Palin : It Does Seem the Coronation is Already Set

ImageIn Tampa, FL Sarah Palin launched into in attack on the media and Barack Obama. She claims that the media and Obama are acting like the race is over.

“You kinda get the feeling that the Obama campaign thinks this whole election process is just a formality. They’ve overlooked, though, the minor detail of earning your confidence and your trust and winning your vote. And judging from the media coverage, it does seem the coronation is already set,” Palin said. The rouge running mate seems to be overlooking the fact that the Obama campaign is going out of its way to guard against overconfidence. They constantly are reminding their supporters that this race is far from over.

Palin also defended her negative style of campaigning, “It is not mean-spirited and it is not negative campaigning to call someone out on their record, and their plans and their associations. It is not negative campaigning. It is fairness to you, to the voters, that we talk about this.” So saying that your opponent palls around with terrorists is not negative campaigning? That’s a new one to me. With or without the full blessing of the McCain campaign, Palin has run a negative campaign against Obama that has harmed her more than Obama.

There is a two part strategy behind Palin’s remarks. First, she wants to motivate her fellow Republicans with the potential for Democratic control. The second part of this is that she is trying to inspire a false sense of confidence in Democrats and deter some Independents from showing up on Election Day. Maybe the last best chance that McCain/Palin has of winning the election is to motivate their base while discouraging the Obama supporters from voting. Their hope is that if Obama supporters think that their vote isn’t needed, they might not bother to show up.

It is always a bad sign for any campaign when they have to try the rally the troops by telling them not to pay attention to any of the polls. If anything, the polls underestimate Obama’s strength, because first time voters are not being polled. As far as the media is concerned, generally speaking, they are not covering the close of this race with the same kind of intensity that has existed for the past 20 months.

In part this is because both campaigns are playing it very safe down the stretch. There isn’t much news being made, but also, it is clear that this election is going in a single direction, and the polls aren’t moving much. Palin is trying to rally the base, because that is all she is good for. She has no popularity, credibility, or purpose. Every time she speaks, one can never be sure if she is helping or hurting the campaign. Either way, I suspect that her claims of Obama overconfidence are not being taken seriously.


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  1. Well, McCain guaranteed an election night victory earlier today, and now Palin is saying the coronation is too early. I guess the McCain/Palin ticket got a visit from Diebold’s CEO this week…

  2. philhu; there are reports coming in from various analysts that say that this election is going to be a LOT like the 2000 election, probably worse. You KNOW the repubs aren’t going to go down without a lot of biting, scratching, and clawing!

  3. You people are Kool-Aide drinking idiots!!! You’re all just ‘Headline’ readers. I’m not a Palin fan, but I know she’s not a bad as the press has made her out to be.

    BTW, if Obama taxes the rich. They take their money and businesses to a different country, like Mexico. Then who’s gonna give you a job?

    Higher taxes on business means less production and fewer jobs. God!!!! Don’t be stupid.

  4. I think the single biggest mistake the Republicans have made is the constant focus on negative campaigning and the constant repetition of things that have already been proven to be lies. The American people are already on to these tricks and they are ineffective.

    First, I believe the American people know that a constant focus on negative campaigning means you have nothing good to say about your own campaign. Second, Americans are VERY familiar with Joseph Goebbels belief that the more you tell a lie, the more people tend to believe it is true. So, the constant lies from the Republican side don’t gain any ground either.

    Believe me, we Democrats are taking NOTHING for granted till election day is over, then we will see how it tallies out. Our leaders are constantly telling us to keep up the work, and work harder than ever, and to not count our chickens before they are hatched.

    So, anything Palin has to say along these lines is simply wasted verbiage – but she is not smart enough to know this.

  5. The GOP Base is so in love with Sarah Baracuda we may not be totally done with her after this year’s election…especially if President (almost) elect Obama gets mired in an intractable economic situation, further complications in the wars in Iraq/Afganistan/Los Angeles, etc.

  6. As my late husband always said..”it’s not over till the fat lady sings” (diehard cub fan) and hopefully every democrat who said they were going to vote, GET OUT & VOTE! There’s still work to do.

