Palin: Obama Should Have Vetoed the Stimulus Bill

ImageSarah Palin was on Fox News ‘s On The Record With Greta Van Susteren, where she voiced her opposition to the Obama stimulus bill because Congress didn’t know what was in it, and it would add people to the rolls. The problem is that no one, including Gov. Palin seems to know what she is talking about.

Palin said, “I wish he would veto it and send it back until our lawmakers can read it and know what’s in it. I think I speak for a lot of Alaskans who say also understanding that the impacts on individual states that this stimulus package has, they are unknown impacts. So until our guy and our gals in Congress can read it and understand what the impacts are, I don’t want to see it signed.”

Host Greta Van Susteren asked Palin if she thought that Obama should veto it, “I would call for a veto, absolutely, and let’s do this right, understanding that there is going to be some kind of stimulus package. There is going to be some kind of attempts for economic recovery. I say construction projects that put people to work, that fits the bill, but these big huge expanded social programs where we are adding people to the rolls, and then the economic stimulus package dollars from the feds are going to dry up at some point. States then are going to be beholden to these programs. We will have to pay for them. That’s not right, that’s not fair. We just want to make sure that whatever is it is that is passed makes sense for the states, for the residents of our individual states.”

When Palin came out against adding people to the rolls, does this mean that she is against expanding unemployment benefits, and food stamps? Is she against expanding the SCHIP program to provide more children with health insurance? Maybe, she is against increasing Pell Grants? The only programs that will be adding people to the rolls are food stamps, unemployment, and SCHIP. The Medicaid expansion was removed from the bill.

Frankly, I don’t buy the excuse that the members of Congress don’t know what is in the bill. This bill had been going through the ringer for a couple of weeks before it was passed. There was plenty of time to review the bill. Also, Palin was completely wrong about federal stimulus dollars drying up and states having to pick up the tab. States are dying to get this money, because it will help fund already existing joint federal-state program. The stimulus bill doesn’t create a single new program that the states have to pay for.

There are two reasons why Sarah Palin would hate this bill. First, she wants to run against this bill in the 2012 election. Her sloppy and inaccurate attempt at framing the stimulus as an unfunded mandate is a preview of her line of attack. Secondly, anything that promotes green energy is bad for her state of Alaska. The Alaskan economy is dependent on oil, which means that if the America goes green, Alaska will be hurting.

I sincerely believe that Sarah Palin has absolutely no idea what she is talking about. She views every issue through a narrow ideological prism. Her opposition to the stimulus bill boils down to her ideological belief that people should not be added to the rolls. Thank you very much, President Hoover. Palin is the female George W. Bush. She doesn’t have a good reason for opposing the stimulus bill. She just knows that she should, and this is the reason why Sarah Palin poses no threat to Barack Obama in 2012. She is a sideshow, not a leader or a visionary.

Video of Sarah Palin On The Record

2 Replies to “Palin: Obama Should Have Vetoed the Stimulus Bill”

  1. And obviously the author of the article doesn’t know what they are talking about. The rolls in question are the welfare rolls. This bill almost completely undoes the welfare reforms of the late 1990s. Once again states would be paid for increasing their welfare rolls.

    Even if that were not true, Opposing the bill based on increases in food stamps, unemployment and SCHIP is a principled position as well. You may not agree with it, but that does not make it an invalid reason for opposing a bloated spending bill.

  2. Actually, Medicaid spending was not cut from the final bill. In state matching funds alone, the stimulus allocation is over $87, with additional funds appropriated through various other programs. Still, Obama and the democrats deserve the chance to do what they were elected to do. These are trying times, and we need more than tax cuts.

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