McCain Campaign Blames Obama for the Bailout Bill Failure a bit of farfetched delusional spinning, the McCain campaign is blaming Barack Obama for the House’s failure to pass the $700 billion bailout package. “This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country,” said McCain advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin.

McCain advisor Douglas Holtz-Eakin said, “From the minute John McCain suspended his campaign and arrived in Washington to address this crisis, he was attacked by the Democratic leadership: Senators Obama and Reid, Speaker Pelosi and others. Their partisan attacks were an effort to gain political advantage during a national economic crisis. By doing so, they put at risk the homes, livelihoods and savings of millions of American families. Barack Obama failed to lead, phoned it in, attacked John McCain, and refused to even say if he supported the final bill.”

Holtz-Eakin blamed Obama for the bill’s failure, “This bill failed because Barack Obama and the Democrats put politics ahead of country.” Let’s clear a few things up. Obama announced before McCain did that he would vote for the bill. McCain had to be pressed at the debate before he would say that he would vote for it. Secondly, John McCain put his entire campaign on the line to get this bill passed, and the failure of the bill reflects badly on his campaign and his ability to lead.

McCain is the candidate who injected presidential politics into this bill. He boasted that he got the House Republicans on board, only to see 67% of House Republicans vote against the bill. Republicans can try to blame Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but the Democrats delivered their share of the votes. It was the Republican leadership, and John McCain who failed here.

It is laughable that the McCain campaign would try to spin responsibility for this to Obama. McCain is the candidate who made this a campaign issue. McCain is the candidate who promised that this bill was done, and claimed credit for it. It is McCain who took the big gamble and lost. If anything, Obama’s position on the issue has made him look even more presidential.

The failure of the bill today should reinforce Obama’s message that Washington is broken and change is needed. The defeat of today’s legislation by his own party took McCain’s bad couple of weeks and made them exponentially worse, and there is no amount of spin that can hide the fact that McCain was not able to show the leadership that his campaign is built on when his country needed it most.

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  1. Keep it up, repubs! The voters are sure to see just how messed up and ridiculous the republicans really are with their goofy, dreampt-up scenarios!


  2. Wow!! the McCain campaign is acting like a bully. If the bailout package cleared today, of course, McCain campaign will claim full credit. I guess we finally met the new Karl Rove, the spin meister in Douglas Holtz-Eakin. It is more proved than before that we’re seeing a preview of Bush Admnistration in the McCain campaign- and they’re not even elected yet.

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  4. I can’t believe the dem/lib/socialist/communists and their whining. There is no way we’re going to allow them to give us the bums rush into a $700 billion bailout even if they pretty up the name, so that we allow the dem/lib/socialist/communists to take over our financial institutions and make this a communist nation with them in control and that is what they want.

    Try relaxing the sarbane’s-Oxley act for a couple of weeks and see whether things straighten themselves out. We can weather a credit crunch for a couple of weeks. Most of us don’t do the gambling on wall street, out investments are long term because it is in our retirement accounts (401K’s or 457B’s).

    We are now all aware of what the dem/lib/socialist/communists have done with insisting on 60 votes to pass anything, but now that the Republicans are insisting on the same system…NOW they have complaints. I’m so glad that the house really looked at this bill. I’m glad that they knocked it down. There are enough other solutions that don’t require us giving the dem/lib/socialist/communists the entire control of our financial system or convert this country to a socialist/communist country.

    We want accountability for how we got into this mess and we know that it began with the laws passed by Clinton to force the banks to make bad loans so that he could keep campaign promises to make banks loan money for houses. We want accountability for those who got too greedy and bought 2000 sq. ft. homes that they were never going to be able to afford and now they want us to pay if for them,so it is a big emergency…rush, rush…push it through before we have any time to look it over and decide if it’s something we want. It’s poppycock. Thank you Republicans for slowing the pace. We need a deep breath before we make the mistake of the century for our nation.

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  6. Hopefully our Government is trying to do away with Bilderberg Society although majority of them are members. Just type in a name, a bank, and then type Bilderberg behind it. If you research long enough you will begin to get a sickening feeling about our Government after a one world bank…a one world everything…I don’t think they will entirely pull it off..but…you will be surprised who the members are..People like, Kissinger, Hillary, Bill, Bush and Bush Jr, our beloved Finance Chairman that you see crying on TV that we are headed to ruination…when they pass the 700 Billion all the Bilderberg people will just be wealthier…Thank goodness for the INternet…they have the news media under control…so here it is:

