Rahm Emanuel To Be Chief of Staff?

ImageMany newspapers (and other news sources), including the Associated Press, the Chicago Sun-Times, and the Denver Post reported last night that the Obama campaign has reached out to Illinois representative, and a veteran of Bill Clinton's White House, Rahm Emanuel to feel out interest about becoming Obama's Chief of Staff.

Obama Expands Television Advertising into Georgia, North Dakota, and Arizona

ImageThe presidential campaign of Barack Obama announced today that they are expanding their television advertising into Georgia, North Dakota, and John McCain's home state of Arizona. This strategy is designed to put as many red states as possible into play, and force McCain to defend them.

The campaign said that they will be running the optimistic, "Something" ad in Arizona:

McCain Admits that Obama Is Not a Socialist

ImageIn an interview that will air on CNN's Larry King Live tonight, John McCain admitted that he doesn't believe that Barack Obama is a socialist, but he does think that Obama is far left. Once again, McCain undercuts his own campaign's message.

King asked McCain if he believes that Obama is a socialist. McCain answered, "No. But, I do believe -- I do believe that he's been in the far left of Americans politics. He has stated time after time that

Extra! Extra! Obama linked to Satan himself.

ImageThe news just came in. Obama served on an institution that not only included war criminals, but aided, abetted and protected war criminals.

We're talking an institution more responsible for undermining democracy that ACORN, responsible for more bombings than 1000 incarnations of the Weathermen and with dozens of members more corrupt than Rezko ever was.

McCain: Palin Lives a Frugal Life

ImageProbably the last thing John McCain wanted to do on NBC's Meet the Press was defend the $150,000 spent on Sarah Palin's clothing, but Tom Brokaw asked about it and after some fumbling McCain called Palin a role model to millions and said that the American people don't care about her clothes.