Polls Say Biden Won the VP Debate

ImageTwo polls, one of uncommitted voters done by CBS, and one of debate watchers done by CNN say that Joe Biden won the debate against Sarah Palin. However it seems that the debate neither helped nor hurt either campaign.

The CBS poll of uncommitted voters broke down as 46% thought Joe Biden won, 33% thought the debate was a tie, and 21% thought Sarah Palin won. The CNN poll found debate watchers favoring Biden 51%-36%. The one thing that the CBS poll of uncommitted voters pointed out was that among uncommitted voters there was very little movement. Eighteen percent of those surveyed now say that they support Obama-Biden, and 10% now support McCain-Palin. Seventy one percent are still uncommitted.

According to the CBS poll, both candidates improved their standing on the issues. Sixty six percent of those surveyed said that Palin was knowledgeable on the issues, compared to 43% before the debate. Joe Biden is now almost unanimously considered knowledgeable on the issues. Ninety eight percent of those asked, said that Biden was knowledgeable. This is up from 79% before the debate. Biden still dominates Palin on the question of preparedness to be president, 97%-55%, and Palin only slightly improved the perception that she is ready to step in and be president from, 35% to 44%.

What Palin did accomplish is that she may no longer be a national joke, but her performance tonight did not help the Republican ticket. I think these early polls gave Biden the win on the debate because people really want change, and they want answers to their questions. Palin’s debate approach mirrored the trust us attitude of the Bush administration. This why conservatives probably loved it, but her routine isn’t likely to play well with Independents and undecided voters. Palin didn’t deliver the game changer and the all the momentum is still trending towards Obama-Biden.

Full CBS Poll

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  1. If OBAMA/BIDEN win the us election, it will be a strong signal to the whole world that the capacity to lead,to decide on sensitive issues for a nation just like the financial issue crisis should be favored above every other consideration like race,colour or community.

  2. For those of you who have spoke US politics with me will recall conversations I had back in 2005 where I predicted that Senator Barack Obama would become president of the United States in 2008. My new prediction is the above. Though President Obama will make improvements to the current economic crisis and incremental improvements on health care, education and foreign policy. The change that he advertised will fall far short of what he advertised in his 2008 campaign.

    Palin, backed by the neo-cons will present a fresh face of “reform.” Though she will be lieing through her teeth when she presents her case, she will manage to trick and fool the American public in to voting against their interest in their impatience and prejudice to make her the first female president of America.

    If you don’t want this above scenario to happen, than you better work hard to make real change happen in the next four years with a President Obama at the helm.

  3. Are you Mentaly Retarded? Let us first Win Barack Obama then you can predict of nonsence ,Purely Moron and Are you God that you can see the Future? Maybe you have to sick advice from your Psychiarist.Take Anti- depression, You are ill of Schizohprenia.

  4. Really? Wow let me get this correct. TWO men stand in front of America and admit they saw this economic debacle coming, and clearly despite what they say, their record indicates they did nothing to prevent it. So WITH THAT IN MIND, they both ask you one thing “PROMOTE ME”! Are you kidding me, try this in the real world and see what it gets you. Unemployed! The only interest I have in this election is Palin simply because of her realism.

  5. when in a struggle, we must not only look to the immediate battle, but plan ahead for the long drawn out war. the election 2008 is one battle but the struggle for change is a struggle that goes beyond this election cycle. it will involve teaching Tommy D and every other person who supports Palin, Bush, and neocons the basics of critical thinking and the full database of the power dynamics that control our world. i present that thought as a very possible scenario if those of us who want the Obama/Biden’s vision for the future to happen to think of other ways to contribute to a movement to make this change happen.

    We can not depend only on the typical political forces that govern our country. we must think outside the box to push for change as individuals, in our local communities and any where we can. We all have a responsibility to make our world a better place. i just want us to think beyond this single election cycle.


  6. Two problems with your theory, first Palin, is done, put a fork in her she baked. Her Alaskan constituencies are very unhappy right now, do to trooper-gate, and her failure at bring to a close of the unethical and costly behavior that preceded her. But ignoring Alaska and focusing here in the lower 48, she has made far too many enemies in the neo-con republicans base to be anything more than a one hit wonder, how did she make enemies, by putting herself above those who believe that they were in power, the republican elite did not want her and are holding that against her. The only uniting she did was in the grass roots of the party not at the main office so to speak. Think I’m wrong, well look at the facts, where is James “Dan” Quayle right now? Sara Palin is the new James Quayle the only difference is that he got to serve as VP she will not. He was as she is a sacrificial lamb. Nothing more nothing less. It is a sad fact that she may have had a chance at something more down the line, but now she is simply damaged goods, that only hope for her is a win than and only then can she be taken seriously.

  7. Ahh, Palin lives in a fantasy world on her own design. She cannot or will not speak on issues; she has never been or never will be in the middle class. As well as being a giant moron, she is power hungry and loves to hold grudges. So to sum it all up Palin could be another world dictator, the next Kim Jong Il.