  7. OK people. This has nothing to do with one party or another other than the fact that they all are rich already. We’re just pawns. When are we all going to learn that our politicians are the new monarchy. They don’t really care about us. It’s obvious. Think about it. People didn’t get their bonuses pulled, did they? People aren’t in jail, are they? No, it’s money people looking out for themselves. And the politicians are the money people. This is why we need terms for congress people too. We need a revolution… again! None of the politicians on either side are representing us, but their own interests. The Republicans are after big business and the Democrats are after taxes. Notice NO ONE is doing anything to help us get to work. It’s cheaper to collect unemployment. (Thanks Democrats… at least you give us that….but you keep us poor) No one’s talking about that. They’re not talking about illegal immigration. They are talking AROUND everything.It’s time that we get past being mad. Aren’t you tired of this new monarchy called congress. They are the new royalty who tell is, “Let them eat cake.” It really is no different. They are rich when they go into office and they are richer when they come out. How are you doing?

  8. Bailout, Bill, Failure. There are three simple words. Check them out. Failure came first, long before it arrived to Congress. This failure is the result of the deregulation that was introduced in the 80s and fully placed into action since the year 2000.
    It doesn’t take but a nickle worth of understanding, taking responsability for the inaction that caused this crisis and the b… to step up to the plate and try to fix it.
    It took years to create this nasty situation, we can’t expect Congress or anyone to clean up the mess in hurry. I don’t expect anyone to clean up my mess, do you?

  9. Wow. You are idiologically brainwashed. You don’t make any sense, at all. Do you have a solution to this problem?

  10. You are one dumb person or very mentally ill. Have you checked the balance of your 401K since this vote or are you too dumb to even have one.

  11. I for one don’t think its the tax payers money that should bail out the banks. Why should we (the tax payers) be responsibly for their bad investments and bad loans. When they were using creative financing, they knew that the people were not going to be able to pay their loans as the interest rate climbed through the ceiling.
    I don’t have any problem at all with the peoples money being protected by our government, but to pay the banks bill is an entirely different thing. What do you think?

  12. We are in this situation because the democrats wanted to push “affordable houseing” to everyone including, mostly, those who could not really afford to buy a home. A little tweek in the ecomomy and the fanny mae, freddy mack house of cards came falling down. The democrats cried racism and slaming the poor whenever the regulators tried to check the books of these organizations that managed billions in poorly backed mortgages. This was a train wreck that many people saw coming many years ago. The perpetrators of this mess are now working for Obama…but you will never hear about it since they and the media are creating a mythology around Obama as the savior of all of us millions of people who are not getting what he and and democrats think we deserve…so we are therefore hurting and not able to purchase our 75″ flat screen tv’s and new cars. He is defining America as a group of poor people barely able to survice and suffering…where are these suffering people? As for his connection with fanny and freey, he has been in bed with these people for a long time…from his days in ACORN…putting people into houses they could not afford and then making a big deal of how many people they are “helping”…at taxpayer expense of course. Now these same people are loosing their homes and the democratic congress is trying to place the blame on the Bush administration in order to deflect the blame from where it belongs. Give me a break…are people really so blind and misinformed? Unfortunatly…yes. Disgusting…I am glad it was defeated…particularly after the speaker of the house’s blaming the republicans babble before the vote. What an incompetent hateful person she is.

  13. You are right, this is not the work of the Republicans. However, there are not many Republicans left in Congress. Most have become neocons, that is to say facists, in the pure sense of the word. This was not driven by Dem’s trying to get people into “cheap housing”, this was driven by the lack of regulation on loans. When banks give loans without checking employment, with escalator clauses that jump interest from 4% to 15%, with next to no money down, the system is asking for trouble. It was not the Dems that repealed the Glass Act. Who deregulated airlines? How did that work out? Who deregulated the S&L’s. How did that work out? Who deregulated the banks? How did that turn out? How about utilities? Eight more years and the water will belong to corporations (it is happening in other countries).

    Don’t blame the Democrats, or the few true Republicans that are left. This is the work of a new breed; a vice president who wages war so his company can reap the profits; those who wrap themselves in the flag, but salute the dollar. Ike was a Republican, these guys are not.





  15. I am so tired of the finger pointing in this. It is not a party issue. McCain is blaming Obama…well first off Mr.McCain…you never suspended your campaign…if you had you would have stopped running your lying insulting commercials. And as for you Mr.Obama…I know you can only do so much while in Washington and you are a new Senator but as a voter who plans on voting for you (because I refuse to vote for McCain) I am disappointed that you actually backed this bailout as written. First of all…give us taxpayers some assurance that once we loan Wall Street our money-with no repayment or interest coming back to us – that they won’t just turn around and do the same thing. Why loan our money to someone so we can borrow it back with interest? Secondly – stop calling it a BAIL OUT. No hard working tax payer wants to bail out a government who has ignored them for the past 8 years, a government who has done what ever they wanted. You all need to work together to come to solution that makes sense for the taxpayer…the big wigs on wallstreet just want money…it doesn’t have to make sense to them.

