Chris Rock Stumps for Obama in Florida

ImageYesterday Chris Rock appeared at an Obama rally in Tampa, Florida, and joked about McCain’s houses, marriages, and the lies being spread about Obama.

According to The Buzz Florida Politics, Rock said Obama is a man you can relate to, and said, “Economically this guy is not your peer. John McCain’s got $100 billion. You need a president that at least can see broke, he don’t have to be broke, but at least if he can see broke, he will drive the other people to not to be broke. McCain can not see broke. McCain was on MTV Cribs 15 times. This is not the guy you want to be your president.”

Rock got into McCain’s marriages, “McCain probably had financial problems too, but we can’t all do what he did. We can’t all dump our first wife, marry a rich one and have all our bills paid. The country can’t do that. We all would if we could, but that’s not what is going to help us out here.”

The comedian also set out to dispel some of the lies about Barack Obama, “Barack did not break up The Beatles. He did not trade Brett Farve. Barack did not hide O.J.’s bloody clothes. All Barack is trying to do is run the government in another way, something different from what we have been getting for the past eight years.”

“When you go to somebody for help you want somebody who can relate to what you have to say. Like if I have problems getting laid, I wouldn’t call Brad Pitt cuz he wouldn’t know what I was talking about. He got a good chance because he is a Kenyan, and you can’t beat a Kenyan in a race. If you got on a plane right now to New York and I got on a Kenyan, I’d beat you there,” Rock said.

He said at the beginning of his appearance that he wasn’t going to do his usual thing, which as those who have heard his stand up know is very rough and adult, because he didn’t want to offend the children in the audience. As usual, many of his jokes were loaded with social commentary. I think he hit the nail on the head. He didn’t tell voters to vote for Obama because he is black, but that they should support Obama because he relates to them.

John McCain’s biggest problem has been that voters can’t relate to him. Mostly because McCain doesn’t seem to understand them, his campaign has a strictly inside the Beltway view of the rest of America. It is not warm and empathetic to what people are going through right now. I don’t think anyone expects Chris Rock to win Obama any votes, but appearances like Rock’s are a chance to urge people to go vote, and that is where it really counts.

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