a “Community Organizer” was just a fraud who hadn’t done anything of substance in his life. Sure, that fit’s Obama well. NOW, with more information of what “Community Organizers” with ACORN actually are, we are not only sickened, but we are aware that as more light is shined upon the profession, Obama continues to be confirmed as a criminal, lying, immoral, anti-American exploiter of the poor. Never again will the term “Community Organizer” be used with a straight face.

    Read more over at michellemalkin.com.
    “This is priceless”!!!
    Obama is NOT fit to be President of America!
    Obama was “GIVEN” the nomination by the DNC and his other rats, he didn’t win it!!
    Obama has NO CREDENTIALS, NO RESUME, NO EXPERIENCE, only his undesirable associates, Ayers, Wright, Farrikan, and the Racist Michelle Obama!!

  7. It’s funny how the republicans are mocking the community organizer credentials of Senator Obama. If it weren’t for community organizers and people believing things should be different-the United States wouldn’t be what it is today. Tell all those men, women and children that fought for civil rights and our other rights that community organizers do nothing-this if for blacks, women, gun owners, gays & lesbians… This is how much Gov. Palin thinks of everything this nation stands for-we are just peons in her world.

  8. Where did you get the idea ANYONE should “take money from all those greedy, rich, blue-blooded aristocrats and give their money back to the people who deserve it, like me.”

    Give back? How did the rich end of with “your money” in the first place?

    The people who deserve it? What did you do to ‘deserve it?’
    Did I miss the point? Was this supposed to be sarcasm? A parody?

  9. Another empty head who has to reach back to the 18th century and use the word Aristocrats to describe anyone who happens to have enjoyed the fruits of their hard labor. Becoming successful is NOT a sign of greed. Posturing for “Global Warming” while you make tons of money from a “Carbon Credit” bogus company (like Al Gore does) now THAT’S greed.

  10. The GOP’s mockery of community organizers is patronizing and ignorant. That’s because people in this capacity have their figurative hands on the pulse of their neighborhoods and are useful in problem-solving. Community organizers have included women in MADD, people in the civil rights movement, the women’s movement, and the lobbying for clean air and water, as well as food inspection.
    I guess they forgot or chose to overlook the fact the GOP representative Joseph Cao of Louisiana was a community organizer himself before being elected.

    In any case, I’m glad President Obama has the good sense of humor needed to laugh off the nonsensical idea that a state governor would have more national security experience than a president or a senator with expertise in that area. What’s even sillier are those who insist, 18 months into his presidency, that he has no experience while Palin’s half-term as governor of a sparsely populated state somehow gives her that expertise. The same people who harp on his associations with Rev. Wright
    (long severed) or William Ayers (tenuous) turn a blind eye to the fact that Palin’s husband was a member of the secessionist Alaska Independence Party and that Palin has spoken at their meetings at least twice.

    While the GOP may benefit in the short term from this idiocy, they run the risk of eventually digging a hole for themselves that they may not be able to climb out of.
    Their embrace of the Tea Party, with its extremism, is creating a dilemma for them.
    And Palin, with all her supposed “experience” is indeed turning out to be a liability.

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