  8. you make good points, but in a way, i am far more cynical on the american’s public’s ability to follow the detailed issues. in politics, enemies in the same political party can easily become friends when it comes to common interests (like the repubs regaining the white house). if the trooper gate scandal was really gaining traction in alaska, than obama should take alaska this election cycle, but with palin on the ticket, mccain’s lead increased in alaska.

    her “charm” and “charisma” is reminiscent of W’s charm in mobilizing that evangelical grassroots base. Back in 2000 and 2004 democratic activists discounted that evangelical grassroots base and they were defeated. in 2008, the democratic and republican establishment discounted obama’s progressive grassroots base and obama shocked them also. james quayle could never get 60,000 people excited to hear him speak in one day. this woman went to three or four rallies and got that many people excited to hear her speak her stuff. if you ever saw obama’s first debate against alan keyes, it was actually a pretty poor performance… in some ways, similar to the katie couric interview of palin. he looked very green. but obama learned and improved just as palin has shown the ability to learn and imrpove.

    Chapter 69 – Tao of Te Ching
    There is no greater disaster
    than underestimating your enemy.
    Underestimating your enemy
    means loosing your greatest assets.

  9. I promise, as I look around at the last two weeks and how our current elected officials are governing, I think to myself we should fire everyone and hire fresh politicians like Sarah Palin by the hundreds! How much more could they mess it up? Their’s my two cents for all it’s worth.

  10. Are you kidding me? Palin is a clueless moron who will avoid talking about issues all the time. Each time an issue is brought, she changes topic to avoid it. Where’s the realism in that?

  11. The girl kicked some old butt; but GOOD!!! He made at least 7 mistakes in his foreign policy iterations and 3 more in his tax policy discussions. Palin made NO mistakes on ANYTHING. Apparently she had better coaches than Barry had – took him MONTHS to get up to her speed,
    and Credit Card Biden has been there 35 years he forgets
    a lot and don’t know he’s been part of the problem all those years. Been there 35 years and suddenly he wants to change what he’s been doing all that time? He was right when he said Barry wasn’t ready for the BIG SEAT…
    I think they better look out for Palin – she’s already proven to be smarter than ANYONE on either ticket…

  12. The majority of Americans are uneducated and vote based on their ignorance – racism is ignorance passed from generation to generation – Bush is basically ignorant (IQ=92)and so America voted him him ablbeit it took some vote stealing and manipulation to do so – Palin is a bufus who mayored wasulla – home of domestic violence, rape (charge the woman for her rape kit Palin), alcoholism, and radical wacko right wing “God speaks to me directly” and so I am right mentality – gee isn’t that what Bin Laden says – and for those racist who rant against welfare – ok dumbasses – lets give 800 bill of welfare to the corporations in this “smaller gov” repukelican environs…gee wiz – I could go on but what for – Palin represents us well – a great big dumbass bufus full of lies and deceite under jesus’ name – gee her own Alaskan gov’t is investigating her but she and Mr dudebufasdumbass don’t have to answer to supenas – they are above the law like BushassCheenypuke – so do ya want 4 more yrs of THAT – duhhhhhhhhhh – can ya spell “NO”

  13. What an idiotic poll! You are kidding us, right? You took two poll’s taken by CBS & CNN…can you get more liberal than that? Who wrote this article anyway? Biden? A little editing might make this story more believable.

    Sarah Palin handed “Say it isn’t so Joe Biden” his a$$ on a platter. Want more of the same? Vote for Joe and his buddy B. Hussein! Want change? Vote for McCain/Palin.

    Want to be speaking Muslim and praising Allah (I don’t care if you are religious or not)? Put Obama in office…isn’t it a shame that he and his campaign have to go into the prisons and register the criminals to vote. Wonder what they are promising them? I mean really…who gives a rat’s a$$ what a child molester thinks? A thief? Oh wait…I forgot! There are more “converted” Muslims in prisons than anywhere else in the US. And it is just like a thief and liar to send in his cronies to ask for help getting elected.

  14. Seriously, there are only two groups of people who “thinks” Palin did better than (or even came close to) Biden in that debate, right wing tools and morons.

    Which one are you?

  15. Look up the records of Jo Biden before you say He is Moron.I think you have no knowlegdes about Politics,Please!! go again to the first grade school, You are Dangerious to our Country. I hope ,They will send you to Iraq War , then You will realize that staying in Iraq are very dangerous ,then you will remember What Obama/Biden is fighting for the Troops to end this War.I pray that Gov.will send you there very soon.NOW pray for your SIN! YOU ARE MORONNNNNN!

  16. I was carried away, I just like to Depend my love of life OBAMA/BIDEN. You know, if some body attack my love, then i will fight back.I don’t like to hear anything false news which is really not true, Anyway,Forgive me for my Sin.Peace be w/you.GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY. I HOPE YOU GIVE ME A CHANCE!