  7. Sarah is not engaging in negative campaigning. She is simply trying to get you people to realize what it is you are rooting for. Do you really want what this man is promising, or do you just think its cool to vote for the first black president? Honestly, have any of you ever met an honest nigger? Exactly!

  8. Everyone, wnat to make some money? Buy Stock in Kleenix, since sarah is crying, the stock should go up in value…..

  9. If mainland Americans hate people from Alaska so much, maybe they should secede from from the Union, they have talked about it in the past !! They have a great leader with over 80% approval rating, and their State under her leadership is in much better shape than the rest of the Union, and they would probably be in even better shape without the mainland Politicians !!

  10. Sarah knows it. And she is mocking ya’ll. And you can’t even see it, can you?

    You don’t mind being caricatures of yourselves, do you? Caricatures of the great thinkers that founded this nation. Caricatures with no respect for the right to vote, or the right to free speech. Unless it is YOUR vote. And YOUR free speech.

    I am embarrassed for my once great (former) party. To have gone so far afield… into the world of the elitist privileged. You cannot be recognized as Democrats any more.

    Heaven help us if the American people do not wake up to the masquerade and remove the Obama mask once and for all.

    Obama is NOT a Democrat. And he is NOT good for the Democratic party.

  11. You think Sarah isn’t engaging in negative campaigning. I can see why. Your comments are negative and racist. Shame on you, using the “N” word. I find that word right up there with the “F” word. By the way, I’m caucasian but base my impressions of people by their actions, not the color of their skin nor their race. My mother taught me that I am not better than anyone else. We are all humans, we are all Americans. People like you need to stay to yourself until you are able to stop hating.

  12. I couldn’t agree more George. This woman is not for women, nor for this country. She is all about Sarah. Charging the State of Alaska to cart her children around, Abusing her power to get a former brother-in-law fired, parading around in a $150,000 wardrobe while the economy is in the toilet. She’s now started to bite the hand that feeds her by fighting with McCain’s aides. She’d be best to head back to Alaska-isn’t it moose season now?

  13. never met an honest cracker either. That’s why the country is so screwed up–the likes of you dumb ass people thinking you know it all and are finding out you don’t and won’t continue to control America. We are finally becoming the majority and that is what makes you racist white folks mad—there are fewer of you than us now!! Check the facts, the ceo’s and corporate folks we just bailed out are all white folks—-now whose the nigger now!!! DUMB ASS!!! how honest were they when they went broke and stole all the money!! where is honesty in that—BONEHEAD!!!!

  14. 150K on her wardrobe is just the begining of the money she will spend on herself and family. She says she understands the common woman. Well no common woman I know would spend donated money like that. If it were her own i could understand it totally. McCain’ wife probably refused to be seen with her in public dressed like that.

  15. Well,’pitbull with lipstick’ , you can start packing any time, because you and McCain are NOT going to be in the new administration. YIPPEEEEE !

  16. “Never met an honest cracker…” Hello, who is the racist?!?! Racism doesn’t go one way, your comment shows that while this country is becoming more diverse and more accepting, you, yourself, will keep racism going!

  17. You are SO right, George! It’s SO typical that she says that because that damned party, I SWEAR, all have selective hearing.She’s so freaking jealous and desperate to become PRESIDENT,( because mark my words, the egomaniacal twit thinks she is higher than McCain!)that NOW she has to clutch onto another stupid comment to make Obama look bad. If she maybe paid ATTENTION to things and LISTENED to Obama CONSTANTLY saying that this race is not over, shit wouldn’t constantly be pouring out of her mouth.Maybe she can’t comprehend that Obama doesn’t rule THE POLLS.Or maybe her ego can’t take it that there are LOTS of people that can’t STAND her.To be honest, I LOVE that she keeps talking shit because she is just driving that campaign into the ground.

  18. It’s always the people at the very bottom of the food chain who denigrate other people’s skin color or ethnic group. They have nothing else to make themselves feel superior.

