Palin Denies That Her Obama/Ayers Remarks Are Racially Tinged

ImageWhile speaking to reporters in Long Beach, CA, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin denied an AP analysis of her recent remarks suggesting that Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers is akin to Obama palling around with terrorists were racially tinged.

Palin said, “The Associated Press is wrong. The comments are about an association that has been known but hasn’t been talked about. I think it’s fair to talk about where Barack Obama kicked off his political career, in the guy’s living room. Palin also kept up the smear, It’s important for Americans to know. It’s really important for Americans to start knowing who the real Barack Obama is.”

The AP analysis by Douglass K. Daniel was careful to point out that Palin was not engaging in overt racism, but her remarks were designed to create a subtext, “Palin’s words avoid repulsing voters with overt racism. But is there another subtext for creating the false image of a black presidential nominee ‘palling around’ with terrorists while assuring a predominantly white audience that he doesn’t see their America?”

I do agree with Mr. Daniel in the respect that her remarks were designed to create a subtext, but I don’t think that subtext was racially based. I think that they were trying revive the failed theme that Obama is a radical who hates America. Palin was lying when she said that the Obama/Ayers association had not been talked about. The topic was not only talked about by Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary campaign, but she also ran TV ads trying to raise doubts about Obama due to his association with Ayers.

What Palin is trying to do is straight out of the GOP 2004 playbook. She is trying to create a scandal and doubts about Obama’s character, but what happened to John Kerry in 2004, Obama already faced these tactics in the primary, and is ready for them now. What happened here is that Palin tried to Swiftboat Obama, but the media isn’t playing along this time, so her offensive move has ended up putting the McCain campaign on the defensive.

Palin defends her comments

Palin’s original remarks

50 Replies to “Palin Denies That Her Obama/Ayers Remarks Are Racially Tinged”

  1. This lady keeps stepping into a pile of it. When will she learn? When will the McCain campaign learn? Obama was eight (8) years old when all of this happened…eight not eighteen, not twenty-eight, not thirty-eight. What about the economy, can she and McCain speak to that? These smear tactics will not work. What we do know that is very true, McCain has voted with Bush 95 per cent of the time. True fact!!!

  2. I don’t see that it matters when Obama knew these people. the fact is he knows them and has worked along side of or with these people during his political rise. that should be an issue. by association he would not be given security clearence to work at any federal job that requires security clearence. now we want to hand him the keys to the United States of America. guilt by association is used in all federal positions to determine qualifications. True Fact…

  3. Gov. Palin has proven herself adept at parroting talking points while avoiding anything voters really want to know. Wonder if Karl Rove supplied her with this line…
    As voters, shouldn’t we be entitled to know if Gov. Palin is closer than a heartbeat away? As McCain’s performance becomes shakier–and his behavior increasingly enigmatic–voters should see his entire medical history, not carefully selected excerpts revealed to hand-picked journalists. If this is still a democracy, we should have full disclosure as to McCain’s health. McCain may not be perfect, but Palin is terrifying. See for physician concerns re McCain’s health.

  4. You want McCain’s medical history but do not Obama’s association history to be talked about. I don’t understand. Please explain

  5. No its not! As someone looking to a federal job graduation I can tell for certain that guilt by association is not used in the clearance criteria. Now maybe you got turned down and believe that to be the case but simply are not true, yet again another republican lie. Next someone like Palin who was in the Alaska Independence party which is a radical secessionist movement calling for Alaska to become independent from the United States, should not throw stones. No matter how hard she tries to deny the truth is her name in on the books and the party agrees that she was a member.
    Both of these link show that she was a member.

  6. Obama’s association history has already been talked about, ad nauseum. It didn’t work when Hilary brought it up, it won’t work now. Give it a rest and stick to the issues: the economy, immigration, healthcare, unemployment, etc. I now say something Gwen Ifill should have said to Gov. Palin last Thursday, “Stop changing the subject and answer the damn question(s).” Oh yeah, in regard to McCain’s health, come clean and release the records. We need to know if he would even survive a first term. That piece of information would definately send undecideds to the polls. President Palin? Absolutely NOT!

  7. I’m sick of hearing that Obama was 8years old when that asshole
    Ayers and his band of nogoods killed a policeman with a pipe bomb.
    He knows it now, and yet Obama kicked started his poitical career
    in Ayers living room, what a guy! True fact!!!

