Obama: McCain Should Get No Credit for Bailout Agreement

ImageDemocratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was on Face The Nation today where he said that John McCain deserves no credit for the bipartisan agreement on a federal bailout bill for the financial markets.

When asked if McCain deserves credit, Obama said, “No. Look, here are the facts. For two weeks, I was on the phone every day with Secretary Paulson and the congressional leaders, making sure that the principles that have ultimately been adopted were incorporated into the bill…But understand this. The important thing here is making sure that we don’t have a photo op session. Because this is serious. We should not have been here in the first place.”

Obama married McCain and Bush by asserting that they share the same economic theory, “And, you know the problem with Senator McCain’s positions generally have been that for all his talk about being a maverick and wanting to reform the system, he has supported on economic policy George Bush more than 90 percent of the time. His differences on other issues with the president he likes to tout, but they don’t have to do with his fundamental economic theory that helped to get us into this mess in the first place. And if we’re going to get out, then we have got to fundamentally change course.”

He expanded his point to include foreign policy, “It’s true I don’t understand Senator McCain’s positions on a whole host of issues, because given how the Bush administration has created an extraordinary crisis in the economy and considering that we remain bogged down in Iraq, Al Qaida is resurgent, Iran is developing nuclear weapons, that our foreign policy is if not in a shambles, then certainly in a place that I think anybody is comfortable with — given those facts, what I don’t understand is that Senator McCain continues to promote them. There was not one instance where Senator McCain could support his assertions with some indication that in fact he had some secret understanding of what the Bush administration was doing that made sense.”

It was clear though out the interview that Obama plans on hammering home the theme that McCain does not equal economic change until Election Day. This is exactly what he should do, because McCain has no economic strategy, except to talk about spending and earmarks, which are not winning issues when an economy is as terrible as our current one.

What jumped out at me during the debate, and what Obama was trying to reinforce today, is that McCain doesn’t offer any answers, except to emphasize that he is a leader and that Obama should not be trusted. People are looking for change while McCain continues to defend the status quo. The dynamic of this race has become change versus experience, which is a question that the Obama campaign is built to win.

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13 Replies to “Obama: McCain Should Get No Credit for Bailout Agreement”

  1. Obama as usual spoke extremely eloquently about absolutely nothing of substance…I felt like McCain was debating Tony Robbins.
    I read earlier that some of Obamas’ favorite literature was the works of Shakespeare..I think he took the title “Much ado about Nothing” a little to literally..

    How any even semi-educated human could have watched that debate and come out with any opinion other than McCain is so much more in tune with what is going on in the world and also (this kind of surprised me) the economy…defies all logic..

    Look folks, stop and think….This is not a Football game where you support one team, and your neighbour supports another…It’s just a tad bit more important than that…Stop and forget weather you are a dem or a rep…..stop and look at the history of these two men and what they have said, and more importantly , what they have DONE !!!!

    Then make your decision..I think then you will support John McCain..its the only logical choice

  2. Scott if that is your real name GOP plant. In fact it was McChicken that said nothing of substance. McChicken is out of tune with the rest of the world he made a huge mess when he went back to DC to help with the bail out. He talked for about 2 minutes (according to GOP reps) and did even really say if he was for or against the bail out that just we need to do something. That revelation according to McChicken’s own campaign “only after a man walked up to McChicken and asked why he did not do anything yet about the trouble after all he is running for president”. Fox news even said McChicken look like he “was unprepared and confused”. However with everybody saying that McChicken did a lousy job you think he did well. It does seem that you watched the wrong debate, or as I suspect you have your head shoved so far up your own ass you could not see anything of the debate GOP plant.

  3. Look how he spelled “neighbor” and he said, “tad bit” which I believe is a British phrase originally, and he speaks of Shakespeare and football, (probably soccer). Now, why would a Brit want to stir up American political debate? At any rate he’s wrong about McCain; there was no decisive victor in the first presidential debate, but Obama spoke more clearly, rationally, and didn’t get flustered. McCain wouldn’t/couldn’t even look at Obama, and only spoke semi-intelligently when it came to foreign policy and that was about IT. Sorry euro-trash Scotty, you lose!