  19. Oh, we can see what YOU are rooting for. You are walking around with a hard on for Sarah and tall US to consider what we are rooting for? You, a bigoted RACIST??? You want honesty? How about MCcain’s loyalty to his wife when he got back from being a POW and not liking how she looked because she was disfigured, going out and cheating on her with everything that walked, then divorcing her and marrying Cindy a month afterwards??? Says a lot about Cindy that she cheated with him, too.How about him lying during that whole Keating Five fiasco?? Oh, he’s so damned honest? Yes, I HAVE met MANY black people that are honest, good people….much better than YOU will EVER be and contribute a hell of a lot more than YOU ever will to society. Maybe if you take that damned white sheet off your head and READ what Obama has done, you will see what he has accomplished, but fat chance of that happening. I sure hope you don’t have any kids because bigoted assholes can only breed more bigoted assholes.

  20. Amen! ………Unfortunately America is too blind to see the facts…that Obama’s agenda will only lead us to Socialism, the collapse of our country’s safety and economy. We will be stripped of are rights directly from under your noses if you don’t pay close attention now. Please check all the facts of what he stands for. Read between the lines and the fine print. I don’t want this country to lose everything that our original founders built for us because we are so desparate for change. This should not be about the color of anyone’s skin or about popularity. We need to secure the rights of our children and our children’s children ….we need to fight for democracy.

  21. Meh, I don’t know who to vote for… Obama or McCain, because I am split on the issues, but I know one thing for sure: the media has not treated this election fairly at all, and you can tell because of the way it has affected McCain. I really do feel bad for Palin, as she is attacked regularly and I’d rather have her as Vice then Joe Biden… Then there is McCain who is too stubborn to believe his shoes are untied even when they are :/… and Obama who is a little too happy and sure of himself despite what he says. Overall, issues wise I am leaning a bit towards Obama and party wise towards McCain. Still, the white house could use Palin’s energy… who to vote for………

  22. The MSM decided long ago that obama would be the president. And they have handed him the title. They have overlooked his terrorist ties, his fraudulant birth certificate, this fuzzy math, his socialist ties, his socialist agenda and his lack of experience. They have foisted this man on us since day one. And God forbid anyone speak up against him– obama’s henchmen will come after you, sift through your credit, your tax records and your background. And if you are a TV station- you are blackballed if you dare to question obama. Yup, obama is set to win thanks to the stupid media, aol etc. Obama and his henchmen will ruin this country and to hell with the normal American person. Anyone that listened to Obama talk and make his promises today will realize that there is no way that he can pay for the programs he is talking about– his math is fuzzy and we know it.

  23. Experience is severly lacking here… Obama has only won one other election period, and it was either him or Alan Keyes……….Need I say more? Quit following the piper
    and get real before you take us all down with you …..

  24. God forbid the vice presidential nominee have some nice clothes, but just so you know, most of it was returned. What is not being returned is being given to Charity. Not that it should matter to you. I HIGHLY DOUBT YOU WERE TOO WORRIED ABOUT HILLARY’S CLOTHING DURING THE 90’S AND I CAN BET YOU WE PAID A PRETTY PENNY FOR HER CLOTHING AND MAKEOVER.

  25. Why don’t you air-headed liberal use your brain more. That way you won’t be sucking in propaganda from the left who will eventually ruin this country.

  26. Really now, been listening to the MSM have you? Why not do a little research. You may actaully realize that she is pretty damn smart. As a woman I find her a refreshing break from the usual females(he-shes) of politics. She shows that you can do it all. I find men like you, George, afraid of a strong woman that is actually a female ( and one that want’s to be a female). Palin has been given a bad rap by the press since the beginning and that is because she is smart, quick witted, in touch with the normal person and not elitist. Biden, on the other hand, makes my little toe look smart. But you would rather have a racist, dishonest, socialist, fraudulant person in the white house. Obama is a socialist, whines constantly and could not pass an simple FBI background check.

