Senator McCain You Can’t Run Away From Your Own Record

ImageBarack Obama continued his relentless assault directed at John McCain’s remarks about the economy tonight in Peublo, Colorado.

Obama has pounced on McCain for repeating earlier today that he believes that the fundamentals of the American economy are strong. After he caught seven shades of hell for saying this, he clarified that what he really meant to say was that American workers are the backbone of our economy. This led Obama to reply, “Now come on, Senator McCain. We know you meant what you said the first time because you’ve said it before. And your chief economic advisor – the man who wrote your economic plan – said that we’re in a “mental recession;” that this is all in our heads; that we’re a nation of whiners.”

“I think it’s good that Senator McCain is celebrating the American worker today. But it would have been nice if he stood up for them over the last twenty-six years. It would’ve been nice if he didn’t vote against the minimum wage nineteen times; or if he didn’t vote to privatize Social Security and hand it over to Wall Street…It would be nice if he had a plan to lower the health care costs of American workers – or get them any health care at all; and if he had championed a single plan to make college more affordable,” Obama continued.

Obama told McCain that he can’t run away from his record, “Senator McCain – you can’t run away from your words or your record. When it comes to this economy, you’ve stood firmly with George Bush and a failed economic theory, and what you’re offering the American people is more of the same.” It seems that John McCain feels otherwise when it comes to his record because he is doing everything in his power to run away from it as fast as he can.

McCain doesn’t offer any answers when it comes to the economy. When he is asked about it, all he does is mumble the same tried and flawed Republican theories that got us into this mess in the first place. McCain might have been able to get away with this statement, if this was the first time that he had stated his belief in the strength of the economy, but this wasn’t the first time that he has said this, or even the second, or third. However if McCain really believes that the economy is so good, why is trying so hard to avoid talking about it?

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