  4. You two do a heck of a job of getting your point across. The way you resort to the time-tested kindergarten method of calling names is astonishing. I don’t guess that a “Brit” could actually be an American citizen, huh? In fact, Nikolai calling someone Euro-trash sounds like the pot calling the kettle black. You two stick with you wrongheaded, rose colored view of the world (in my opinion) and vote for Obama. I chose not to vote for a liberal of that accord. However, if you’re going to grace any website forum with your infinite wisdom, please do it in a manner that doesn’t make us think that you’re actually a 13 year old. If you can’t express your point of view without calling names and cursing, keep it to yourself.

  5. I am appalled that anonymous and Nikolai have behaved in such a ridiculously childish manner. What difference would it make if Scott was, indeed, a Brit? Does our foreign policy not affect Britain? Are they not our closest allies? You guys instead have to resort to idiotic comments that do nothing to raise us Americans to any kind of standard. It’s shameful embarrassing to think you’re Americans and legally able to vote for anyone since clearly you don’t possess enough intelligence to do it. People really should have to pass a test in order to qualify to vote. Turning 18 isn’t enough. This is how people like Dubbya get elected, by a bunch of uneducated meat heads. I didn’t see the debate, but I’d be hard pressed to believe anyone’s point of view since this election seems to have so polarized our nation that intelligent debate seems unlikely. We need to abolish the party system if there is ever any hope of finding a candidate qualified enough to lead this country. While the system still stays in place all is does is distract everyone from the real issues. This country is in serious trouble. Rhetoric and articulate speech will not fix it. We need someone that can’t be bought, and can think for themselves. A candidate who won’t get into bed with special interest groups, and one who wasn’t involved in the PREVIOUS savings and loan scandal either. I have no faith in either of these men to be honest. Ron Paul would have been a much better choice. Change for the sake of change just to mention the word change a hundred times in a speech means nothing. I want a PLAN. Both candidates should have to outline what their first month in office is going to entail. What their “business plan” is for this country, instead of relying on a popularity contest and mudslinging in order to get ahead in the polls.

  6. Firstly I’m American..let’s get that clear right off the bat. I agree with Scott’s post…let the namecalling start I guess.
    That’s what it always degenerates to with the Obama people. I’ve been a Democrat my whole life. I am voting McCain this time because he truly does put Country first. Is he perfect? No. Is Obama perfect? No again. The difference is that McCain is proven. He knows what it takes to get things done, and he doesn’t pander to emotion and anger. Obama does. His campaign has even insulted the American public by implying that if he doesn’t win, it’s because the people are racist…but he isn’t gonna play the race card?!?!?
    John McCain is not just a hero for his service in Vietnam; he is a hero for his service and dedication to the people of this country over these last decades he has been in Washington. He’s proven time and time again that he is the man for the job. I will be prouder than I ever have been of being an American to cast my vote for him as well. I mean heck, Biden(plagiarist), Hillary (shoulda been nominee), and Bill(former President the Democrats have seemingly abandoned) all have said at one time or another that Mcain is better than Obama…I think so too!

  7. How dare you use the words McChican when you talk about a man who spent all that time in prision and was finally released and worked for his country like McCain, calling the next vp a pig is about as high as you can get with your word power.

    I consider the word McChicken the same as calling O’Bamma O’Nigger (he is a Nigger and McCain is not a chicken. as for Biden, give me a break, he had new hair plants put in and now he thinks people don’t remember where he said he would shot O’nibber if he tried to stop his use of guns.

    Pleas play nice and if you have proof about anything lets hear it. How about this one, you liberal are being used by George Soros and you’ll lose your rights shortly, on if I don’t fight for them.

