Democrats Set the Rush Limbaugh Trap for the GOP

ImageThere is a new strategy afoot in the Democratic Party. The White House has decided to use Rush Limbaugh against his own party. The White House is making Rush the symbol of partisan division. They are setting a trap for the GOP, which they are almost certain to fall into.

On Face The Nation, Emanuel said of Limbaugh, “He has been upfront about what he views, and hasn’t stepped back from that, which is he hopes for failure. He said it. And I compliment him for his honesty, but that’s their philosophy that is enunciated by Rush Limbaugh. And I think that’s the wrong philosophy for America.”

Host Bob Schieffer asked Emanuel if he though Limbaugh was such a force in the Republican Party, and he answered, “I do think he’s an intellectual force, which is why the Republicans pay such attention to him. But our goal, Bob, is to continue to reach out. And it’s our desire that the Republicans would work with us and try to be constructive, rather than adopt the philosophy of somebody like Rush Limbaugh, who is praying for failure.”

Rham Emanuel doesn’t say anything without a reason, and it seems obvious that the White House is baiting the trap for Rush Limbaugh and the GOP. Emanuel’s comments set up an interesting dilemma for Republicans. Do they disavow their most powerful media voice, or do they side with Rush as he drives the party into the ground? If Limbaugh was smart, he wouldn’t take the bait here, but since Rush is guided by ego, and not intellect, he is certain to use this on his show tomorrow.

By making Rush Limbaugh the leader of the Republican Party, Democrats are seeking to make the GOP look out of touch and extreme. This is a smart move by Emanuel, because Rush will say that the White House is feuding with him, and play up the Importance of his, “national address” yesterday. He will say something stupid like the he has the White House on the run and Republicans will feel compelled to defend him out of fear, thus playing into the White House’s hands. It is almost absurd the way Obama and the Democrats are controlling the Republican Party right now.

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  1. Since the Rethugs are praying for Obama to fail, that must mean that they hate America. That means we can now tell them “America: Love it or Leave it.” What a rabid bunch of sphincter sucking vermin.

  2. This is far too easy. There is more to this change from w. bush to Obama, from Republican warring and spending, to Democratic stimulus spending, The seeming collapse of the party that had pretty much run everything (into the ground, most instances) for the last 25 years or so (Clinton being Republican lite) over such a short period of time makes me wonder. How could all this happen so fast? And the question that should accompany any political effort; who benefits?

  3. I would argue that this turn around in the fortunes of the two parties has been building for at least 5 years. It all started when Kerry came close to defeated Bush, was put into hyper drive after Katrina and the public turned on the Iraq war. As the Republicans sat around, the Democrats went out and rebuilt their party from the ground up, and I don’t think they are done winning yet. They will probably get their 60 vote Senate majority in 2010 so as long as the Republican follies continue.

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  5. All that you’re saying about the demise of the GOP was being said about the democrats demise when the Republicans swept them out of office the second year of Clinton’s administration. Now, we have the opposite situation. History suggests the left is gloating way to soon. Regardless of the success or failure of the Rush strategy, the Republicans will be back because Obama and his ilk are only human and they will fail at something and the people in their panic will eventually oust them for the other side in the ever swinging pendulum of politics and history. It may not be for years, but it will happen.


  6. Have you ever listened to Rush Limbaugh!? Listen and learn the truth behind the Dems agenda for this country…your country that you say you love….Get educated and learn the truth…not half-truths or outright lies that your dems spit-out for your entertainment.

  7. Furthermore, Limbaugh wants the Obama to fail, because he doesn’t want this country destroyed by the dems socialistic agenda, He wants this country to survive this onslaught by the new administration.
    Talking about who’s party, or who wanted this country to fail…..! You don’t need to search…just listen to Harry Reid, John Kerry, John Murtha (?) and the rest of the dems in the congress – they said that the war in Iraq is a failure, we can’t win …and let’s bring our troops home. THIS IS A VERY DEFEATIST ATTITUDE…VERY UN-AMERICAN. Compare these to Limbaugh’s statements…I’ll take Limabugh’s anytime. I don’t want my freedom curtailed, by the socialistic policies of the new president….I’m blaming the americans who helped him wiggle and ‘buy’ his way into the oval office.

  8. Well, I guess I’m confused.

    I keep hearing that the President is interested in bipartisanship; in reaching across the aisle; and in the honest exchange of ideas. If that is true, why would Obama be baiting a trap for Republicans?

    That certainly seems like he is playing politics more than actually trying to listen to all sides. The President appears to be deceiving the public with all his talk of bipartisanship.

  9. Well, why didn’t Rush agree with Michael Steele when he said HE was the head of the GOP, not Rush Limbaugh? Instead Steele was backed into a corner and forced to apologize to LIMBAUGH. This is such a hoot. I would never have thought it possible if it hadn’t actually happened. And WHO got all the worship and applause at CPAC? Rush Limbaugh. So the GOP has brought this on itself. Rush Limbaugh makes the assertion and all the Republicans fall in line. They aren’t being forced to. No Democrats are holding guns to the heads of Republicans saying, “Here is your leader. Bow down to him.” No, the GOP is doing this to itself.

    Limbaugh is a hypocrite, an admitted drug addict, an egomaniac, and frankly not particularly smart. He also lies. And of course, his taxes will be raised if the Obama Administration budget is passed. Of course, he doesn’t like that. And that is really what he cares about — his own money, his own perceived power, and his own status. All you dittoheads who think he’s Da Bomb are suckers of the saddest sort. If Rush is such a patriot, why does he smuggle his favorite Cuban cigars into this country? He violates the trade embargo with Cuba with impunity. Why? Because he’s Rush Limbaugh and he has the right to smoke any cigars he likes. For the rest of you suckers, he puts on the patriot act and foams at the mouth.

  10. Rush Limbaugh said he wants to the president to fail in the same as saying he wants the country to fail. He wants to destroy the middle class and protect the Rich. Saying the war is a failure is not defeatist, It is realistic in the light of the fact that we should not have started this illegal and immoral war. The so-called liberals are the ones who support freedom, not the wire tapping, torturing, constitution destroying, no bid requiring rethuglicans. The founding fathers were very liberal. This country was founded on liberal principals, not might (money) means right. Your rights were greatly curtailed by the Bush Administration and now Obama is restoring the country to the people from the rich corporations and traitors like Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh should be investigated for his seditious acts and drug possession. Why isn’t Rush Limbaugh in prison after illegally bringing drugs into the country after his sex trip to the DR? If he didn’t have such powerful friends in Washington during the Bush administration he would be in prison.

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