Obama’s Centrist Cabinet

ImageWith the latest news that Robert Gates has agreed to stay on as Secretary of Defense, should liberals be getting concerned that so far President Elect Obama's cabinet has the look of governing from the center? I think Obama is right where he needs to be.

Alaska Senator Elect Begich Disagrees With Obama on ANWR

ImageMark Begich's victory over Republican Ted Stevens has brought the Democrats closer to the magic number of 60 Senate seats, but his win also points out that there are some major policy differences in the Democratic caucus. In Begich's case, the disagreement involves energy and ANWR, but those looking looking for liberal legislation might be disappointed by Obama and this Congress.

Lieberman Acknowledges Owing Obama

ImageAfter Democratic Senate Caucus voted 42-13 not to strip Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman of his Homeland Security chairmanship, Lieberman admitted both that he owes Obama, and that he regrets some of the remarks he made about the president elect during the presidential campaign.

Obama Saves Joe Lieberman

ImageIt is being reported tonight that Senate Democrats will vote tomorrow not to strip Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT) of his powerful chairmanship of the Homeland Security Committee. Lieberman will lose his subcommittee chairmanship,and has Barack Obama to thank for his light punishment.

Georgia Runoff: Democrats Unveil Ad Using McCain against Chambliss

ImageAs John McCain prepares to stump for Sen. Saxby Chambliss today, ahead of the US Senate runoff in Georgia, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee released an ad that uses McCain's past criticism of Chambliss against him.

The infamous ad that Chambliss ran against then Sen. Max Cleland in 2002, question the triple amputee, Vietnam War hero's patriotism by linking him to Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

Here is the original ad:

Was Howard Dean Good for the DNC?

ImageWith the news that Howard Dean will stepping down from his post as chairman of the DNC once his term ends in January, I wonder if Howard Dean helped or hurt the Democratic Party. The answer depends on whether we are talking Dean the spokesperson, or the man in charge of the DNC.