Obama: McCain Promises a Dangerous Path

ImageToday in Charlotte, NC Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama expanded his attack on John McCain and the economy to include McCain's support for deregulating the health insurance industry. He said that McCain wants to continue on the same disastrous path that created the economic crisis.



Questions surround Sarah Palin - But the foremost question is Why Did John McCain pick HER?? I think the answer is obvious. The country is being distracted by all the controversy surrounding her, and taking their focus off of the Republican Party's record and the role John McCain has played in creating it. It is a disastrous record and the country should know that John McCain has no real disagreement with George Bush, and will continue his unpopular polices for four more years.

Biden: Taxes Will Still Be Less than Under Reagan

ImageI noticed that the Associated Press story about Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden's comments about taxes and the wealthy on Good Morning America today, left out an important part of the quote. The part where Biden stressed that yes, the wealthy will pay more taxes, but their taxes will be less than they were under Ronald Reagan.

Bush and McCain are missing in Action on the Economy

ImageIn a deeply misguided attempt to reassure people about the economy, President Bush showed his concern over the economy by delivering a 3 minute statement that was focused on the financial markets, and not the economic pains of ordinary people. As usual, Bush took no questions from the press, while the McCain campaign has said nothing about the economy this morning.