  16. This blog begins with the most biased language I’ve ever seen. So that’s a big indicator that it’s anything but objective. It tells me to not pay too much attention to the author. The language used,aughable, delusional, boasted, are inflammatory words chosen to stir up emotions, but the facts just don’t add up.

    For example, McCain did not put his campaign on hold ” to get this bill passed.” He put his campaign on hold to return to Washington and work on a solution. Saying otherwise is a huge and inaccurate leap.

  17. Pathetic. Utterly Pathetic.

    So much for the party of personal responsibility. Is this the “Leadership” we need in times of crisis? Snatching defeat from the Jaws of Victory, and then blame the ball?

  18. Had Pelosi got the 95 democRATS that voted against the bill and all of the republicans that voted for it to change, the vote would have passed without a single republican vote 235-198. How can the republicans be blamed, when the democrats defeated the bill? It’s got to be a down and outright lie by the Leadership in the house and the right wing media supporting the lie.

  19. Actually, it was the democratic congress in 1990 that deregulated the banks and was signed by daddy Bush. The problem is, that Newt didn’t fix things when the republicans took over in 1994. This is an old problem that has just come to a head. Now Pelosi is trying to blame the repubs for the mess started in 1990 by the dems.

  20. Starting with Reagan the Republicans have scrapped every regulation that they could get thier hands on. Thier trickle down economy has finally come to pass. They gave the tax breaks and the economy to the Fat Cats and sure as all get-out it trickled down. They get the profits and we get the losses.

  21. My favorite thing this year was when Mcain suspends cam… and Obama says as president you have to be able to do more than 1 thing.. Then stands up and says well John are you for the bill or not ??? well my question is if your elected Obama and John isnt there to for you to defer questions too what are u going to do ??? o I know call Bill tell him to leave your intern alone and try get him to answer it for you ??? That showed me all about you Obama that was your chance to prove that you could handle more than 1 thing at a time and you failed!!!! now i know i’m voting for bill cosby ( as a write in candidate )the eyes were on you and you blinked….. your not ready!!! you cant handlethe pressure .. change you talk about ?? I bet you had to change your shorts right after you had to deflect the big tough question to McCain….

  22. Unbelievable. It was Pelosi who failed here you dolts! If the bill was so spectacular then why didn’t the Democrats pass it themselves? They had the votes to pass this piece of socialist crap, but the fact remains that the majority of the House knows that this is not what is best for the country. Oh and as far as Obama goes… McCain mopped the floor with him in the debate. “I have a bracelet too John, uh uh uh hang on on, uh, mother of uh” Yeah, real presidential Obama. He has shown again that he would rather win an election than suspend his campaign to actually deal with this mess and make a better bill. Finally people are starting to see through the plethora of lies and platitudes to understand how empty and inexperienced Obama truly is!

  23. People that don’t work already live better. I work my tail off seven days a week to take care of my family. When in my apt complex only three of forty cars go to work. My car is breaking down and they get to ride in brand new cars. What are we teaching people that if they don’t work and have tons of kids out of wedlock that they can live for free. Thats really messed up. Why would anyone go get an education and make a living when the goverment is paying everything for them. I just don’t thinks its fair to any working citizen rich or average. If sixteen year olds can work, go to school, and pay bills. Then a lazy ass adult can too!!!!! We have eighty year old men and women working, that should be able to retire. But all these none working citizens are sucking us dry.

  24. Calm down folks. This political rangling is merely a means to an end. The Republicans and Democrats made a huge show of scaring every taxpayer, then claimed they had the “answer”, for which they quickly slap together a “plan” only to let it fail. Then members of both parties blamed it on each other when they couldn’t bring themsleves to take a political chance. For better or worse, that is our political system. So what else is new? This mess wasn’t caused solely by one party. The truth lies closer to the middle. This BAILOUT (please for god sake call it what it is) will happen. Hopefully, we will learn from this. Probably not but hopefully. After much sole searching and plenty of research, I changed my party affiliation to Independent this year. Seems to me more folks ought to explore that option too. Just a thought.

  25. McCain behaves like a petulant child. The wealth Cindy’s money has given him, has truly spoiled him. What a nut… Can someone make him shut up? Everytime, he opens his mouth, something stupid comes out.

