Palin Tried to Bluff Her Way Through the Bush Doctrine

ImageIn her first solo network television interview Sarah Palin appeared clueless when asked about the Bush Doctrine by ABC’s Charlie Gibson. When Palin was asked about the Bush Doctrine, she appeared not to know what it was.

Here is the video:

Palin had to ask what respect of the Bush Doctrine Gibson was talking about, then went off the rails with this riff, “I believe that what President Bush has attempted to do is rid this world of Islamic extremism. Terrorists who are hellbent on destroying our nation. There have been blunders along the way, though, there have been mistakes made. And with new leadership- and that’s the beauty of American elections of course and of democracy- is with new leadership comes opportunity to do things better.”

Gibson with his succinct answer proved himself more prepared to be vice president than the Republican nominee. Could somebody please tell me how a Republican running for vice president does not know what the Bush Doctrine is? Nobody should expect her to be an expert, but this is the fundamental tenant of the foreign policy of the United States for the past 6 years.

Palin looked like a kid taking an oral exam who was trying to bluff her way through a question. She had no idea, but she guessed that it had something to do with terrorism, so she veered off in that direction. I guess Republicans can flush those commercials touting Sarah Palin’s national security experience down the drain. I now understand why the McCain campaign keeps her hidden. She doesn’t know anything.

She is pretty much what one would expect. She seems to be a political talent, but
an absolute novice on the national stage, and a blank slate on the issues. The McCain campaign has a whole lot of work to do if they are going to get her ready to debate Joe Biden. Maybe, she can just repeat part of her stump speech as an answer to every question during the debate. I don’t fault Palin because if I was an obscure governor, I would jump at the chance to run for vice president too, but she isn’t ready, and there is too much time left in the campaign for her to bluff her way through it.

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  1. What is cracking me up is how many people are saying in her defense “well I didn’t know what the Bush Doctine was either.” Well THEY aren’t running for VP!

  2. That is exactly correct Carol. How can someone who is running for vice president not know the foreign policy of the current president, who is also a member of her OWN PARTY!! That blows my mind.

  3. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!

    Wow, this is the “awesome, qualified, heartbeat away from the Oval Office” Sarah Palin?! My god! She’s more green than baby Shrek! Did anyone else notice how uncomfortable she looked from the get go? She looks like some of my students sound in essays–trying to be more intelligent than in actuality!

    Gotta love the total Bush tactic of the “run around.” I think she said about 7000 words but never addressed the Bush Doctrine.

    I give Charlie Gibson props for two things:

    1. “As I understand the Bush Doctrine…” trying to be as nice and polite as possible without saying, “lady, you’re a dumb ass, so let me clue you in…”

    2. “I’m getting lost in this blizzard of words.” LOL!

    I can’t wait to see how the crazy, neocon, Christian fundamentalist Republicans try to defend her interview. Come on guys, don’t let me down now…flame this article and flame my comments! Try, as best as you can, to spin this total crap she just spewed. And then sit back and watch the rest of the world laugh at your sorry asses!!

    Here, let me give you a hand in starting the non sequitur, BS attacks…


  4. Even I knew what the Bush Doctrin was since Bush used this to get us into the War when all of our Allies were wanting us to wait and proceed with caution. Thus Bush’s justification for the Attack on a country that had not attacked us first.

    And I have never been a Mayor, A Governor, A Community Organizer (Opps doesn’t count), just a bookkeeper in rural Missouri with a Psychology Degree.

    I figured this lady out the first time I saw her and believe it our first instincts were right. A good speech does not a good VP make.

  5. Question: What are Republicans?
    Answer: The Party that wrecked America.

    How scary that this is the end of 30 years of Republican controlled government.

  6. WHAT?! How dare Charlie Gibson ask the Messiah Sarah Palin if she knows what the Bush Doctrine is?

    That is pure sexism from a member of the liberal and elite media!!

    What does it matter if she knows what the Bush Doctrine is? Or anything about foreign policy? Or domestic policy? Did he say something about lipstick? I know he must have!!!!

    Really, asking Gov. Palin questions about foreign policy that she clearly could not answer shows the blatant partisanship of the media!

  7. Biden would have called him a Scottish bastard. Obama would have said “Now, Charlie, we both agree on the fact that this doctrine is Bush’s, but do we agree with what it stands for?”. McCain would have laughed, said, “Well, yes. I think it is important to stand up to the terrorist of this world, even if no one else will. We as Americans surely believe this?”.

    Palin has no FP experience (she will learn fast, now), Biden no FP experience (I think he walks backwards), and Obama no FP experience (Please, remove the flower from behind your ear) McCain has FP experience (He poses the biggest threat to our enemies).

    McCain wins this issue. I just don’t understand why this topic is continued? There is no “Jack in the box” for either party? Strange? If this is all we got as Americans, the choice is getting smaller, and smaller. He also isn’t getting any “grayer”?

  8. Obama better have this interview in a campaign commerical by tomorrow! Of course, the GOP is going to keep claiming that the media is being mean to her and that Obama’s campaign is being sexist. She is going to look like a fool in the debate. All the prepping in the world isn’t going to help her. She is completely hopeless!

  9. You could put a monkey on a box eating peanuts against that moron? Watch that clip again. Now imagine it is Biden. Where is Hillary when you need her?

  10. I thought she was great, but then she started answering questions. She sure fooled me! What a mess! Now who do I vote for?

