New Obama Ad Uses McCain’s Debate Performance against Him

ImageIn a new ad the presidential campaign of Barack Obama jumped all over the idea that John McCain did not mention the middle class once while talking about the economy last night. This ad is a solid indication that the Obama people believe that they had a good night at the debate.

Here is the ad:

The devastating part of this ad is this, “The fundamentals of the economy have to be measured by whether or not the middle class is getting a fair shake…And when you look at your tax policies…you are neglecting people who are really struggling right now. I think that is a continuation of the last eight years, and we can’t afford another four.” In a quick sound bite, the ad manages to hit all of Obama’s themes. The economy, change, and the middle class are all mentioned.

The Obama campaign has married John McCain to the past, and the economy to change. In contrast, John McCain’s new ad talks about Obama playing politics by voting against troop funding. While the Congress, the president, and the Democratic presidential candidate are focused on the economy, John McCain is still stuck in Iraq. The country has moved on from the issue of the war, but John McCain has not.

For two weeks now, McCain has looked like an out of synch candidate. Obama is the issue driven candidate, but McCain was able to stay close because he was able to keep attention off of the economy. The financial crisis put the economy front and center and the McCain campaign collapsed. The Republican had a chance to change the momentum of the race last night, and he failed. McCain wants to run a campaign based on foreign policy and experience in a year dominated by the economy and change. This is a recipe for defeat.

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  1. What I don’t get, is how so many Republicans are saying that McCain is the better vote because of his experience! What if something were to happen to him if he becomes president? We would have VP in office who knows nothing about foreign affairs, or the Iraq War! I am all for having a female president, but not one who is clueless about our nation…..

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    I totally agree with you. The truth is that McCain IS really an all out liar. He lied about the war and he especially lied about his support of veterans. What he said towards the end of the debate about veterans is a complete and total lie. He has a 20% “approval” rate compared to Obama who has an 80% approval rate with veteran support and his is not even a veteran.

    I think there are certain aspects of McCains character that wishes to do good and feels that he is….gosh we ALL feel that way about our lives. That is a human desire thank goodness for most of us. But often we are blind to where we do harm….serious harm.

    But I will believe a man who lives in ONE house (Obama), before I will believe a man who is worth 150 MILLION, left his previous wife to marry his mistress (Cindy McCain) and owns 12 HOUSES! (These are known facts that are documented on paper..not just the internet)

    I will also be more inclined to believe and trust a man who has run his campaign involving the American people (all of us willing to get involved and be accountable) like Obama has….where campaign funds have come from Americans donating $50.00 or LESS and not from lobbyists and special interest groups.

    Obama cannot be bought or sold!

    McCain was bought and sold a long time ago.

    I DO not believe in the whole Democratics are good and Republicans are bad.

    But I do believe in the power of one person, a good person with a fantastic vision for our FUTURE….and not just keeping with the same pattern over and over and then expecting different results.

    If we want to really step up and evolve as a human race and be part of the global community (again) then we must be able to recognize the extraordinary opportunity to rise about war and poverty and ignorance (which we have plenty of)…take a stand and get busy actually being the great human beings we think we are.

    Then we shall deserve peace and prosperity.
    But we must make the change and rise above.

  3. Obama did mention on a few occasions ” … that’s not true …” but on at least 10 occasions that I counted, probably more, Obama led off ” … you’re right John ..”. Obama was aloof at best and continually looked for help from Jim to hopefully change the subject, etc. There was no clear “winner” so to speak but it was the American people that actually won by seeing Obama for what he really is, a mynah bird that only knows how to repeat what he’s been told to say and when it comes time to actually come up with an original idea he fumbles and mumbles and looks for a quick out to change the subject.

  4. Alaska borders Russia and Canada, how much more foreign affair experience do you want? And besides, Palin has already traveled and met with some foreign leaders in the past few weeks on sort of an introductory tour. And besides, it’s not the President that “runs” the country, it’s the democratic controlled congress, senate and the news media. What better ambassador than a woman like Palin. Or would you rather have Hillary … ugh!!

  5. Well, bordering with Russia and Canada doesn’t constitute “foreign affairs” experience but dealing with Russia as a neighbor and engaging in trade missions with them as so well documented regarding Palin, is a huge plus. Canadians are well known for border crossings to deal with their border states, Alaska being one of ’em .. and vice-versa. No, Palin has no experience with Iraq, Iran and the rest of the religious fanatic Middle East but even those that do are constantly hitting against the proverbial brick wall. You think Biden can do better as a VP? I doubt it. He does have more overseas experience but how many leaders has he met and sat down with to discuss the afairs of state.

  6. Since Biden is the head of the NATO oversight committee in the senate, I think he has so much more direct foreign relation negotiations experience. He just returned from talks with the government of Georgia. If you search online you can see a list of heads of state he has meetings with, a recent list was submitted to prove his experience. It is not meet and greet Palin talks but real substance. Palin calls Henry Kissenger naive after meeting with him. Pretty grim response to a man with so much foreign policy credentials.

  7. The more the media and talk-show-hosts trash Sarah Palin and try to bring her down, the more I am determined to vote for McCain/Palin..I am an Independent,MD working for military,making sure our brave young men/women are in good physical and mental health before they join Services.They make huge sacrifice,not knowing if they ever will come back alive or in one piece and I know historically,except for JFK, Dems are less sympathetic to Military families..Obama says he will attack Pakistan..If he does, Pakistan will attack India.can you imagine 2 nuclear nations widening conflict.It is like fish jumping from frying pan onto hot stove !

  8. “John your right”, ” Senator McCain is absolutely right” as per Obama. It sounds like Obama is getting all ideas from McCain and trying to elavorate everything and add a little spices.

