McCain Campaign Shocked by the Hacking of Palin’s Email Account

ImageIt seems that the savior of the Republican Party, Sarah Palin was stupid enough to actually still be using her personal Yahoo email account, and she got herself hacked. This led to shock and outrage by the McCain campaign over the invasion of the potential vice president’s privacy.

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis said, “This is a shocking invasion of the Governor’s privacy and a violation of law. The matter has been turned over to the appropriate authorities and we hope that anyone in possession of these emails will destroy them. We will have no further comment.” Before I get into the politics of this I think we all can agree that no one should have their personal email account hacked, and that it is an invasion of privacy. That being said, why in the heck was a sitting governor using a public email service like Yahoo, when she has an official secure email account with the state?

Any public figure who takes the security risk of using an unsecure email service is asking to be hacked. It is a symptom of how out of touch the McCain campaign truly is, if they are shocked at all by this development, especially with the trooper gate investigation going on and a lot of curious eyes on Palin and her email. At very best, she was using her email account for personal reasons, and having said email posted all over the Internet will only cause personal embarrassment. At worst, there is something in that account that could harm the campaign.

Either way, both Palin and the McCain campaign should have known better. If Palin didn’t know better, then somebody with the McCain campaign should have closed down her Yahoo account as soon as she became his running mate, but if the McCain campaign isn’t even organized enough to keep Palin’s email out of public hands, how can they be trusted with actual state secrets?

It is only Wednesday and this week has been a disaster for McCain. His bounce is gone, the buzz around his running mate has been knocked off the front pages, and he has advisors claiming that he helped create the Blackberry. The last thing they needed was Palin’s private email being displayed all over the Internet. McCain likes to tout his experience, but Obama is running the tighter campaign. If his campaign is any indication of his governing style, a President McCain might cause America to yearn for the good old days of George W. Bush

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  1. As an Information Assurance student I can attest to the ease of getting ones hands on other people’s emails. While this is a serious breach of security, the question begs to be asked why use Yahoo? As a governor of a state she has access to secure email, from her state servers over a VPN. The only thing that should be on a Yahoo account is her personal messages. If she used her Yahoo account for state activities then not only shame on her, but she should face sanctions against her, as well.
    In this day and age of cyber crime it show just how far behind the curve she really is, and with McCain not knowing how to use a computer keeps me up at nights. Around 4 weeks ago China hacked into the Pennsylvania’s database the state had to shut it down for half a day.
    If McCain and Palin get into the Whitehouse cyber terrorism could grow at a rapid rate. The people who hacked into her account should be found and punished, no doubt about that, but Palin herself needs to be punished as well. She simply should have known better. Anyone that disagrees with me does not understand that security comes from within first.
    There is no point in have the world’s most secure server it stands out in the open in time square and there is no need to secure anything if no one will use those secure channels given to them. Shame on those hackers (Crackers) and double Shame on Sara Palin!

  2. Think! This has got to be a Rove-Machiavellian maneuver. It serves the Republicans well because:

    1. It creates bad press for liberals because everyone will assume the “anonymous activists” were left-wingers.

    2. It results in the release of a few innocent emails and cute baby pictures to make Palin look good.

    3. It settles any intense desire of the public to know what Palin is hiding in her emails. The emails will quickly become “old news” and further, the public will shy away from seeking these PUBLIC records now, for fear of complicity with the hackers.

    4. It conveniently causes the loss of almost all of the emails via some hasty password changes, and therefore gives a lovely excuse to the court for their disappearance.

    5. It gives McCain a new complaint to whine about.

    6. It distracts the public from recent gaffes of McCain and chaos on Wall Street.

  3. Even over and above the problems with using personal e-mail accounts for professional purposes. As a benefit of the doubt I say that she didn’t know any better. But hey if she doesn’t know any better should she be the #2 in this country. Hmm???

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