  8. The Repubicans are known for their fear tactics and smear tactics. This is business as usual. She is McCain’s attack dog and has no experience in being the PRESIDENT of the United States. I blame John McCain for choosing someone so indequate to step in as vice president in a time of crisis. All he cares about is winning. He dosn’t care about the American People and the hardships they are facing. Sarah Palin is not qualified to be VP, John McCain’s erratic behavor tells me HE SHOULD NOT BE PRESIDENT!

  9. The only reason Palin has not been dropped from the RIP Ticket, is because of white privilege. No other race on the face of this earth, could demonstrate such utter stupidity or lack of knowledge which is hidden behind a bogus scripted image, and continue to be viewed by the white race as qualified for anything, especially a VP. For those of you who cowardly pretend you are not prejudice, I hope I live to witness the day when our race has become the minority. It is a provable fact, that the injustice of hate through racial disparity, is coming full circle. The exact mistreatment of others that you illustrate daily, I pray our children and grandchildren will not experience it on a first hand basis, but most will not be so fortunate. There are some elements of life that are meant to be extinct, white privilege is at the top of the list. Yes, Palin is an embarrassment, but attempting to hide the truth is BS!

  10. If it should be “guilt buy association”, then McCain is guilty of being in bed with the Keeting Five, of which he is one.

  11. Let me explain to you my friend. Obama’s association with this guy is nill in thiselection and why? First of all Ayers was not convicted of ANY CRIME, much like JOHN McCAIN with the KEATING FIVE. Secondly, Ayers is a well respected professor at a prestigious college (Can’t say that for McCain or Palin), which bviously indicates that whatever was in Ayers past has long been exonerated! Now as for McCains health, that is a current and very relevant issue. Why, because if there is any such possibility of him becoming terminally are critically ill, buess what – we have a mad pitbull with no clue in the white house =Thanks but not thank – wink, wink!

  12. Hey, its true, people I talk to are in love with her looks, her speech, her glasses, her heels, a nice set of criterion to look for in a leader of a country. Its plain racism that a lot of, not just white folks, but get this, hispanics, do not want to see an African American in the White House. Shockingly, we are in the most advanced nation in the world??

  13. Obama’s association with an admitted terrorist is not a racial issue unless he was planning to use the connection for some sort of race war.

  14. Some of these remarks remind me of a segment on All in the Family were Archie had to fire two workers on the loading dock were he was a foremen. One black (who was a hard worker) and one white(who told jokes and kept everyone laughing)and if he fired the white worker who was entertaining everyone. the white workers would be mad at him; so he fired the hard working black man. Guess what? He came home every night tired as a working dog and a backache because while the white guy was telling jokes he had to work harder because the work still had to be done and by him being the foreman, he had to make up the slack. Some people would rather cut off their own noses than vote for a black person who could get the job done. A lot of people are still stuck in the 60’s. That’s why we are in this fix now. We voted to put a retared in the White House because we were concern about who Pres. Clinton was sleeping with and let Bush steal the votes and then we put him back in the White House.

  15. If you associate with white supremacy KKK, Nazi, whether yesterday, 20 years ago, or 2 years ago, people have the right to question. Why can’t it be applied to Obama? Matter of fact Ayers was not at all remorseful about his past terrorist activities and even as recently as 2001 went on to say that USA deserved 911.
    Refresh your memory. Remember the late UN Chief Kurt Waldheim ? Memories are short.
    Under Hussien Obama we hope and pray we do not become another Republic of Liberia (

  16. She questions him publicly, smears Obama and lets the campaign take the heat. She’s drawing bigger crowds than he is, she figures he’s washed up and She’s shooting for 2012. Guess MCCain didn’t realize what he was getting himself into. Seems all those charges we heard about Hilary apply double with Palin, She’d sell her kids for a chance to be president. Ruthless!

  17. talk about being in denial ,Palin has been investigated more in 5 weeks than obama has since he started. I defy any of you to read about ayers and the Chicago Annenburg Challenge If you still think Obama deserves a pass ad acorn both tie Obama and Ayers togetherand this is only the tip of the iceburg. Don’t presume to think that little has been said means there is nothing there. Research this for yourself.