  27. Do you honestly think that using racial slurs is needed? Its because of ignorant people like you that will give my bi racial daughter a life that i do not want her to have. I really think you should think about things that you post on the internet before you do so, God made every person in this world, and I’m sure he never wanted you to be this ignorant. I’m sure Obama will make a great president, and I would have voted for him if he was purple, Color is not an issue to me, and i really, feel sorry for you. I was raised better then to say the N word or any other racial slur. Hopefully, you will look out side the box and stop being so narrow minded.

  28. I saw a former Mayor from Alaska on the news. It seems he palled around with Palin and she learned all about him then ran a negative campaign against him. Then it sounded like Palin got in good with the governor of Alaska and then learned all about him, then ran a negative campaign against him. It seems that now she is palling around with the RNC presidential candidate. Something on the news today said Palin may be the next RNC presidential candidate.

    It seems that there is a bird that is very lazy and waits until another bird has built a nest then it moves into that hard working bird’s nest and takes over the nest without doing any bird nest building. There are also equally parasitic birds: “Brood parasites, such as the New World cowbirds, the honeyguides, and many of the Old World and Australasian cuckoos, lay their eggs in the active nests of other species.”(

    Man that is some horrible parasite preditor bird that is too lazy to work but instead waits until all the work is done then steals another birds nest. This reminds me of some crooks in Georgia who swindolled me out of my investment money. I was the victim of a horrible scam artists plot who stole my hopes dreams and ultimately cost me my home, they twisted the truth and falsely accused me of trying to take their home which I was financially investing in and had made major repairs to over some period of time. Yep this is a similar bird.

  29. This country was ruined by Republicans in last 8 years, Frankly if Soviet’s didn’t fall because of their mess in Afghanistan Reagan’s era would have been as bad as Carter and Nixon with all the mess he created from Tax law changes that broke the back of banks to Iran Contra, then Bush 1 who had 4 years of 196 vetos and no progress. Then Bush 2 who whipped out the country totally. We are broke. Thats it. People are broke now you all are selling dreams of Joe Plumber that one day he may make 250000 and doesn’t want to pay tax on the top bracket which would be like what I paid in Clinton’s era…. 90% of people make an avg of 45000 a year with no chance of getting to that bracket. So when would you be willng to shut the hell up and go hide under your rock so we don’t see you as the one who ruined united states of america with your stupid red neck idealogies

  30. Honestly? Obama “couldn’t even pass a simple FBI background check”. ?!?!?! It’s a good thing for you and McCain that americans dont have to pass a test to vote, because you certainly would not make the cut.

  31. No one hates people from Alaska
    we are all from all sides of life, we are white, black, yellow, red, fat, skinny, red neck, liberal, consercative, funny and serious. We are Americans
    Only think is that since year 1992 Republican party started to engage in divisional tactics and drawing lines in sand and labeling their oppositions… in got worst since year 2000
    People who follow Jesus Christ, are for war and killing of innocent people of middle east, without mercy, and for capital punishment, for guns in streets without restrictions, and for bombing abortion clinics. And they call themselves Christians and conservatives. The rest are like infedels. Being liberal minded is like a bad word. I think today, Iran, Pakistan, and …. Saudi Arabia may be are like this… Run by religious people who are anti others. Did you ever see a group of gays push legislation trying to change the laws that Christians get married under? Lol… No one hates anyone but Republicans who promote hate. Look at their campagne, are they promoting a good agenda that helps us or are they just being dirty and nasty?

  32. “They’ve overlooked, though, the minor detail of earning your confidence and your trust and winning your vote. ”
    Oh My GOD. Is this true? Those are really important things in a campaign. If Obama’s people overlooked this stuff That is a real problem for us and it is surely to late to catch up. How could we have been so STUPID? The winning your vote part is so obvious.
    For 2012 we better make a list of this stuff. I am not kidding.

  33. doesn’t it scare any of you people that neither party is telling you who will be appointed to their cabinets? who will be secretary of state? secretary of defense? these are the people who make the real decisions in this country. the next president will appoint at least one, probably two supreme court justices. if it’s obama, you’ll have justice hillary clinton on the court. that’s a lifetime deal, boys and girls. you folks need to think for yourselves and stop letting the media do it for you. do your research. check things out for yourselves. you know how to do that, right? i don’t think americans have the ambition to do that for themselves…. ah well, we’ll get what we deserve.

    have a nice day!