  17. Um, yeah…whatever. Read my comments again. I’m not even sure how you interpreted it the way you did.

  18. If Barack becomes President and Sarah Palin, being on the losing ticket in 2008 makes it highly likely in 2012 that she would be seen as a loser by her own party. It would be worse than the Dems running Walter Mondale in 1984. Mondale was a part of an incumbent ticket losing to Reagan in 1980. Sarah would simply be part of a losing ticket without incumbency and would have to overcome the chain she is currently forging around her image as that of a ditz candidate, empty head, Barbie, Governor Gidget; she would have to find other ways of enlivening her base than a giggle and a wink. A Palin victory in 2012, I believe, would be unprecedented as losing VP candidates seldom (if ever) defeat an incumbent President in the following election. I see someone like Mitt Romney gaining party support to reinvent or camoflauge a suppy-side resurrection as a new economic plan while attempting to blame Obama for the supply-side failures of the Bush administration. Sarah is a quick date. The more you know her, the more you’d rather go out with another. The McCain/Palin ticket is certainly trying to get out the stupid vote, even though, to me, it seems strickingly unpatriotic not to mention, irresponsible, to want a Joe-Sixpak mentality to govern the country as she repeatedly implies.

  19. If you refuse to factually address the issues in a debate; if you dismiss the debate moderator’s questions (such as the question posed to Sarah about deregulation)as irrelevant and you speak only in abstraction, vague generalities read off three by five index cards, then you could say, Sarah Palin made NO mistakes–because she really said nothing of content. She tried to win on presence, which in an election about core issues, wasn’t smart at all. But I suggest you go to a fact check site and see if the claims she made about Obama were true. I think you will find that her debate material was unfactual, demagogic, and highly distorted. You might want to list the foreign policy errors made by Joe Biden. As chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden is well respected here and abroad even if the broad he was debating was callus, condescending and immature. Biden diced Palin on the facts on every issue, showed political common sense, spoke from confidence, and showed courtesy and patience with her imbecile juvenality. She behaved like she was running for student-council with an attitude.

  20. I want Governor Palin to be the President of the United State either in 2008 or 2012. She speaks directly to the American people and is refreshing. Obama is the most liberal extremist to come out of the senate. Look at his voting record. If elected he will increase BIG GOVERNMENT and drive our economy into a further recession. Where will Obama get the tax payer funds to pay for his promises?

    Let’s us all be honest and take off the filters: Though both parties can share blame, we cannot ignore that the democrats controlled congress the past two years with Nancy Palosi as their elistist, multi-million dollar spokes person at the helm. Do you really think Palosi has a clue what average Americans (Yeah you reading this) are going through? The lady flies on private jets when her press conferences are done. Do you think she even goes to the grocery store herself? Does she know what a budget is?

    It is the pressure that democrats put on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae to ram through weak loans to people that normally wouldn’t qualify for mortgages, that greatly contributed to this economic banking meltdown. And who do you think received campaign contributions from those institutions? Yes, democrats and Obama I am afraid. What a shame. So much for change. Will the dominant media address this? Only time will tell.

  21. Gotta love the drivel coming out of “IrishAmerican.”

    Hey, since you LOVE lame, right-wing talking points so much, let me offer you one:

    LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! IF you want to live under Palin rule so much, move the hell to Alaska and stay there!

  22. Did you know how to count 2+2,because how you like Palin to be a President not Vice President? Are you in hurry?It does mean that you are praying now that Mccain will die of Skin Cancer and probably Heart Disease,that PALIN replace him?.You are a Trator. Please go back to Irland,We don’t need you here in America.You are Moron too, because Palin can’t even explain what Bush Doctrine,she doesn’t read News paper,Russia is near Alasca(everybody knows it)and finally she reciting her debate.Where not that stupid,everybody knows that she is like News Moderator.Oh common you don’t know what are you talking about!GO HOME WHERE YOU LIVE ,BUT NOT HERE IN USA¨!!!!!

  23. I think you have no idea what is Palin’s Dotrine! She is the Most stupid running for VP in America. She try to flirt men of winking them,makes like Barbie doll impressionist, And please open your eyes and your ears,something disturbed.YOU are a PARASITES!!!! listen again the devate of VP,then ask Political Analyst.and you will be ashamed for your self¨! BASTARD!!!

  24. Why you can’t accept the facts that Biden won,look all news paper,news arround the World,Tv sender,Radio sender,and in Political analsyt responds. Are you soo desparate to know the truth.If you like Peace, then talk your Enemy.just like the Bible said.If somebody thow you a stone, then throw it back with Bread.That sis the way what exactly OBAMA/BIDEN DO.God bless you and Pray to your SIN!!!

  25. But being a student of modern electoral television politics, the age of Obama, W/Rove politics has demonstrated that given the corporate media control of US news outlets, to read beneath the surface of the spin, one truly needs to do more research than what we are being fed. This research is not being done by the large majority of the US electorate and their political memory in today’s overstimulated society is very very short. In 2011, Sarah Palin can reinvent herself like a new season in a sitcom and present a very different image than the one we see now in 2008 and fortunate or not, many Americans will buy in to it. If she can continue building on her grassroots base, it will be a force to be reckoned with by 2011.

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