  11. I have heard for so many years about the “Radicals” in the left wing. What a crock! The only Radicals are the ones who picked out Mrs. Palin.

    Immoral, deceiving, radicals.

  12. duhhhhhhhh — I think Gibson was being extremely fair to her, trying to help her out when it was OBVIOUS she doesn’t have a clue what the heck any “Bush Doctrine” is.

    She probably thought it was some kind of college prank he pulled.
    She probably thinks it’s something to do with bush pilots in alaska.
    She’s probably just happy as sh*t that “bush” didn’t also have the words “pig” and “lipstick” added.

    She’s a whacko cuckoo IGNORANT idiot nut-job.

    Yeah, bring her on. Someone ought to tell her to stay home and (finally, properly) take care of her children. And her asshole husband, who by the way, ought to be investigated for sexual intimidation….

  13. Ever four years the right wing figures out a way to steal the elections that Dems give away. This years version is they needed a way to get the far right somehow to back McCain and here come Sarah. They figure that if they can get most of Bush’s votes they will win. Somewhere between 10 & 20% of the democrats will not vote for a black man and then we get stuck for four more years of the same crap! I hope I’m wrong but we’re going to get a good snapshot of where or country is in November and I’m afraid the picture will be in Black & White! Do everything possible to defeat the Morons because the economy won’t make it four more years.

  14. You do know that Biden is the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee in the Senate, right? So it is a little disingenuous to say that he has no foreign policy experience.

  15. Got IQ?,

    How fitting that your tag name is “got iq?” because frankly, that’s a question you need to be asking yourself.

    Joe Biden is the chair of the senate’s foreign relations committee and has been for quite some time. Obama serves on this committee.

    Got any IQ, “Got IQ?”?

  16. Biden is also a plagiarist both at school and during his senate years (remember he quit his presidential bid in 1987 because he was copying somebody’s words and not acknowledging it. He is lying below the radar to avoid this confrontation or the left will simply ignore him since they all belong together anyway.Obama should have picked Hillary as his VP, but his ego is as big as his ears, he would not listen to those 18 millions cracks.Foreign Policy for VPs are attending funerals and dinner invites,maybe Palin can do more but Obama is slamming her like he is running for the VP not the Potus part.

  17. Charles Gibson is a condescending leftist snoot who is always ready to slam Palin a “got ya” tactic. He made up that very vague, ambiguos Bush doctrine got ya question and every body who knows history knows that : Pre-emptive strike is an all American military standard MO going back to World Ward II, when Roosevelt bombed Hiroshima after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and killed over 3000 lives(soldiers). Palin gave the right answers. You know if this world is ruled by women (not men), there will be no wars, there will be a lot of bitches, but of course the ruling woman of the highest order only wears the most unique lipstick, go go boots and an ak 47 on the side. Go did not even know this doctrine before you heard it from Gibson,your comments speaks how ignorant you are.Whats killing the left is Hillary lost her presidential bid by virtue of her own greed and stupidity of the DNC and HC to agreeing to let go of Florida & Michigan.She could have won and she and Palin could have even out the campaign. I am really getting tired of these culture wars and the long 18 month election. Let NOV 4 come along, so McCain and Palin can kick all your leftist rear-ends.hahahahah

  18. I always read this “how scary” comments from all the leftist bloggers. This is all Obama’s doing..he mentioned the s word a few times ..don’t let the conservatives scare you.. which means that the right are winning and will have another 8 years or republican reign..thats scary to the left brain. Of course Obama will never scare you away, he promised everything under the sun that can make you feel a lot better. Since when did any President or for that matter..get back to Bill Clinton..really, really changed every American life..hello wake up..and go to work..if you had a raise, bought a house,bought a car..did you thank Clinton for that ,,or you thank yourself, your mom, your boss or thank God you won the lottery. The only one who can help yourself is you..not Obama or McCain.Oh people say I like Obama because he likes the poor..ya welfare recepients..Bush did not stop your monthly checks ..did he. If the taxpayers had a choice those welfare checks has got to stop.

  19. What ‘experience’ means to me is that I can see your decision and its consequences. That suggests that you were the final signature, where the buck stopped.
    I would offer that neither Joe Biden, John Mc Cain
    nor Barack Obama have EVER had that behavior. Sister Sarah has more experience than the three, combined. That is essentially what Wesley Clark said about candidate Mc Cain-no experience. What Biden has is seniority. Obama has neither.

    The WINNER IS SISTER SARAH, in a romp!!!

  20. …the single dumbest comment I have seen on here. You are essentially saying that no person in the House or Senate has ever done anything of consequence and the only people that matter are those in the Executive branch of our government, whether it be federal or state.

    Yep, SISTER SARAH, the epitome of foreign policy experience!

  21. You bastards wouldn’t know what it is either.
    What does it matter? McCain and Palin WILL have their own “doctrine” as you call it, and stick to it.

    Sure, Bush has made mistakes, but I can only hope and pray that America doesn’t have to suffer under Obama for 4 years…

  22. ….have a point, other than to show that the poster is a mongoloid? Even if I didn’t know what the Bush Doctrine was (which, of course, I do) shouldn’t the GOP’s VP candidate know what it is? And what is the point of saying that they will have their own ‘doctrine’ when they get elected? If you don’t know anything, just create your own and that fixes everything. Somehow, it doesn’t shock me that the poster of this comment went by Anonymous.

  23. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!! What an idiot this women is. Can you imagine if she became president!?!??!?!? Thank god for Obama he is saving our nation from peril once again :-)

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