Cheney Blasts Biden

ImageOn Fox News Sunday, Vice President Dick Cheney denied that he had dangerously expanded the powers of the executive branch while also criticizing Vice President Elect Joe Biden for wanting to diminish the office of the vice president.

Newt Gingrich Denounces RNC Obama-Blago Ad

Image.Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich published a letter to RNC Chairman Mike Duncan on his website that denounced a recent video by the RNC which attempts to link president elect Obama to the soon to be impeached Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. Gingrich said Republicans need to focus on solutions, not negative attacks.

Here is the RNC video titled Questions Remain:

The significance of peaceful civil disobedience

Please keep this in mind as you read through my article. A window company in Chicago decided to lay off its entire workforce due to financial issues. The large group of former employees decided to storm the business and are now refusing to leave until their demands are met. When this news first broke the first thing that came to many, as observed through my diligent evesdropping, was how the building must be in shambles now, and completely trashed. This tidbit of info may not make sense now, but just wait, it will come together. Now onto the rest of my op-ed.

A Very Canadian Coup

ImageShadowy rooms with figures slipping in and out. Whispered words, plots, conspiracies.

A government at the side, eyes glancing, warnings being exchanged between members.

The government is at risk of falling; their adversaries are beginning to grumble louder and louder...El Presidenté might be deposed in short notice.

Republicans Try To Divide Clinton and Obama

ImageAfter it was formally announced that Sen. Hillary Clinton was President Elect Obama's choice for Secretary of State, the Republican National Committee put out a statement which highlighted the differences between Clinton and Obama on foreign policy. It seems that the RNC is already trying to stir up trouble in the new administration.