Pittsburgh McCain Supporter Attack Story Is a Hoax

ImageWPXI is reporting that the story of a politically motivated attack against a McCain supporter in Pittsburgh is a hoax. Ashley Todd made up the story of mugging that turned into a political attack after the mugger noticed a McCain bumper sticker on her car.

A police source told the television station that she had made the whole thing up. It is likely that her injuries including a B carved into her cheek were self inflicted. As a Western Pennsylvania, this story sounded dubious from the beginning. It didn’t make sense why she was not on the ATM video. In fact, if you know the area, the whole story didn’t make much sense. Pittsburgh isn’t known for violence, much less politically motivated violence.

Either Ms. Todd is a Republican who was trying to help McCain/Palin in the state, or she is just a desperate attention seeker who was looking for a little fame. What troubled me was the racial element and implications in her story. A tall black man attacked her and told her that he was going to make her an Obama supporter. The whole idea of trying to fuel a racial divide either to help a presidential campaign or as a stunt to get attention is sick and sad.

Maybe this stuff plays in Texas, but in Pennsylvania, this stuff isn’t going to fly. I don’t know maybe this was a designed appeal to the racist redneck vote. Pittsburgh has its racial problems, but I don’t believe that there are politically active muggers roaming the streets of Bloomfield. Pittsburgh is a city that prides itself on friendliness and its small town feel.

If this was a political stunt, it sounds like it was thought up by a dumb college Republican. Of course, the police would take such an allegation seriously, because if true, it would give the whole city a bad name. Pittsburgers are very proud of their city, and I hope that Todd either gets the mental help she needs or gets sent to jail.

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  1. As we know, someone who is interested in branding someone with a B would write it backwards… sort of like if someone did it while staring at a mirror… ;-)

  2. ….and for anyone under the influence of the liberal “kool-aid”, you gotta wonder what in the republican world she was drinking. I hope there’s some sanity surrounding us, and enough to support this troubled person

    …..and I’m not talking “governmental support.”

  3. the backwards B gave it away,
    i didnt need this story to come out.

    “I don’t know maybe this was a designed appeal to the racist redneck vote”

    YA THINK ???

    6’4″ big black man gives little white college girl a black eye and knife to the face scaring her for life
    and its NOT supposed to have anything to dowith RACE ?

    Jeez, im white, and i picked that up pretty easy…


  4. It was the backward B that gave the whole thing away for me immediately, for once during a high school “spirit week” I actually did this exact thing before realizing the problem. Also, in the story that I had read earlier in the day, the wound was EXTREMELY superficial, described as more of a light scratch of the surface and would not be a permanent scar. Her story also changed several times during the course of her police interviews. I think the girl wanted both, a little attention to herself but also thought that the stunt might assist the McCain/Palin campaign. However, when asked to take a polygraph, I think that was enough to scare her into the truth. Personally, I think this was nothing more than a sick scheme thought up by a deseparate college student.

  5. Ashley Todd does need to get some help, but she needs to get it where she came from…back home in the northeast. Yip, this “redneck” is one of the east coast’s own…who moved to Texas to go to college like thousands of others. She went home to see her family in Pa and pulled this little stunt. Do us a favor, keep your freaks at home. We deal with enough of them moving down here as it is.

  6. When is an adult an adult? When does someone stop becoming a kid? She is 20 years old and I know 20 years old, both men and women defending their country right now with some of them dying.
    She tried to play the “race” card and now she is playing the helpless sick young woman card. Lets face facts; everyone is sensitive to crimes involving someone black and someone white. And we had three crimes that I can recall, that had gained national attention, which were based off of lies. The guy in Boston who killed his pregnant wife but blamed it on a black man. The scares on the community are still around on that one. Susan Smith who drown her kids, claiming that a black man carjacked her and she even had a police sketch done. And of course, lets not forget the Duke Lacrosse rape case that turned out to be false. Ruined the lies of 3 young men, soiled the reputation of a university and town.
    In this case, this young woman thought her stunt would help take down a presidential candidate because this would be the type of story that would get legs. Her overall message is to shout out to the world is that if Obama were to be elected, his supporters would be dangerous to society.
    She also knew that if this stunt didn’t work, she could claim mental instability. She knows that society gives break to young white women who look like the girl next door. She doesn’t need help, she needs to be prosecuted to be taught a lesson, because if this were a young black male who lied, no one would be saying that he is sick and needs help. Don’t sugar coat what she did. The price you pay for filing a false police report that garners national attention is that you get to be made an example of.

  7. A tall black man attacked her and told her that he was going to make her an Obama supporter. The whole idea of trying to fuel a racial divide either to help a presidential campaign or as a stunt to get attention is sick and sad.


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