  8. Good day to you Idiot:
    My Neighbor was a prisoner not (prison) in one our famous war.
    So what! We had plenty of men and women who were war prisoners and they’re still working for our country today as they always have..
    Don’t be fooled by the uproar. War is not a happy subject especially when you (McCain) was a part in putting our family in a war that we should have never being a part of. Weapons of Mass Destruction. Please, Wake up and smell the coffee. You appeared to be a back yard uneducated person who’s not about change even if you had a dollar bill in your pocket. Think! If you’re tired of being broke, seeing jobs disappear. Gas prices going up, health care being threaten, our youth not being able to afford colleges. We could go on about the real issues if that’s what you’re really concern about more than your back yard trash. Get a grip what’s really bothering you? It’s not what our country needs in a President is it? Are trailer homes prices going down?

  9. Just what is the bottom line in this presidential election process? It appalls me that the majority of the comments I read resort to name calling and childish rhetoric. “My team is better than your team.” This election is not about substance. It is not about what is best for our country. It is about polarization of emotions. I believe that this election is going to see a record turnout of “people of color” to the voting booth. PLEASE!! before you label me a racist, let me say that if either party had nominated someone with the stature and experience of a Colin Powell, or a Condoleeza Rice, I would have voted for either of them. What scares me is electing someone, no matter what their color or ethnic background, with virtually no political experience to be Commander In Chief of the most powerful military in the world. This, to me, seems like political suicide in the world politics of today. Does it scare me that Sara Palin would be a heart attack away from that position? Hell yes! I just hope and pray for John McCain’s good health through the next term of office. But for heaven’s sake! lets not elect a person of color just because he’s a person of color and it might be “politically correct” to show we’re not prejudiced.

  10. I don’t know where you live, but I was never a pow, I do know a few since I did put my time in Viet Nam, why you educated people were home trying to kill me.

    your comments are right out of the commusnist manufest, blame everyone but yourselfs.

    YOUR WORDS: If you’re tired of being broke, seeing jobs disappear. Gas prices going up, health care being threaten, our youth not being able to afford colleges.

    as long as I can sit on my porch with a bud and clean my rifle, I don’t need a job (I should become a democrat) gas prices going up, did you forget that the congress is run by liberals. The cost of college is being going up due to liberals who are giving theirselves all the money. How much are they really worth.

    your right, my two houses are in the woods, one in a place called wrightsville beach and the other in Richmond. I don’t know where your from, but I consider both of these places home

    Stay on welfare and say your blessed, why have you not blamed carter for this mess, he is the one who used PC to give people houses that they couldn’t afford.

    Get a life. IDIOT

  11. it’s true looking history Mccain is a looooosssssser in despair for 26 years for the white house !
    your own party didn’t elected him !!!

  12. Get a Life Bud

    I’m sorry your feelings were hurt from the truth.
    I do worry about my $410,000 home, my 2006 Mercedes Benz, my 2001 ford escape, my 55 Chevy, my 2000 Honda Accord, my worn best pair of shoes, my roof is missing a few roof shingles from the last storm, my grand kids future education. I worry about our county not only being safe from other countries but from our own neighbors like Bud!
    Spell check (commusnist manufest,) We need our schools, we need higher pay for school teachers, it really shows more than ever. Open your mind and not your heart it hurts. Let’s do what right for all of the people. Make a difference at the polls.
    You’re surely get what you ask for in your votes.
    Hic! Oh Excuse me it’s the results of the football game with the boys last night, meet the boys… Dennis who is the owner of his large plumbing business, Scott he is a Post Office Supervisor, George a major airline co-pilot, and me Bud! I’m a Supervisor for an Inspector Company, a partime realtor, owner of my own Inspection Company, a mentor for a youth organization and on a few Fraternal organizational boards. Bud! I work hard for my country and I have a right for my real concerns about this country, Hic! Excuse me. Darn It!, the news about the Bail Out! 700 Billion dollars is troublesome isn’t it? Put your weapon down and raise your vote for what’s right. It’s your choice! Hello are you there?

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