McCain Advisor Claims That McCain Invented the Blackberry

ImageToday in response to a question about what McCain’s work on the Senate Commerce Committee did to help him understand the financial markets economic advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin claimed that John McCain helped create the Blackberry, which seems to be quite an accomplishment for a man who can’t use the Internet.

In response to a question about the financial markets, Holtz-Eakin held up his Blackberry and answered, “He did this. Telecommunications of the United States is a premier innovation in the past 15 years, comes right through the Commerce committee so you’re looking at the miracle John McCain helped create and that’s what he did.”

Bill Burton of the Obama campaign pointed out that this isn’t even the worst thing that McCain has said all week, “If John McCain hadn’t said that ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ on the day of one of our nation’s worst financial crises, the claim that he invented the BlackBerry would have been the most preposterous thing said all week.”

This is hysterical. Al Gore was abused and distorted by the right wing in 2000, for his comments about the Internet, but Gore understands and uses the technology. The basis for Holtz-Eakin’s answer seems to be that since the Blackberry is a tool used in commerce, and the selling of it is a form of commerce, then McCain helped create it. Wow, this makes no sense. On the scale of McCain lies and distortions, this one flies straight to the top.

John McCain is apparently some sort of technology idiot savant. He creates devices that he has no idea how to use. I would just like to remind everybody one more time that the question was about McCain’s knowledge of financial markets. Holtz-Eakin never answered the question, so we can assume that McCain doesn’t know anything about the financial markets either.

The only question I can see between Blackberries and the financial markets is that there were thousands of people who discovered that they were wiped out yesterday on their Blackberries. The McCain campaign has taken their lying to a whole new level. They have gone from lying about the issues to lying about McCain’s accomplishments. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what other technologies that John McCain has created. My guess is that by Friday the campaign will say that he created the iPod.

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  1. It’s apparent that Mr. Easley is a supporter of Obama. I’m sure that if Obama gets elected, gay marriages will be recognized in all 50 states and every law abiding citizen who owns a gun will no longer have that right and be defensless against attacks from criminals with guns. ATTENTION ALL GUN OWNERS: VOTING FOR OBAMA IS LIKE CHICKENS VOTING FOR COL. SANDERS!!!

  2. who wrote this? the guy who you are quoting didnt say anything like your headline. did you even read your own “article”? how the hell am i supposed to take anything you write seriously? if you want to write a slanted peice thats fine, but this is taking it a bit far.
    an yes, Holtz-Eakin did answer the question, but you obviously were too stupid to hear it. or worse, you did and decided to ignore it.

  3. This ‘article’ is nothing but claptrap and nonsense.

    The headline is not supported by the content, and the ‘claim’ is nothing of the sort.

    Talk about starting an argument for the sake of an argument!

    I am still undecided in the upcoming election, but the reactionary and often deluded Obama supporters are NOT helping his case.

  4. People like to make fun of McCains disabilities, apparently. John has permanent nerve damage from the things that happened in his long years in Viet Nam–the broken arms etc. Nerve damage makes it difficult for him to PERSONALLY use the keyboard. I’m happy that he has aides to do the actual work. Also Cindy.

    As someone that also suffers nerve damage, I know how painful this can become.

    It’s quite a come down when people trash someone based on their physical disabilities. Or is it simply ignorance?

  5. Headline: Jason Easley Never Went to Elementary School

    Quote: “The only question I can see between Blackberries and the financial markets is that there were thousands of people who discovered that they were wiped out yesterday on their Blackberries.”~ (That’s a connection, not a question.)

    Journalist Jason Easley has never attended grammar school, according to comments contained in a poorly written article, in which he blasts a McCain spokesperson for giving a legitimate answer when asked about McCain’s accomplishments.
    “A question ends with a question mark,” says third grade student LaFonda Willingham. The obvious lack of education is further evidenced by Easley’s misunderstanding of the answer given by Holtz-Eakin. According to sources, Easley had “a rough time” with second grade language arts.
    “He would make cute designs on the scan-tron sheets,” says former teacher Janis Duvoe. When reached for comment, Easley asserted firmly, “I like turtles.”

  6. Well it seems that Mr. Easley is head of the curve again. This article, which you all question the content so cleverly, went national last night (he posted hours before). In addition, everyone else had the same thoughts McChicken invented the Blackberry. Oh, how I know it must hurt you money-sucking neo-cons to realize that you have no issues to run on, so you run on lies and misstatements. So to all of you, Al Gore did not invent the Internet and McChicken DID NOT invent the Blackberry even though his staff said he did, hell McChicken can’t even use one, he can’t even use a computer, I wonder if he can use a remote control, no it’s way to complicated for the OLD MAN.
    Palin the PIG, and McChicken that the ticket you really want to see.