  18. I agree with you absolutely. McCain’s choice of Palin shows profound poor judgment and incredible irresponsibility. That old-goat McCain is just a heartbeat from the grave, and he chooses Palin as his successor?! The thought of Palin as president is horrifying! Palin would be nothing more than a puppet for the greedy-corrupt Washington insiders, and the fat cats on Wall street will be LOL, as they behave more recklessly and shamelessly than ever, while robbing and looting the U.S. treasury. Moreover, this country would be immobolized, crippled by unimaginable, enormous debt. This, in turn, would give China the courage, impetus, and opportunity it needs invade and conquer the country. Hence, a McCain/Palin presidency would be more than a nightmare of epidemic proportions, it would mean Doomsday for America!!

    In my opinion, Palin is utterly stupid, outrageously incompetent, and a downright ridiculous choice as VP. Palin has simply gotten by on her looks and being in the right place at the right time, cause we know it sure could not have been her brains! In fact, McCain should be competely ashamed of his choice and withdraw from the presedential race himself!!

  19. I had read that she is not fair to the Native population in her own state of Alaska. Firing those Natives who hold office, and not even backing up her own mother in law how was running for office. Her mother in law is a Native Alaskan. Now if she is attacking Senator Obama, why would she say he was connected to Terrorists? He is not the right color. Excuse me on anyone who thinks that Senator Obama is tied to terrorist. The Patriot Act??? Does anyone know what that is about??? Senator Obama would not even be around if he had close ties to any terrorist group, muslim group, or the Taliban. Give me a break.

  20. I don’t identify with this selfproclaimed hockey mom Sarah Palin! I have met hockey moms before, and they are egotistical, selfish, loud mouth, brashy, trash women. They sit on the sidelines yelling at other parents. They are back stabbers who are nice to your face and talk about your kid behind your back. I DO NOt agree with them and what they stand for. And their lipstick, painted, smiles are two faced. Sarah Palin is acting just like a trashy hockey mom, and it doesn’t surprise me that she is slinging trash at Obama. What a terrible woman. Another thing that bothers me is her pregnant daughter. Everyone said she was a beautiful person for allowing her daughter to have the baby. What about JamieLynn Spears?? I can’t see the duplicity in this. One woman who’s 17 yr old daughter is a good mother, and the other is a bad one. Come on!

  21. I agree with your comments completely, however it would’ve been pointless for Gwen Ifill to insist that Palin answer the questions put to her in the debate, rather than changing the subject back to Alaska again and again. The fact is, this woman is as empty-headed as W and unless she is carefully scripted by McCain’s handlers, she can’t give a clear and concise answer on any subject. It’s an amusing spectical, every time she opens her mouth, or gives a ridiculous wink instead of an intelligent answer. I suppose her “folksy” strategy is nothing more than hoping all us Joe Six-Pack Americans out here are as stupid as she hopes we are and buy into it. We’ll find out in a few weeks…

  22. remember, McCain voted to oppose a holiday for MLK, Jr., because he was “not like us”, now..Gov. Palin played the race card with her statement to an all white crowd.”he doesn’t see America like us”! and you want them to be Pres./VP?? if your eyes are not blue enough, you may not be “just like them”.. speaking of crime/association: McCain association w/Charles Keating..his pre-prison record in the NAVAL AIR FORCE,,Cindy’s father/uncle jail sentences served,,ooohh, his adulterous relationship w/Cindy when his wife/children mother was disfigured in an auto accident,,AND PALIN…is a back stabber,, McCain better watch his back, she wants to be PRESIDENT SOON,, we know she doesn’t honor the USA Constitution becasue she ignored a legal subpoena..her husband did also, and he is not running for office!! Can you ignored a Court Order Subpoena?? but,, you want her to lead USA!! get real,,she won’t let you read any,,,none of her 1100 e-mails..whats she hiding?? I betcha its back-stabbing statements!! lol

  23. Who is this women?? What gives her the right to talk about Obama. What about her miss dealings? That’s present, who is going to address her issues? What is she above the laws of the land? I feel that she has a lot to hide. Anyone that’s winking and blinking on national TV and talking about being a leader in the free world, that shows that something is missing in her head. What dose it say about John McCain to choose such a person, out of all the great female leaders that we have in this country. Why would he choose such a person with tha kind of mind set. The last person that I incounter, winking and blinking was a hooker.A person with a mind set such as that need no office in Washington DC. Scandel we don’t need. Not to say that she’s one but…..and the GOP I guess have got to go alone with this because that’s the choice they were given. What if this was a black woman running for the highest office in the land, winking and blinking? I could see the headlines now.

