To Palin and McCain the Issues are Gotcha Questions

ImageIn their joint interview with the CBS Evening News, John McCain and Sarah Palin described an issue question about Pakistan as gotcha journalism, which now goes to show that Palin and McCain now consider the issues gotcha questions.

Here is the video:

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To her credit, Katie Couric defended the question as not a gotcha, but as a question from a voter, but McCain jumped in and tried to save his overmatched running mate by saying, “No, she was in a conversation with a group of people and talking back and forth. And …I’ll let Gov. Palin speak for herself.” Notice that he realized that answering for Palin only made her look weaker so he stopped himself and decided to let Palin answer the question.

So if I understand this correctly, a question from a voter is a gotcha question that should be avoided. The problem is that all the questions about issues appear to be tricky for Palin. She has not displayed a single area of policy expertise or knowledge yet. The campaign will never admit this, but Palin has become an anchor around their neck. While Joe Biden is out there campaigning for Barack Obama alone, Sarah Palin can’t be trusted to do even the most basic of television interviews solo.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with questions about the issues from anyone to a candidate, especially a candidate like Palin who is both widely unknown, and potentially only one 72 year old heartbeat away from the presidency. If Palin can’t handle questions about the issues, then how is she qualified to be vice president? In the shorter term, if she can only talk about the issues in terms of talking points, how will she debate Joe Biden on Thursday? The McCain campaign looks to be sinking under the weight of its own poor decision making, and Sarah Palin is a walking monument to their mistakes.

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  1. i was leaning toward sen mccain in the fall election,
    i admire his intregity, valor and service to this
    country. however since his pick of gov palin, i have
    to wonder what we they thinking? i have nothing
    against gov palin, i believe she’s done a good job
    as governor, but right now she’s way in over her
    head. she needs more time, more political experience
    and a better command of the issues. basically she’s
    not ready for prime time yet. especially the

  2. The question was a gotcha question. McCain is right. I saw the video of the person yelling the question (probably an Obama operative!). Katie Couric is a known liberal sympathizer as is CBS and NBC. The libs can’t play fair and this pisses them off. She is having to defend herself against more attacks than any politician ever. The Obama people are sexist (look at how they treated Hillary!), they are agents of agism (jokes obout McCain being old), they are racist (how dare you attack Obama..he is Black…no he is biracial…funny you never play up his “white race”..just milk the black card for all it’s worth).

    I hope in November when you Dems LOSE again, you will quake for 8 more years as we wipe the middle east off the map (I hope McCain uses the nuclear option and wipes those wastes of society off the map), we shut down Russia and rule this world as we should have done after WWII.

  3. The Republican Party should strongly consider changing the name of the party to VICTIM NATIONAL PARTY (VNP). Always this party point the finger toward the opponent while blaming everyone including common American who point the finger back to them. Consider that John McCain graduated 894 out of a class of 899 speaks volume about his choice making abilities.

  4. You’re really not serious about the Mcain party. I have no gripes about any person creed, race or color, but wake up – Do you really want to vote for a person who has to be hand fed, or need their hand held at all times. You mean to tell me that we don’t know that the presidents of countries has to have thick skin and stand up a be a man (lady). They have to think fast and know what the heck they’re talking about. It does not make her look stupid, it just shows she really don’t have a clue on many issues, That will come with time, But PLEASE not this time. This is really scary, this is not a time to baby-sit or sugar coat the truth. If you think that’s a gotcha question. If she is voted in, don’t say we didn’t tell you. When you look in the mirror within a year you’re think. “Gotcha” Yep we been had! hoodwink! tricked, To be a good leader you should always surround yourselves with people that are smarter than yourselves in your realm of expertise. Pray Hard! Vote Smart!

  5. I am glad this economic crisis is at hand and glad that the bill didn’t pass. I hope Bush realises the power he has and lets this crisis get worse until Novemeber and declare a state of emergency and suspend the elections. That will shut you socialist Obama lovers up once and for all. Your worse fear come true. More years of Bush. I hate you Democrats for the destruction of this country.

    1) your gutting of the military and Clinton’s refusal to get Obama caused 911 and forced us into a war

    2)Your idiotic thinking that every American deserved a home even if they can’t afford it caused the economic crisis

    I hope it gets worse and you poor “Middle Class” assholes rot more. I got my cash and guess what? Fuck you all. I’m buying up your home tomorrow and you will be answering to me from now on. Take that liberal scum!

  6. Is this shit serious? IS this really your viewpoint? If it is, then there is no reason to even speak to you about anything because it couldn’t possibly make a dent in that thick, xenophobic, jingoistic head of yours. I suggest that you go back into your bomb shelter, tune into Hannity and jerk off to your favorite picture of Chuck Norris. I can only assume that is what you do everyday anyway based on this comment you left.