  26. I am, frankly, a little tired of finger pointing. Right now all of the people in Congress remind of three years olds fighting over a toy. I realy don’t care who started it. I think it is reprehensible of the Democratic Leadership to try to shove an incomplete unworkable plan down the throats of Congress. I also think it is just as bad for the detractors not to stay in there and make sure that they clearly communicated what it would take for them to vote for the bill. Meanwhile all of them look stupid. This includes, both those that were came out grinning saying they had a deal, and the ones on the morning talk shows trying to explain why they didn’t stay in there and fight until a deal could be reached. How did the bill make it a vote? Meanwhile the WORLD’S economy is in shambles. Shame, shame, shame on all of them.

  27. What is $600 Billion? Obama earmarked $750 Million over 3 years, Biden $333 Million in one year he reports. Add them both up assuming Biden gets the same every year and you have more than $1.7 Billion in earmarks. If all 545 senators and representatives earmark at this level, that would be

    OVER $900 Billion in just 3 years of earmarks, 1.5 times the entire bailout.

    The bailout is cheap in comparison to following Obama/Biden on the earmark express.

    Think about that next time you follow a candidate.

  28. Have you ever noticed the difference in the people in the democrat line and the republican line when you go vote? By first impression, they seem to be the less intelligent, less educated, less productive, and in the lower social class. I wonder why that is. I guess free handouts are the next best thing to winning the lotto.

  29. As far as I can tell, the political system that is in place to run the country is broken. Therefore, any product from the broken system is likely to be defective. This mess is proof. As long as the politicians are more concerned with getting re-elected, then running the country will continue to be a secondary task. Let’s all vote ALL the incumbents out of office!

  30. You’re right, not too smart!
    Your point would have been more clear if you actually were able to compose a sentence that didn’t use a vague pronoun. My assumption is you were attempting to make a derogatory assessment of the people who support the democratic party, but your attempt failed as it is unclear who exactly are the “they” in your comment.

  31. I think you’re right. These bankers knew when they attracted these people that they would not be able to their mortgage. But they were all children about it and wrote it anyway to take revenge on whoever was in their sights at the time. It is the continuous selfish attitude, only thinking of one’s self attributes, along with greed and corruption. I hate to see what it is doing to 37 years of working and saving and my 401K. We need a grassroot effort as citizens to revolt and keep a check on those who are suppose to protect and work for us. I did not want the bill, I say find another way. Go to the fat cats. Go take back the golden parachutes, get it from the Bush family, Halliburton, Cheney, Rove and all those other fat cats who want it all. I just want the piece I worked for.


  33. and then you would have blamed the Democrats for supporting and passing a Republican bill. All of this is a result of two different sides being so far removed from the job at hand and ideaologies that are warp. America is just BROKE! Economically, Politically, Individually and Morally. The rest of the world is laughing at us. Too bad!

  34. How can you blame only one party (although your bias is clear). Eight years with a republican president and until less than two yeard ago a republican congress. It saddens me that you are unable to actually see the picture. Everybody screwed up. Narrow minded/tunnel vision individuals like you are a discrace to free discourse. Wake up and shame on you.

  35. I was very surprised at McCains performance during that debate. I swear he is turning into George Bush. He had that arrogant “how dare you question me” attitude that Bush often has.
    I thought Obama was very respectful and thoughtful towards McCain. Perhaps too much so.

    I am surprised that McCain has made this campaign so negative. And, it’s only going to get worse as he gets more and more desperate.

    Change is coming folks. We can breathe again!

  36. Wake up and smell the coffee….don’t confuse greed with need. It is not the 2000 sq. foot home owner that is responable for the problems in housing it is there employer sending there job over seas so they can afford a 10k square foot home and a 2000 sq summer home in Hawaii or Mexico and now they are in trouble because there is more money going out of this country then comming in
    so they blame it on the little guy that is jobless for the slow ecomoney because he does not have a job and default on his morgage. This is not the case it is the fat cat who has the big house and summer home in the Hamptoms
    looking to protect his investments.

  37. That’s the best you have? A callback to Lewinski? McCain is unfit to lead this country. Wake up. He set the bar, then racked himself on it, now he’s trying to pass the buck. 700 billion of them.

  38. This is so much political propaganda… McCain’s words are being stretched to influence those who just see this ridiculous headline posted…. WHATEV is what I say to that. This was NOT a McCain bill… and BOTH parties are at fault for a resolution… which could be a non-resolution. This message posted by your friendly neighborhood non-partisan watching group.

  39. It would be nice if anyone would show a neutral viewpoint on this topic, how am I supposed to write a critical paper on this if I can not see the actual truth on the presidency.

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