Hillary Clinton Rumored to be Secretary of State Pick

ImageSo Hillary Clinton, the vanquished Obama foe for the Democratic nomination was seen boarding a plane headed to Chicago today. And this act has fueled tremendous speculation that she may be under consideration by the Obama transition team for a cabinet position.

Then, two “supposed” Obama advisors “supposedly” told NBC News that Clinton was indeed under consideration, and for Secretary of State, no less. Once this information dropped, various news organizations including CNN, ABC and the Washington Post reported that “source” within the political circles of both Clinton and Obama have been buzzing about the developments. Clinton spokesman Phillippe Reines gave the standard, political non-denial denial by saying, “Any speculation about cabinet or other administration appointments is really for President-Elect Obama’s transition team to address.”

According to ABC News, “sources” say the discussions about both the offering by Obama, and the acceptance by Clinton, of the position are “very serious.”

If the latest post-election political buzz is true, then adding Clinton’s name to the pot of potential candidates for Secretary of State is sure to stir some envy, not to mention some insecurity, among the oft-mentioned frontrunners for the position.

Jason Easley, editor and contributor of this site has already posted a column discussing two of the other possible candidates for the position. Adding Clinton’s name to Bill Richardson (who’s always eyed this job with Obama), John Kerry (who’s actively campaigning for the position, it is said), and even Republican Chuck Hagel (as a reward for openly supporting Obama) makes for some interesting Vegas-style office pool. However, could Clinton do a better job, offer something the rest of the field can’t?

One speculation is that the Obama team has begun to consider Clinton because they are simply not happy with the other three and feel they can find better stock somewhere else. Clinton could be a good Secretary of State; if nothing else, she has the Clinton name. Husband and former president, Bill Clinton is still beloved by much of the world, and he came mighty close to achieving the impossible–achieving a middle east peace treaty.

Hillary Clinton herself has traveled extensively overseas both as a Senator and as the former First Lady. She possesses a keen, political mind and is a first-rate policy wonk. I’ve always said that Joe Biden would make an excellent Secretary of State, but seeing as how Obama has tapped him for VP, Clinton could easily fill the same qualities that Biden would have brought. Essentially, Clinton is Biden in a dress.

While we’re speculating, let me point out that columnist Richard Cohen of the Washington Post has a great suggestion for whom Obama should consider first and foremost for Secretary of State.

And it is one of the most intriguing suggestions I’ve come across.

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