    Also, McCain address Obama respectfully and professionally as Senator Obama, while Obama address McCain as John. What a disresprectful guy he was the way he disrespect people buy saying “clinging to guns and religion”.

  9. The only reason Obama appears to be telling the truth
    is that he has learned to be a good actor. The very next day, one of the comments that Obama INSISTED was true, about Henry Kissinger saying to approach negotiations with the Iranian leader without Pre-existing conditions, was absolutly false…Kissinger the very next day publicly said that he would have NEVER had made that comment and that McCain was correct. That is what is so scary about Obama, he
    acts like a trial lawyer in all his actions and he is able to mesmerize people who take him at his word.
    I am terrified of the safty of our nation in his hands, with the radical laisons he has allied himself
    and we all hopefully know who they are by now, if not PLEASE do your homework. If he gets in we will have perhaps better social structure but lose the country to our enemies because we will be so weakened. As far as taxes for those over $250,000, count that as a pipe dream it will be $25,0000 mark my words. I would rather bet on someone who has a proven 30 year record of doing what he said, than someone who has a six year record of saying what he wanted to do but is more interested in campaigning. By the way, what was that Website that
    verified voting record that John McCain mentioned in his speech? I have done my homework with other congressional documentations but did not have that one. P.S. I haven’t found a veteran yet who did not have faith in McCain. I am from Chicago, home of Resco another Obama backer, and I know how dirty politics can be here.

  10. Obama is nothing more than a American Idol made up product of the new’s media. if it wasent for the media Obama would have been thrown off the stage months ago. they ” the media” have sucked the people in for years, and what they have done by “creating” Obama just proves they have accomplished. most people have no idea “who” Obama even is, only what the new’s media has created him to be. time is short people, put a little effort into what we have left of our once great nation. research what is left “hasent been pulled” on the web about Obama. he is “NOT” what he or the media protrays him to be. talk is and will forever be cheap, facts tell you everything you need to know.

  11. Have you read ” Dreams of my Father” or Audacity of Hope” both by Obama? I have. Talk about Narcissistic! He is haunted with the thought of who he really is. I have to say he uses the I word profusely in all his speeches. Being in sales, I recognize all the SALES stratagies he is using when he does talk about the little guy, or the middle class. He is a great salesman, and that is exactly what we are getting, A great sales job. He is smooth but I would rather hear the comforting and humanizing stories that McCain tells, he reminds me of my father also, a veteran and that is the way they convey experiences, we have lost that human quality in this text message world. Do you think for a moment that Obama does not have reems of advisors and radical liasons that are helping him bring us to a more SOCILIZED world? We will have many social programs in place to help his infamous “middle class” when our enemies take us over. A one word explaination of Obama is Glib and that rhymes with Fib’

  12. Have you investigated the voting record of Biden? It is scary. Talk about Pac money he really padded his coffers. Have you heard him in his speeches? Not one or two, but Literally dozens of Big fatal mistakes in his facts, it would be laughable if He was not running for Vice President. Could you see him in serious discussions with world leaders and he came up with some of the things He has said recently? After 30 plus years of being a politician you would think he would have a better grasp of things. He has goofed more than Palin and she is new. Perhaps he is losing it.
    Just a thought, what if something happened to Obama, he is a smoker,and his Mother died young, Biden would be President and he has had two aneurysms,if he passed, that would leave Pelosi president. Just a thought.

  13. Dude, I totally agree with you!! Mccain was being a twisted psycopath who was trying to turn the truth into somethhing sour!!!!!!! OBAMA for the win!!!!!!!! I trust Obama with his foreign policies. And Mccain, forget about him!!!! yes, I heard Mr. Obama say that a ton of times.

  14. Sen.Obama revealed himself to be a person with respect, humility, and compassion by acknowledging agreement with Sen. McCain and giving him eye-contact at different points of reference. These are attributes of a strong leader. Whereas, McCain appeared to have played mind games by avoiding Obama… giving him NO eye-contact. How can you speak “to” someone and not look at them? In addition, he kept criticizing Obama, calling him “naive”. These do not reflect positivity in a leader. An strong leader disagrees without being disagreeable and ALWAYS but ALWAYS is humble and compassionate. I did not observe these traits in Sen. McCain. How about you?

  15. NOBODY is talking about attacking the country of Pakistan.

    What they were refering to during the debate are cross- border raids aimed at the terrorist camps close to the Afghan border. You know, where we think Bin Laden is. Pakistan is our ally which unfortunately seems to mean little more than we give them alot of money in hopes that they will help rid their own country of the terrorists. They aren’t getting it done.

    So our troops apparantly have been either going or “shooting” into Pakistan. (I guess ol’ George Bush hopes to, before he leaves office, keep his promise to America that we would find and kill Bin Laden.) The Pakistani government is complaing about our activities, at least officially. We would too if there was a terrorist camp in Texas and the Mexican army came and blew it up. But here that wouldn’t be necessary because somebody could just call the FBI and we would take care of it. But Pakistan isn’t taking care of it. They complain because they have to but that wasn’t enough to save the lives of those 53 dead innocents when the terrorists expressed their opinion by means of a truck bomb.

    Maybe the Pakistanis are double dealing, taking just as much money from Bin Laden not to go after him. Or maybe all the Pakistani officials are worried about their own children or grandchildren becoming targets. I don’t know what the Pakistani government is saying to our government behind closed doors. But I seriously doubt if it’s, ‘If you don’t stop trying to get Bin Laden, we’re going to nuke India.” I can’t see any country using nukes if they intend to remain on the planet. Nukes are nice things to have to threaten people with but actually using them is suicide because the wrath of the entire world would descend upon whomever might be so foolish. Nobody needs an Al Gore film to tell them that radiation is bad for the environment.

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