  7. To Simon,
    You really need prayer, you don’t know what situations occur in people lives, but if you did your homework you know that there is a Republican, in charge, and for as the 911 idiot, Bush was the cause of that as well, haven’t you figured it out, that is why Osama Bin Laden had not been caught, so why you are trying to screw the middle class, Bush is screwing you, that is why he is causing this mess, take off the blind fold so you can see

  8. “She is having to defend herself against more attacks than any politician ever.”


    Sorry. She’s having to ‘defend’ herself from legitimate questions.

    Obama has had to set up a whole website to defend himself from outright lies (Muslim, not a citizen, etc).

  9. Every attack on Obama is based on fact.
    1) His father was Muslim and according to Islam he is still one by birth. He went to a Muslim school. He has associated with Muslim;s (Farrakan for example). I don’t care if is a Muslim or not. His dismissing it and trying to hide from that part of him only illustrates his fakeness.

    2) His wife has made anti-american statements as has his former preacher. He has associated with terrorist like Ayers.

    3). Liberal voting record (when he actually votes instead of “present”

    4) drug user (including cocaine. Again, based on truth, while I don’t think this is an issue, it is fact based.

    Palin has undergone more attacks that unlike anyone else. Attacks on her husband, children. Made up stuff like affairs (I thought you libs didn’t care. That is what you said about Clinton. It didn’t matter, yet you are more than ready to make up stuff about Palin) and faking pregnancy. Attacks on her hair, her manner of speach and intellect. Pure sexism. She has fought her own party and isn’t some Washington career politician. She is one of the people and that is what you elitist hate.

    I hope one day you wake up to a Palin presidency. I hope she hauls baby killers to prison for murder. Abolish the seperation of church and state and make this the one true Christian state as God intended. That is the hope of us all and we will achieve that in the great battle that awaits us. An Obama presidency will not happen. Trust me. Like it or not, we will insure that Palin is the president eventually. We have the power and money.

  10. LOL-the list of whom can interview Ms. Palin without being accused of being a “commie liberal sympathizer” is getting shorter by the nanosecond. Like she’s been out there answering ANYONE’s questions….now some of you think you get to tell voters what they can and can’t ask? Thats been the problem for the last eight years. No accountability to ANYONE. And how dare people look for accountability!
    What the hell’s wrong with you? Do you make excuses for your kids like you are for these people that want to run this country but think they answer to NO ONE? Let me ask you this….have you ever studied the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence? Have you ever thought in a free nation, that maybe others, might not want to be force fed infomercials from their government candidates? Even some conservatives are voicing doubt about this woman’s ability at this time for this position. The woman is not articulate, is not the fiscal conservative she claims to be, and the media has been able to put her record out there, regardless of how badly she’s performed her circus tricks in the few interviews she’s been given. Go get some facts to back up your hyperbole. This woman is Bush, part deux. Check out the financial MESS she left in Wasilla. And she seems to be rather full of herself as governor, although she doesn’t appear to be too concerned about Alaskans at the moment…McCain’s campaign team is governing the state. Whats up with that?
    The angrier you people get, the more I realize that some of you just haven’t gotten past the 1960’s and 1970’s culture wars.

  11. Some of us expressed our rage through the military and went overseas while those of you who rape others thru white collar crime went to Wall St.
    Though I disagree with what you say, I believe in the real America as a place where I will defend to my death and possibly yours, the right to say it. Thats more than the right wing wackos would allow, as they are wrapped in the flag carrying a cross…

  12. Where you get that information? you have to read a book bias to the information and Biography.If OBAMA is Muslim, he will not run for President,look i think your stupid and blind,racist,moron,Barbanic,lucifer,barrabas and your IQ is 80 mongoloid ,many more.Educate your self and go to can learn more about Politics.Vote obama (he has IQ 150 or more)

  13. Did you know that alot of teenagers and young people read your comment, for god sake watch your Words.Be decent,Be a Man not like animal or up that you can be a Model to our Country of not talking BAD WORDS, shame on you ! you like as worst than barbanic. i hope your children will not be like you.god bless you and pray to your sins. VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN(they are decent persons)

  14. Considering the fact that McNugget won’t let
    Palin speak,tried to ban reporters from the U.N meeting so she didn’t have to speak and got special rules for the debate,limiting her speaking time-this ought to be a clue! She is in no way ready to run a marathon, let alone a country! We don’t need this Arizona raisin and half baked Alaska running the country.

  15. Only because of your ignorance, my suggestion is that you should crawl back into your mother’s womb and start lifer over again.

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