Biden: GITMO Grew Terrorist Organizations

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:17 am

ImageIn an interview on Face the Nation today, Vice President Joe Biden gave more insight into the Obama administration’s plan to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Biden said prisoners will not be released in to the U.S. They will be tried in either civil or military courts or sent back to their home country. He also stated that GITMO grew not diminished terrorist organizations.

Host Bob Schieffer asked Biden what we are going to do with the detainees. The VP answered, “Well we won’t release prisoners in the United States because all but one I believe is not an American citizen, an American national. What I say to these people is that you have got to give us some time. The reason why we have been as prudent as we have, it is definitely closing period. They are either going to be moved and tried in American courts, tried in military courts, or sent back to their countries of origin.”

Biden said that they are reviewing each prisoner on a case by case basis, “We are literally Bob, going one prisoner at a time. We are trying to figure out what we inherited…The one thing we do is that the maintenance of Guantanamo it’s symbol and the consequences of the symbolism around the world it has grown terrorist organizations, not diminished terrorist organizations, so there is no question it has to be closed, and we don’t think it is inconsistent to deal with our national security and Constitution. We don’t think they’re inconsistent.”

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Finally, we have an administration that does view the Constitution as something to be stepped on. It is possible to keep the nation secure in a way that does not violate the Constitution or any international agreements. Biden spoke about the symbolism of GITMO and that is what this move is really about. GITMO is a breeding ground for hatred of the United States. The point is that American can be safe without violating its ideals.

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