McCain: Palin Lives a Frugal Life

ImageProbably the last thing John McCain wanted to do on NBC’s Meet the Press was defend the $150,000 spent on Sarah Palin’s clothing, but Tom Brokaw asked about it and after some fumbling McCain called Palin a role model to millions and said that the American people don’t care about her clothes.

Brokaw asked McCain if the RNC’s spending of $150,000 on Palin’s clothes was a colossal mistake. McCain answered, “Look, she lives a frugal life. She and her family are not wealthy. She and her family were thrust into this, and there was some–and some third of that money is given back, the rest will be donated to charity. Look, Americans right now care about whether they’re going to stay in their homes, whether they’re going to have a job, whether they’re going to be able to keep their health insurance, if we’re going to come out of this ditch that we’re in. They want change. They want reform. She is a role model to millions and millions and millions of Americans.”

McCain didn’t answer the question which was not about Palin’s lifestyle, but the Republicans decision to spend $150,000 not on a closely contested congressional race, or efforts to get out the vote in a swing state, but to make his running mate look pretty. To me, this clothing and stylist fiasco says a great deal about the priorities of the McCain campaign. Nobody would care if Palin spent her own money on clothes and stylists, but the point is that a cash strapped operation put style ahead of winning.

One of the reasons why I think that this story has struck a chord is that it seems out of touch when people are losing their homes and jobs to have a political party spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on clothes and style. To put this into a practical context, it was announced last week that the average price of a home in the United States has fallen to $190,959. This means that the Republicans have spent as much on Palin’s clothes and style as the average American pays for their house.

It is a joke for McCain to insist that Palin is a hero to millions. She has turned into the third least popular Republican in the country trailing on George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. McCain is right that the American people are worried about their homes and jobs, and this is exactly why Palin’s clothing expenses send the wrong message. Palin’s clothing and styling costs are a perfect metaphor for the entire McCain campaign which has valued style over substance and gimmicks ahead of ideas.

Transcript of McCain on Meet the Press

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  1. Sure, her salary is over 160,00 per year. If Todd got a well paying job, and stopped being a “shadow Gov”… Perhaps, their lifestyle could change. Oh no, wait. Bristol is pregnant and the babies father is a HS drop out. So I guess that means, they will be supporting them. Yes, Todd needs to get a real job for a change. Then Sarah can just keep having babies, and running Alaska. The people may recall her, anyway… Opps, Todd will really have to get a job.

  2. I would imagine all of the male candidates for any office have had suits made or expenses like gas for their airplanes etc. Let’s stop the sexism for just a day,

  3. Sarah would not be considered properly attired in her Moose hunting outfits to campaign for McCain. Have you ever shopped for clothes in Alaska? The lass, and her family needed a hand. Compare the $150,000 to the $150,000,000 plus that Obama is spending to get himself elected. He only promotes himself and no one else in his party.

  4. Is this an example of McCain knowing how to cut costs??!! If he can’t control his own campaign spending, how can he be trusted to control government spending??!!

  5. That 150K is a drop in the bucket compared to what the Dem’s are spending on stupid adds, Wall street Bail out and a private jet to visit a sick grandma. Get a grip.

  6. You are correct on the 150k a drop in the bucket. If people and media would stop and question exactly how much Senator Obama’s suits costs for his appearances in public instead of grasping on everything that Gov. Palin or Senator McCain does or does not do, it would be a more unbiased election. By that I mean, the media is always criticizing what the Republicans do and never anything that the Democrats are doing wrong. I hate to say this, but I am a registered Democrat, but will be voting Republican this time. The media has drug the Republican candidates in the mud because of President Bush.

  7. THANK YOU very much for this comment! Everything said in your statement is correct. No one thinks of the amount that Obama is spending. That never comes up. The media is good in certain circumstances, but when they are biased and present themselves that way, then they’re good for nothing because the average Joe decides who they will vote for by what they here on TV. Everytime you turn on the tv, you’re hearing something negative about the Republicans. I wonder if anyone even questions the amount of money it costs Obama to fly to Hawaii to visit his grandmother and who picked up the tab for that. The media certainly hasn’t mentioned it, nor will they. Biased.

  8. Wow. Just wow.

    Obama went to visit his ill Grandmother. By all reports it may be the last chance he gets to see the woman who raised him… I don’t begrudge him the use of the campaign jet at all. But to even compare that to the shopping spree the Repulicans took is plain and simply a heartless indication of your priorities.

    As for how much Obama is spending to get himself elected… What a blatantly false comparison. We’re not talking the millions Obama is spending to get elected vs the thousands the RNC spent on clothes, we’re talking the millions Obama is spending against the millions the RNC is spending plus the 150 000 they spent on her clothes. Not to mention that the highest member of the McCain campaign staff was recently revealed to be… wait for it, the makeup artist they hired for Palin. I kid you not. They pulled in the former head of the makeup department for the TV show “So you think you can dance”…

    Really, everyone need makeup if they’re going to be in the public eye, but considering she was third in the Miss Alaska pageant isn’t this just a bit ridiculous?

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