  7. I have been in this business long enough to know an attack campaign when I see one. The article isn’t supported with any facts? That’s interesting to know, being that that I QUOTED McCain’s advisor’s comments. Please tell where the comments say that McCain didn’t create the Blackberry? That’s right, they don’t. Notice, that the above comments. have no facts to support their claims, so they try to shout me down with insults. As I said above this isn’t my first rodeo, so if you think for a second that your remarks will deter me, you are sadly wrong.

    Keep getting mad though, this is good fun.

  8. Where did the advisor answer the question about financial markets? He answered by claiming that McCain helped create the Blackberry. What does this have to do with financial markets? If you believe that this was an answer then you really are dumb enough to be a Republican.

  9. If McCain is too disabled, then why did he admit that he is learning to use a computer? Even if he physically could not use a computer, which he can, as a United States Senator, he should know how one works. Stop projecting your disabilty on to others, it gives those of us with disabilites a bad name.

  10. Headline: Jeff The Ass Clown

    Jeff The Ass Clown is so mentally challenged that he actually sees things where they aren’t. His education consists of many smiley stickers on his little yellow helmet. It took him a day to think of his comment above, so let’s all give little Jeffy a big hand for being so witty.

    It is nice to read that Jeff believes that there was an answer there. Interestingly enough, he would rather launch into a childish attack against me, then share with all of us what this answer was.

    Jeff is a fine example of what being overly partisan does to a person. It makes them look and sound retarded. Jeff, I have more education in political science and public policy than you and everyone you know combined. I have also been covering campaigns long enough to know bullshit when hear it, and what you are spreading all over my site is BS. The stench is terrible. Jeff when you decide to turn off Fox News/Hannity and Rush, and have a serious debate on the issues, come back and find me, but being that you are incapable of debating the issues, discussing the issues with me would only serve to make you so angry that your heart would explode, which would do society a favor by reducing the moron gene pool by one.

    Insults may work to shout down people on talk radio, but that dog won’t hunt here. Your comments make you sound pathetic and mentally disabled. So please keep drinking the McKool-Aid. Keep hoping that Sarah Palin is the savior of your hopeless and clueless party, and most of keep visiting Politicususa.

  11. Funny thing – ANY criticism of McCain and he and his crew all fall back on 1 or 2 things: He was a war hero; he was tortured as a prisoner of war.

    Really – my hat’s off to the extent that’s true, and to that extent I really do sympathize or what. My own family had a few heroes – at least purple hearts.

    But there is a bitter twist re: the Prisoner of War experience. Sometimes injuries aren’t only physical. Sometimes physical injuries or illness bring about other types of health problems later on.
    If you see where I am going with this . ..

    I mean, I remember seeing him speak and mention “President Putin of Germany”

    And I am a little concerned about the Computer business: 1) I would have to know that McCain cannot write with a pen and/or that he can write with a pen but cannot use a keyboard. While I can understand certain circumstances where that might be true, they would be a bit unusual . . .

    In other words, was McCain’s failure with computers due to ONLY physical difficulties, or is there is something more to it?

    Thing is, at what point do physical injuries and war heroism cover up for failures and incompetence? At what point do past deeds blind us to present realities?

    Is John McCain functioning well enough, at this time, to competently serve as President of the United States? And, if he should be elected and if the answer should turn out “No” – would “President Palin” be in the least bit competent to serve?

    The thought is beyond our “worst nightmare.”

  12. Headline: Blogger Has Fit That Comments Are Funny

    Dearest Mr. Easley,

    I am so sorry that I hurt your feelings in my news report. My intent was not at all to launch a personal attack against you or your fine website. Please allow me to explain myself…

    As an ass clown, I have trouble distinguishing between facts and opinions. You, surely, can relate. Here are some tips that have helped me, and they will surely help you as well:

    First, anything from Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity, Al Franken, or Politicususa should be considered opinion, and rarely, if ever, taken seriously.

    Second, one person’s dogma is another person’s extremist enemy. I’m sure that the Obama campaign pays you well to represent it’s interests, but for all of the Jason Easley’s in the blogosphere, there are plenty of McCain extremists.

    I could have selected any of your articles to make my point. Most of them take a little, insignificant, factoid and grow it into a full-blown scandal, similar to my original news report about your typo.

    Third, always remember that the first step to dealing with ass-monkeyhood, is admitting that you are, indeed an ass monkey.

    Your Friend, Jeff The Man

  13. Great riposte – he IS learning to use a computer? So his camp IS falling back on POW and Torture experience to hide his reactionary rootedness in the idealism of the “good old days?” His signing up as a computer science major should be heralded by all as a “sign of the times,” so to speak – a sign that McCain has yet AGAIN “changed” (as he had changed before INTO an Advocate for Change).

    I think there is much, much more than meets the eyes. The American Idol (name of Palin) is just one of the camouflages and distractions.

    Will people finally see and understand the M-P ticket for what it really is? At least, before it’s too late?

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