Backwards Priorities: $20 Billion to Bank of America, Nothing For Food Banks

The House Appropriations Committee released their initial version of the $825 billion stimulus package, and not surprisingly it contains no money for food banks, which have seen a doubling of demand in the past 6 months.

Vicki Escarra, president and chief executive officer of Feeding America, a network of 205 food banks said, “This package contains many positive provisions that will help our economy begin to recover, but the House Committee must keep in mind that food banks nationwide are reporting a 30 percent increase, on average, in the number of people turning to them to help put food on their table. Many of the people we see are recently unemployed and do not currently qualify for food stamps, or are waiting for benefits to be approved” (Story continues below).

Escarra said that if the government can afford $300 billion for banks, it can afford $300 million for food banks, “We are heartened by President-elect Obama’s longtime commitment to fighting hunger in America, and his renewed sense of commitment in his pledge to end child hunger by 2015. The Economic Recovery legislation is the first opportunity for a new President and new Congress to make progress toward eliminating hunger. If we can afford more than $300 billion to bail out banks, surely we can afford $300 million to help our food banks.”

It is beyond comprehension that the government would use taxpayer money to help Bank of America, which ironically is not even based in America, but ignores the need for food, by the poor and newly unemployed. The newly unemployed rarely have savings, and it can take weeks to qualify for food stamps, so in many have to rely on food banks and pantries.

Instead of spending more money for DTV converter cards, Congress should be directing that money towards actually helping people who have lost their jobs due to this recession eat. I would rather spend $300 million than $20 billion any day. This is another example of the misplaced priorities of our government.

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  1. And this surprises you? These bought and paid for batch of puppets are robbing the American people and shoving it into the coffers of the super rich and wealthy rather than attempt to help the poor and needy? The bailouts are essentially a hostile takeover, and the poor shmucks at the bottom of the pole are the ones that are going to be left holding the bag. I guess what I’m saying is the priorities are not necessarily backwards, as this is all part of the plan, my friend. Welcome to Fire Sale Fascism at its worst. The final act of any tyranical government is to rob its people.

    What’s more things aren’t going to change any in the coming months either as there is no real representation of Main Street in Obama’s new economic team. All nominated are Wall Street goons and, in my view, economic terrorists to the same level as Bush and Paulson.

    I highly suggest googling some of the more recent activities and speeches of Dennis Kucinich, who has been full of testicular fortitude and a endless supply of zingers as of late. This guy is easily one my favorite guys in government today.

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