  34. This election has become just another distraction, set to remove our attention from the MEN AND WOMEN “BEHIND THE CURTAIN”. These people, of ALL races and gender have one thing in mind. TO DESTROY the spirit of freedom and democracy in AMERICA, ALONG WITH OUR SENSE OF NATIONALISM, in order to [FINANCIALLY] control the sovereignty of EVERY NATION ON EARTH. America leads. If we fail to recognize the SYSTEMATIC REMOVAL OF OUR BASIC FREEDOMS in this country, the rest of the world won’t have a chance when the same forces begin to dismantle the LIMITED freedom now experienced in other countries. The election is like “WATCH THE BIRDIE” while the people who currently run Washington pick your financial and Moral pockets clean. This ELECTION has never been about RACE. We must chose a President who understands that our FREEDOMS, for which we have died for, is the most important thing to us, and WE WILL NOT HAVE THEM TAKEN AWAY.

  35. I am disgusted by the majority of the comments! I am a republican…not a racist….John McCain is not a terrific representation of my party. Neither is Obama a good representation of the Democratic party. Once again all of the american people will be forced to choose the lesser of two evil’s and regardless of the outcome will need to stand by one another so that this great country can continue to be great. It doesn’t matter if our president is old or young, black or white, male or female. What matters is that we have the ability to educate and feed our children, to write this message without fear of being retaliated against. To live free! Both republicans and democrats want that…don’t they!!!! Vote who you want in the white house and stop treating everyone who doesn’t agree with you like a jerk. Stop name calling and start acting on what you believe in. Stop waiting for Mc Cain and Obama to make changes and start making them yourselves! Don’t you get it….were free! The only nation in the world to be! So vote and stop bickering! And all of you out there repubs and dems alike that threaten to move to France or some other country if your party doesn’t win……to you I say GO FOR IT! LEAVE! Then tell us how it really is over there when you are all settled in. I am quite sure you will be missing the beautiful USA!

  36. I do not support Senator McCain or Senator Obama for president. I think that they would both be bad choices. I support Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. I hope he win, but there is the unfortunate reality that he will not win because people, for the most part, ignore candidates who are not part of the Democratic or Republican parties. Since no one knows what will happen on Election Day, Governor Palin should not throw in the towel. Also, neither the media nor Senator Obama should declare victory until the votes have been counted. Although it is not appropriate to go off-topic in a forum, I would like to address some comments made. I am an African American, and I can see from where the Anonymous person who said that he has never met an honest African American is coming even though he was being racist in his delievery. I feel that a lot of African Americans are in fact not honest. I see it more among this group than any other. I am not saying that there are not honest African Americans or that you should immediately judge one to be dishonest, but I think there is more honesty among other races. To Honey2Gold: You should be ashamed of yourself. Your use of the word cracker and your racist comments were way out of line. African Americans are not becoming the majority in this country. If you really knew the facts, the Hispanic population is growing at a faster rate. African Americans are the second largest minority group in this country. The race of the chief executive officiers of those companies have nothing to do with the failure of each individual company.

  37. This election has become just another distraction, set to remove our attention from the MEN AND WOMEN “BEHIND THE CURTAIN”. These people, of ALL races and gender have one thing in mind. TO DESTROY the spirit of freedom and democracy in AMERICA, ALONG WITH OUR SENSE OF NATIONALISM, in order to [FINANCIALLY] control the sovereignty of EVERY NATION ON EARTH. America leads. If we fail to recognize the SYSTEMATIC REMOVAL OF OUR BASIC FREEDOMS in this country, the rest of the world won’t have a chance when the same forces begin to dismantle the LIMITED freedom now experienced in other countries. The election is like “WATCH THE BIRDIE” while the people who currently run Washington pick your financial and Moral pockets clean. This ELECTION has never been about RACE. We must chose a President who understands that our FREEDOMS, for which we have died for, is the most important thing to us, and WE WILL NOT HAVE THEM TAKEN AWAY. It does not make any difference Obama or McCain if we continue to ignore that our freedoms are being stolen in CONGRESS RIGHT NOW under an order of MARTIAL LAW IN CONGRESS right now. DO NOT BELIEVE ME ASK YOUR CONGRESSPERSON

