Biden: Bush and McCain Were in This Together

ImageAt a rally today in Charleston, WV, Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden took aim at John McCain's recent criticism of the Bush administration, "John McCain is now attacking the Bush budget and fiscal policies. Folks, this is as crazy as the Sundance Kid attacking Butch Cassidy! They were in this together."

Scott McClellan Endorses Barack Obama

ImageProminent Republican figure, and four-star General, Colin Powell, caused a big splash this past Sunday when he endorsed Barack Obama for president. But he's not the only prominent Republican figure to offer an endorsement of Obama. Yesterday, former White House Press Secretary under George W. Bush, Scott McClellan, went on DL Hughley's new CNN program "DL Hughely Breaks the News" and essentially gave Obama his official endorsement.

Sarah Palin’s Ahmadinejad Gaffe

ImageSarah Palin and John McCain were both interviewed on the NBC Nightly News tonight. Anchor Brian Williams asked Palin what she meant by Obama wanting to sit down with dictators without preconditions. Palin mentioned Iran's Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The problem is that Ahmadinejad isn't a dictator.


ImageIt is well known that the selection by Democrats of Barack Hussein Obama to be their candidate in the fast approaching 2008 United States presidential election made history.

He is the first African-American presidential nominee, and - if polling continues as is - will be the first black president.

It is also well known that race, heritage, and religion have all reared their heads into the campaign in the ugliest, bigoted of fashions.

Obama, Ayers and ACORN: The Desperation of McCain

ImageWell, we are done with the final debate between the candidates and going down the home stretch towards Election Day. And it looks to me like McCain and his campaign are making every possible dumb move that can be made, and no Rovian tactic can help them. In fact, it is the Rove-like maneuvers that are hurting McCain/Palin in the eyes of the American people.

Palin: Obama Loves America

ImageThe mixed messages continue to fly out of the McCain campaign today. In Muncie, IN, vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin told reporters that she has no doubt that Barack Obama loves America. Didn't she just call Obama a terrorist a couple of weeks ago?

McCain: Obama Smeared Joe the Plumber

ImageToday, during a speech in Miami, FL, John McCain blamed Barack Obama for smearing Joe the Plumber. McCain claims that instead of answering Joe's question Obama attacked him. The problem is that the Obama campaign hasn't said anything about Joe the Plumber, and the attacks have been facts.