  24. Once again, they are saying that ANY criticism of Obama, no matter what it is, is “racist.” Perhaps I am just “a typical white person” (as Obama called his grandmother….a racist remark?) but I don’t see how pointing out Obama’s associations with these dangerous radicals is racist. Ayers is white, and an unrepentant terrorist; Rezko is a Syrian born Muslim, and convicted criminal; Rev. Wright and Louis Farakhan are black racists, but Father Pflager is white. Saul Alinsky was a white Communist. Reila Odinga was a black Kenyan Communist. Obama’s close ties to these people, and to ACORN (which had a BIG part in bringing about our current financial crisis) deserve close scrutiny. Obama seems to have pursued an “equal opportunity” policy in closely associating with anti American radicals and organizations (and benefiting financially and politically from those associations). Why is mentioning these things “racist”?

  25. He may have been 8 when this occured, but he sure in the hell wasnt 8 when Obama launched his candidacy in his house was he? Just by being there he justifies his actions. No one said anything about race..why does it always come down to racism when someone critizes Obama? Because he is inciting racism. He is the racist!

  26. So, with your theory then, if Sen John McKiar lived next do to a communist 30 years ago, then he must be a communist. ASbout the same comjparison woudnt u say???


    Plaintiff :
    vs. :CIVIL ACTION NO: 08-cv- 04083
    Defendants :

    Plaintiff :
    vs. :CIVIL ACTION NO: 08-cv- 04083
    Defendants :
    COMPLAINT PURSUANT TO RULE 12(b)(1) and 12(b)(6)
    THIS CAUSE came before the United States District Court Judge, Honorable R.
    Barclay Surrick on Defendant’s Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic National
    Committee’s Motion to Dismiss. Having reviewed the Motion and Plaintiff’s Opposition
    to said Motion and for good cause shown, it is hereby
    ORDERED that the Motion to Dismiss pursuant to F.R.C.P. 12(b)(1) and
    12(b)(6) is DENIED. It is further ORDER of this Court that the following discovery is
    to be turned over to Plaintiff within three (3) days:
    1. Obama’s “vault” version (certified copy of his “original” long version)
    Birth Certificate; and
    2. A certified copy of Obama’s Certification of Citizenship;
    3. A Certified copy of Obama’s Oath of Allegiance.
    Dated: September ______, 2008
    Hon. R. Barclay Surrick
    United States District Court Judge
    For the Eastern District of PA
    BERG v. OBAMA et al Doc. 13

  28. I believe that the McCain campaign has sunk to a new low when vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin said that Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists” because of his association with a 1960s domestic radical.

    In light of that fact, isn’t it fair for the Democrats to discuss (1) The Sarah Palin investigation where inquiries are being held into her role in the firing of Alaska’s top police official and her judgement and (2) Mrs Palin’s parental skills and judgement which allowed her Unwed Teenage Daughter to become pregnant?

  29. Sarah Palin is playing in the hands of the Rebubs. She’s stupid and has no clue that she’s being used by them.

  30. Will do or say anything to smear an Individuals character.When the election is over we will never hear the name Sara Palin again. Who?

  31. I am sure that if you check the family roots of 99.9 % of white America You will find KKK family members.You probably have a discussionn at Thanksgiving about the good old days. But times are changing. Lets see how you like the other end of the Tree.

  32. Who really cares about what Obama or McCain did in the past. I want to know how they are planning on dealing with our current issues. The only one that has explained this is Obama’s campaign. McCain doesn’t have a leg to stand on or a plan on how to change our current status. So instead of telling us what he’s going to do to fix our situation, he’s throwing stones at Obama to distract from the real issues. He messed up by choosing a dim-wit running mate with investigation issues. Using her to be the bulldog for the republicans. “Palin, don’t throw stones when your closet isn’t clean either.” Palin’s debating skills helped this independent choose Obama. I can’t stand it when my questions are totally ignored. Those issues were important to Americans.

  33. McCain’s health history is real and could result in his inablility to hold office. Melanoma is a serious cancer and he has had it at least twice. This makes Gov. Palin a real possibility as President; most people don’t find that a very comforting thought.

    The Ayers conncection is trumped up. If Ayers should have wound up in jail, thats not Obama fault. As reported in the NY Times, Mayor Richard J Daly and others acknowledge he has become a productive member of the comunity, particularly in education. I know lots of people in my neighborhood that I say Hi to and have done charity work with. That doesn’t mean they have any influence on my life or that I am at all close to them.