  38. Couldn’t agree with you more…and it’s a good thing “intelligence tests” aren’t required of V.P.’s…know someone right now that would fail miserably…you betcha’…duh

  39. I think worrying about who is President is a moot point next to who we elect to Congress. That is where the real power “lies”. And as far as Sarah Palin is concerned, shame on you for not realizing a real American.

  40. I could not have said it better myself. If anybody is racist in this country, it’s mostly black people!

  41. Please go back to Alaska and shoot some poor defenseless moose from an airplane…yea, that’s what I call fair. She is such a waste and as a woman, I personally do NOT want to be represented by someone that doesn’t even have a command of our language and one that winks at the cameras…typical beauty pageant crap…you betcha’ she’s capable of maybe filling in for President…get a grip should be scared to death if those nuts win..

  42. By reading all of these comments we are doing what the parties are wanting us to do, ignore the real issues. We are discussing Palin’s clothes, Obama is a terrorist. We are not looking at the real issues. One wants to take from the rich and give to the less fortunate, the other one wants to freeze spending. What we are really looking at is really losing our real freedoms, one of choice, one of most likely losing the ability to bear arms and too many more to list. Do we really want “nationalized” medicine????? Let our government chose who gets the by pass or transplant? I do not, I would rather have the option. Look around read for yourself, neither canidate has the answers but our president does not really do anything it is our congress and senate. By the way who has had control of them for the last 4 years???

  43. I may end up eating crow for saying it. But I hope you people are wrong. I hope the Obama camp is wrong. I hope the polls are wrong. I hope Obama loses this election and I don’t have to worry about some cocky, smooth talking left wing liberal dictating my life for the next 4 years. Like I said, “I hope”, but I’m dusting off the fine china for crow dinner just in case.

  44. Those negativos that would put down a good mother and a good woman, as is Sarah Palin, smell of a putrid essence that could only eminate from the mind of an open-minded liberal that would stand for nothing, yet fall for a phony ticket; like Obama bin Biden. These types of open minded animals need to close down their crap-for-brains for repairs!

    New McxiCain Coloradoans for John McCain!

    And to all those shit for brains latinos:

    La Raza for McCain in La Casa!

    Put that in your sumador and smoke it!

  45. Oh please, Palin is only “quick-witted” with an RNC written script in front of her. So “quick-witted” that the campaign keept her hidden away so she wouldn’t embarrass them any further. Even Couric, who is a bit of fluff herself was looking at Palin in amazement during their interview.

    Normal and not eltist? Wow, she sure grabbed the trappings of an elitest w/her 150K worth of designer duds. Even got the 7 year old a Louis Vuitton bag.

    Speaking of background checks, I wonder if Todd Palin can pass “security clearance” considerring him recent membership in the AIP?

    As a woman, I find Sarah Palin an absolute joke. She tosses that poor special needs baby around like he is a sack of flour and conveniently only holds him for photo-ops. Certainly question McCain’s judgment in choosing her as his running mate.

  46. You are missing the point, in the economic down turn, and the “plain talking hockey mom” is wearing 150,000 dollars worth of clothes, and 22,000 dollars for a hairstylist. It looks bad, it is illegal if the clothes are not returned, and the DNC does not give money out for clothes like the RNC. So overall bite me you candidate sucks ass.

  47. Dear Friends Americans,

    In the USA, they are many preachers who had predicted the downfall of the country:

    1. Billy Graham
    2. David Wikerson
    2. John Hagee
    3. William Marrion Branham
    and many more

    Why should Obam be linked to Jeremiah Wright? is it just because this PAstor is a black? What about all the above named white persons?

    Was not Billy Graham an adviser to the Senior Bush?

    Let us please have the right Judgement


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