Vote NO On Prop 8

ImageIn a rare moment for California, it is cold and raining this morning. But as I pulled up to my voting place, I noticed many people braving the rain (ok, in CA it's more like a dirzzle), and the cold (it was a "freezing" 65 degrees!), many of them eager--almost too eager--to cast their vote.

Vote Your Conscience, Save the World

Sometimes, as Americans, you do not realise how big your choice is.

Back in New Zealand, if I vote, I have a fairly clear idea of just how much my vote has an impact. The area of influence stops at somewhere around New Zealand maritime border. I know, with fair certainty, that the biggest impact my vote has internationally is on Japanese whalers and the occasional stray nuclear submarine.

Just witness the 2nd Iraq war, where New Zealand refused to join the US attack on Iraq. Impact this decision had on the International course of events? Absolutely none.