    Sarah Failin is trying to make a connection where there is none.

  34. The acorn does not far from the tree. Sarah Palin herself was pregnant before she was married. She and her hubby eloped,she then gave birth 8 months later to their first child.



  37. Just to get this right- I am voting for obama

    Now onto my little beef with what you said.

    I think your first point is a fair discussion in this election. The second I think is ridiculous. How many people have sex out of wedlock? A whole heck of a lot let me tell you. Any one of them could get pregnant though most are not looking for it to happen. I think a lot of things come down to the individual and not the parent when “children” get to be in high school. You can teach them what YOU believe to be right and moral but ultimately it is up to them and their own decisions.

    Now personally I think the resultant marriage that they are planning is the biggest version of a shotgun wedding that I have ever seen but that doesn’t really get talked about either.

    end rant

  38. Please check your facts. McCain was NOT convicted of any crime in the Keating Five. In fact he was the only one who was exonerated. Do you think it is not relevant to this country and this election who Obama associates with and his past history? We have so little information on him that all information becomes relevant.

  39. It seems like there’s a number of you out there that has a problem with Obama’s middle name. What difference does that make, anyway? A person’s name doesn’t define his/her character whatsoever. But for those of you who still whining about it, quick reminder: The second to last King of Jordan-whose name just happened to be Hussein I-pushed for and succeeded in securing a peace treaty with Israel. Which is still in effect even today if you keep up with those current events. Now for those of you still supporting Palin, your girl once supported her husband when he joined up with the Alaskan Independence Party. Their ambition was to break Alaska from the rest of the country. Which means if they succeeded, Palin would NOT be on the ballot right now. Another way of saying this is Ms. Palin would not be a U.S. citizen, unable to cite the Pledge of Allegiance, have the U.S. flag in Alaska, or have the Star-Spangled Banner to be played there if the AIP had their way. Bottom line is that Sarah Palin-a potential separatist-is in no position to make critical statements towards anyone and that will cost her, John McCain, and the Republicans the elections this year and others to come.

  40. What the freak does that matter. A muslim can’t become President of the U.S. An African American can’t become President of the U.S. A Puerto Rican can’t become President of the……..

  41. Keep everyone focused on Obama until the election so nobody is looking at her. She laid on her back, and spread her legs, to get to the top. Obama didn’t. And yes, the innuendo she has thrown out there time again IS racial motivated, but can not be publically admitted to. She “TOLERATES” bi-racial people, but they just don’t get our America. Well, I for one can not “tolerate” her any longer. She has sickened me. McCain said last night in the debate, American government doesn’t have time to train someone with little experience. The comment directed at Obama. Sooo……I guess he just kicked himself in the butt, as well as Palin. America doesn’t have time to train her either. Get her out of there now!!

  42. I am so glad someone is finally asking the tough questions of Obama!! He’s such a liar, and he smooth talks his way out of everything because he knows he has the liberal media on his side! Well, I’m tired of it — and I respect the McCain campaign for finally taking off the boxing gloves. After this point, if Americans are STUPID enough to vote for a man with racist and terrorist ties, then they will fully deserve what the next four years will bring them!!

  43. STOP using the racist card, people!!!! It is getting SO freakin’ old!!! If you can’t do anything but scream “He’s black, leave him alone” every time the McCain campaign says anything that makes you worry you’ll lose — then go home!!! It is sad and pathetic at how quickly people scream foul when Palin says something that has NOTHING to do with race — AND YET when Obama’s known pastor and FRIEND spewed hatred toward white people in a video — it’s okay. Is there a double standard here are something???? It’s okay for black people to be racist, but not for white people? What does this say to young people?

  44. I just can not believe that someone would go through all of this trouble to make a point. America is full of crazy ass whites.

  45. Here we go again, people digging up dumb ass shit just to make Obama look like some sort of muslim, man I think that whitey is getting what they dished out during the jim crow era. Yes this Country is headed for a time when the color of someones skin does not matter, and white people can’t stand the thought of being viewed as normal and equal to eveyone else. What a shame. Poor white folk.

  46. Did’t you just complain about people using the race card? But it’s ok for you to start using it by bringing up Obama issues? You are as, if not part of the problem. Also, I may add, crazy ass hell.

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